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If you are new in today’s video we’re going to be doing some extreme laundry, i have literally like two days, probably a worth of laundry like one day. If i want to sit there and do it all in a day but that’s just not me. So if you guys are excited for this, video don’t forget to hit that like button and don’t forget to subscribe, so you don’t miss future videos and let’s just get into it, alright guys, so we are going to get started on this massive pile of laundry like. I said this is about honestly two days worth of laundry. This isn’t it there’s more of it that isn’t in that basket, so i’m, just gon na get started separating the colors from the towels and the darks. Just because that’s the way i’ve been separating everything lately and i am loving it. I also just cleaned my youngest room yesterday so that, like added to my laundry pile, which i mean is good, because then i had a video to film but anyways we’re, just gon na get all this separated. I’M gon na get my first load into the washer, and then i have a new fabric softener that i want to tell you guys about that. I’Ve been loving as of lately, and i also have some homemade laundry soap that my sister in law has sent me, and i want to share with you guys the ingredients and i’m also going to link that recipe down below in the description box.

I wanted to talk to you guys about some new fabric, softener that i found. That is amazing, so you guys know that i, like the swabby tail, the yellow version, but this downy bliss um amber and rose like. I wish you guys could smell it. The bomb and then my sister in law actually brought me this homemade laundry soap, which is just the soap soap from walmart it’s, either the pink bar or the white bar borax and boiling water, and even this stuff, like the combination of the two together, are just Amazing, the smell and this stuff, like because of the borax, gets everything super super clean. She actually sent me the link to make that laundry soap, so i’m gon na leave that down in my description box. If you guys are interested but yeah, you literally only need like three ingredients and a five gallon bucket and it’ll cost. You like four dollars to make 10 gallons of laundry soap like. Can you guys imagine so this laundry slip right here, it’s, not even a gallon, and you would have more than 10 of these for a couple of dollars, just something to think about, but let’s get back to the video Music. Another thing i really like about this laundry soap is you don’t need a ton of it to have your clothes come out clean and i think that has something to do with the borax as well, but i’m, not 100 sure i just feel like i use way.

Less of it than regular laundry soap but i’m, just gon na pop those clothes right there out of the dryer. This was a smaller load, so i’m gon na get this just kidding, it’s, not a smaller load. This is one of the bigger loads, so i’m gon na get this load folded up and put away, and then we are gon na switch the laundry and just keep on chugging along guys. I really hope this video gives you guys the motivation to get your laundry done if that’s, what you’re working on today or just any other chores, go ahead and pop this video on the tv and clean along with me, and then i also want you guys to Know that coming up here soon on my channel i’m going to be doing a giveaway with super clean, the cleaning company that i actually did a review for so make sure to subscribe. So you’re on the lookout for that video which should be coming. I want to say within the next couple of weeks so that way you have a chance to win some of those products as Music wear well shirt. You wanted to my friends, think i’m lame. Since i met you, i am not the same. It was not meant to Music, how could they say i was broken? How could they say you made me come undone now. I know that it’s, okay, unlike my friends, you are nothing like that. Okay, so this is actually the first load that i put into the washer it took so long for them to wash, because i had it on like a long, long wash cycle, which i don’t know why.

I did that, but anyways i’m gon na get that switch. Get the second load put in and then the next time you see me, i will be building some more laundry like the laundry folding motivation is real guys. It is real and then i also found so i shop at kroger, which is my local grocery store. It’S. Actually called fred meyer in washington, but their dryer sheets, like just the kroger brand, are the bomb like i didn’t realize they were that good i don’t know. Anyways here is that load coming out of the dryer. It only took a few minutes, like 15 minutes to dry, which was totally awesome, but now we’re gon na get to folding this Music one. My friends, you are nothing like them, Music. Without you. Why don’t we go back to why don’t we go back to never wanted to end it like we did. I guess it happens for a reason, but it’s like something feels different from back. Then why don’t we go back up. Why don’t we go back to honestly i’m open wide. I don’t feel like waking up without you by my side. I still see your silhouette. Why? Don’T we go back to it. Why don’t we go back to your bedroom, Music me and i’m just pointless without you. Why don’t we go back to why don’t we go back to never wanted to. Why don’t? We thank you guys so much for watching.

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