Sea shanty, TikTok, Wellerman Reaction 2021

You could like feel the bass when they all start singing. Thank you, tristan shaw for telling me about this trend. I had actually never heard of it before, but it is four o’clock in the morning and i can’t sleep, so i was reading comments and then i’m, like. Oh, this trend is actually really really cool. Oh man, i really like when people make remixes too Music. I wish i could sing like that Music get this man off the aux. Okay, this is fire. I should learn the words i don’t know what this i want to sing along too it like gets you going. It gets you pumped up so there’s, actually more than just the one song let’s sing a sea shanty together, i’ll sing you a song it’s, a song of the sea, roommate that’s, awesome i’m, not going to play the entire song. You can go on tick tock. If you want to hear their full versions but uh everyone’s tick, tock is right here on the screen. So if there’s any ones that you like, do you want to go? Look up, look them up because they’re really talented well. This is sorry to pause it. This is the dude singing and then apparently, just like a bunch of people do at him and make it more full Music. I can’t even clap at the same Music Applause, somebody’s gon na remix that one it’s gon na be awesome. I can already tell we do the drunk concealer in the morning way hay and up she rises.

She rises shave his belly with a rusty razor shave, his belly with a rusty razor. She rises, man, uh it’s, just so good. I don’t, i don’t, know there’s something about it. You know, maybe because you can do it without instruments, and it sounds so good i don’t know there’s. I can’t describe what it is that’s so appealing to me at least what do you think? Have you seen these videos before leave a comment? If you have or just let me know what what your thoughts are? You, like you like this stuff, you don’t like this stuff. You can go ashore and take your baby but it’s safe for us to but it’s time for Music. I always want to join in, but i know that i’ll just mess it up. Applause, it wouldn’t sound right. You know what this song is: Music, hey, that’s, a pretty cool ending, which one was your favorite leave a comment, and let me know personally, my favorite was the very first one i think it’s also the first one i heard so maybe that’s. Why? But i mean they’re all good though they’re just really talented, so follow these people on tiktok.

What do you think?

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Sea shanty, TikTok, Wellerman – REACTION

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