Sea shanty, TikTok, Wellerman – REACTION

I came across a snippet of this on tiktok. It was a it’s like a it’s called a c shanty, and i don’t know what genre that is or what. But they like did this duet, where multiple people started singing the same song, but they started layering their own voices and then it cut off and it was like full versions on youtube and it was like a remix and all this stuff and it sounded so cool And but i was just like okay whatever and i went to the next video, but then i had this like tune stuck in my head for so long. So i was like you know what that was a super great tune. Let me go find that video and we’ll do a reaction to it. Maybe you guys will enjoy it too. So this is just for fun. Hopefully you guys enjoy it. Let’S check out this uh this song that these people on tik tok made once was a ship that put to see the name of the ship was Music one day: Music. Oh that’s, a nice edition, Music, one Music, okay, so now it’s switching up to a remake. So, first off i just want to mention how beautiful all of that was ju, just their voices. I mean the one girl had the violin, which was a fantastic addition. I also really liked. I think she was blonde when the blonde girl came in, because that added like it was all all this deep voice and like that sounded great.

But then like her higher pitched voice out of nowhere really added a nice layer to the song. But then all the those other, i think they were all bass. I think they’re all basses um complimenting that first guy, oh to see the name of the ship was a bully of faith Music. Oh Music, Music, oh Music, Music, okay, Music, is what y’all think. Oh, my goodness, i i can’t get enough of that song i’ll tell you right now, as soon as i’m done uh recording with this i’m. Listening to that song again, the whole the sea shanty. That is a vibe, oh my goodness, and then that remix that they did was absolutely perfection. Oh my gosh i’ve. I know this is so random and like no one requested this, i don’t even know. If there’s other reactions to this, i haven’t even looked that up. Yet but when i heard that sniping on tick tock, i was like that is a freaking banger and that remix was even more of a banger. They just took a masterpiece and elevated it even higher. I wow i’m so curious to hear what you guys think. I hope you guys liked it because i certainly loved that i really really was vibing with that, so that’s it for this video it was just a fun. I saw it and i was like hey what the heck.

What do you think?

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Sea shanty, TikTok, Wellerman – TIKTOK COMPILATION

Sea shanty, TikTok, Wellerman Reaction 2021