Vaccine, Florida Department of Health in Sarasota County Vaccine Update: Afternoon, Jan. 20, 2021

, My name is Rich Collins. I’m. The emergency services director for Sarasota County. And joining me today is Chuck Henry our uh health department, director and health safety officer for Sarasota County for the state department of health. Chuck. Thanks for joining me, today. Pleasure to be here rich., So today Chuck we launched a new registration system to better help our residents be able to get into a queue and line for registration to get vaccine, as vaccine becomes available.. Why don’t you talk a little bit and tell us how that’s going so far today It started at about noon.. Well, we went live at noon and this and actually the process has gone, really well. Uh. As of 400 PM. Today we have about 58000 unique individuals registered or registrants.. Many of those include two individuals., So probably 70000 plus uh individuals registered for vaccines. Uh we’re, not aware of any problems with web crashes or website problems. Uh. We have had some high traffic on our phone bank system. And so the launch included a phone number that people can call if they need assistance registering or if they don’t have a computer, and they have experienced high call volumes as we expected during these first hours Of operation. Uh, so I want viewers to know if they call those numbers and uh. That number is 941, 861, VAXS or 8297.. If they call that number and get a busy signal. That means there’s over 600 right at 600 people in the queue because that’s the max in the queue.

. It can be on hold. Uh. If you get into the queue and you’re on hold right now the average wait times are about an hour. Uh. I know that’s a little inconvenient for individuals, but we expect the volumes to begin to decrease over the next day or so., And then things should be pretty smooth. Uh, but it’s really important to have that option for phone in for citizens that don’t have computers or That may need some help in assistance. Registering., You know Chuck the the uh registrates registrations were overwhelming in the first few minutes, and the system performed quite well.. As I understand, we had like 42000 registrants within the first 30 minutes about 1400, a minute over 158000 page views of our COVID 19 page for vaccination.. So the system and ability for people to get in and register, and only have to do it once and be in the system, has worked quite well. Yeah. It has worked well. And the only issue at all we heard from some of the consumers. Was they didn’t get their confirmation back saying? The registration was successful. Uh. That was because of the volume that was there.. Many people probably have already received that, but just as a precaution, we’re going to be sending out uh a notification of registration at 700 PM tonight and for the next two days.. And if you register today, you’ll get that notification.. Even if you get an appointment for tomorrow or Friday, you’ll still get that notification for the next three days.

Just to be sure that you know your registration was successful.. So let’s take a second and talk real, quick about uh anybody that’s out there that wants to register for and has not done. So uh for anybody interested. You can go to our Sarasota County uh homepage and up at the top you’ll see a purple, banner. Uh and you can click right. Here. That’ll! Take you to the COVID 19 vaccine, page. Uh. There are multiple points in here where you can register.. You can click on register here, uh there’s information on uh. What type of information and consent forms you’ll need. When you go out to the site? Another vaccine registration click as well as some tutorial videos that will tell you what you need to be able to register and walk you through the process.. So anybody that has questions uh can also go there. And many of those questions may also answer uh questions they have that are calling on the on the on the. Call center.. You know Rich, I think, that’s really important for viewers to know, because even those that that have a little bit of trouble with the registration, they can go here and get the information.. They need to do it online and not have to wait on the phone line. Uh, if they’re able to do that. Absolutely. And once you click on the vaccine, registration it’ll, take you right to uh the ever bridge, uh uh portal, click on register and uh begin the signup process.

. Now you know Chuck a lot of folks have asked questions. Well. Why all of the information to register And it’s really important that each user has their own registration. Uh? It allows individuals and citizens to go back in uh and set up how they’re notified for their appointments.. It can be by phone by text, message, uh, email. And so there’s. Also some information requested in here. That’s important for for your team in uh, the Florida shots and how we register them when they come through the site. Absolutely. And the Florida shot system. If you’re not familiar with that as a statewide vaccine registration program that we use for children and adults, whenever we give back scenes. And so there’s some basic information, we collect that we need to to put the vaccine information and to Florida shots that will really speed Things up when people get out on site, if we already have that information., So that’s important. It’s also important that individuals be able to change. You know if they, if they’re, if they happen to get the vaccine somewhere else and want to come back into their account and cancel their reservation. There’Ll be able to do that. And when more vaccines are available in our community. We’Ll have the ability.. If we’re going to have an event in a specific location to see who’s registered from those locations., So we can target things in a better way. It’s, a really great point. And it kind of segues right into the.

What can citizens that have registered today expect over the next several days we talked a little bit about the verification that’ll be coming out, but how about those that may be uh sent out appointments and other things over the next few days., So appointments for tomorrow’s vaccine Clinic for Thursday’s clinic have already been sent out and many individuals are already confirming those. Uh. If you get an appointment, you’ll get a notification through uh the method that you indicated. And it’ll. Ask you it’ll tell you the appointment where it’s at what time and you just confirm yes or no.. If you say no, you stay in the queue at the same place. And next time an comes you’ll get another text with that opportunity.. So I think, that’s a really good system that will be useful for our uh community.. How many times can somebody go through a registration and not take it or decline it Well we’re set up so that uh they can decline a reservation opportunity three times and stay at the top of the list., But after the third decline, we’ll move them to the Bottom of the list. They’ll still stay on the on the list. It’s, also important to know that if the system tries to contact you and you don’t respond uh, it will just after three attempts move on to the next person on the list. But leave you right. There. And that will not count against you as a decline.

. It just was an unable to contact. That’s, a really great point, Chuck uh there’s a lot of things going on.. I know the team is already working for tomorrow and Friday. Uh. Can we expect more vaccine? Next week Is that in the queue or process for next week, How’s that going Well, we we certainly expect to receive vaccine every week.. I think it may be a few weeks before we’re up to a volume that we could run vaccine clinic seven days a week., But remember next week is the first week that we’ll start doing second doses for those that we began serving the week after Christmas. We’ve Covered a lot of ground today and we really appreciate everybody’s time.. I think what we would ask for as patients as we continue to work through the system over 58000 uh registering so far. Today, uh and we’ll continue to work on that.. We ask for your patients, if you call the VAXS hotline once again: that’s 941, 861 VAXS or 8297. There’ll be operational until 700 PM today and starting again tomorrow, at 700, AM to 700 PM.. If you have any questions, please call them.. We look forward to helping you over the next few weeks. As we pushed the vaccine out through the health department of working together with them. And just just one final note. If you received a vaccine already and you’re waiting for a second dose, we will contact you separately.. You do not need to register in the system.

Appreciate everybody’s time.. Thank you very much..

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