Vaccine, Florida, Mount Sinai Medical Center, Health Care Jacksonville hospitals see number of COVID-19 patients dip amid resurgence

There is some good news, hospital officials here say the number of cova 19 patients is down slightly. As of this afternoon, 500 people are hospitalized in duval county with a virus that’s down from 559. This past monday morning, sky 4 flew over the vaccination sites at the lane wiley and mandarin senior centers, where hundreds of duval county residents were getting their shots. Today, news 4 jax, reporter jim pigott, has been to testing and vaccination sites and has talked with hospital staff about the recent trends and he’s live in mandarin. Where things are wrapping up for the night, jim that’s it they basically had finished, giving the vaccine here at the mandarin site and over on the west side as well at six o’clock and they’re just finishing up right now, but a couple of notes on what’s happening Here, they’re going to continue this tomorrow, beginning at 11 o’clock those for birthdays that have in november and december, and then we’re told they’re going to do this again on monday. Despite that, it is the holiday and they’re going to go as long as they have enough vaccines on hand. They were hoping to get another shipment this week. We don’t know if that’s happened at this point, but they did say that they have enough vaccines in place. For those that will be getting the second shot, which will probably start happening in about two weeks or so when they have scheduled some of those but i’ll tell you with even the vaccination sites, as we had the surge in cases this week, that sort of dropped Off there’s concern about what’s going to happen with deaths and hospitalizations.

The report from the coronavirus task force says florida and duval county are in full covet 19 resurgence here at our local hospitals. They’Ve been dealing with the surge but say in the last two days. The numbers are leveling out. I do think that largely the mayor’s office, extending the the masking mandate across duo county helped so um. Although we’re not surprised, we saw a peak, could it have been worse yeah, it could have been, and we still don’t know if that uk variant is circulating here in jacksonville, yet so add that to the mix and this could have been really explosive and although the Numbers look good now, we’re, still being cautious and holding our breath to ensure they don’t go back up at uf health. They have 116 people in their two facilities with covet 19 and 30 are in the icu across baptist house five facilities in northeast florida. There are 177 patients with covet 19 and 36 in icu. We here at baptist had a high earlier this week, but uh. The good news is that it’s come down a little bit so we’re we’re, hoping fingers crossed that that that continues and that’s what we’re seeing actually um regionally here so i’m out here at the regency testing side, and let me show you it’s, quite a big difference In weeks past, if you take a look well there’s, just no crowds out here, so you really wouldn’t know that there is a surge or that duval county is in the red zone.

We talked to some being tested today about the recent surge and, if they think, precautions are being taken in jacksonville for the most part people say, businesses are complying. Some of them are some of them aren’t. You know i’ve been places where i see people not wearing masks and it not being enforced the rules. So i think they can do a little more to make sure that people are wearing their mask in social distances and now that vaccines are being given to those 65 and older infectious disease experts say it’s a start but it’s, not the population that’s spreading the virus. It’S, the 25 to 44 year olds right the people who are likely to go out to restaurants and bars and congregate. Those are the ones we hurry. We need to hurry up and get vaccinated to really see a shift in this pandemic. But until that happens, all health officials say we need to continue to keep taking precautions and wear masks and, just to note again, they will be giving the vaccines for those 65 and older tomorrow and on monday, despite the holiday we’re live in mandarin jim pickett channel 4, the local station, thanks jim, our coverage of the coronavirus vaccine, continues right now on news4jax.

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