My orders are today, give the land to the beneficiaries according to our laws, and those are the tenants who have been there since time immemorial. Now, if you give me time, if you listen, have you had your dinner, but blogs have been moving away when you try to when you try to make an assessment or a profiling of a tenant, whether giving the land or allowing the land to be mortgaged to Get money try to figure out from what region he comes from secretary and uh native understanding, since when i was studying, law i’ve been trying to figure out why there are places like in mindanao. You can convince them by ideology as, for example, land reform, number, one, that this is the number one hula balloon which they used to entice the poor people of the vast lands. You only have to make them irrelevant what the greatest promise that the communists can give is land reform. I have been at it since i became president three years ago. Just make them relevant upon typewriter. How can they distribute land? Did they have dirty nails? They do not brush their teeth, they do not even have shoes, then you pretend that you are what you want to distribute land by the way. Do you know how to spell land? You know, because you are killing everybody there, anyone that is anti communist or does not like the communists. Remember imperialism. Imperialism started the troubles of our country.

My mother is a mystery. My lola was immortal a chinese alumni. So when you deal with you, do not deal with them in a low past low paid loan Music Music is. There are the descendants of the tenants when the spaniards came. When the spaniards came to the philippines, they subjugated us confiscated our lands and gave them to the insulares. Young and solaris are the spaniards who were born here. I never went back to spain or never never that’s, why in bacolod, no no offense intended i’m just telling you the truth, because i should tell you why we are now here: young man, you cannot convince them with anything land reform. Why the feudal system that was started by the spaniards has become part of genetic genetic order, another lag. They are the ones who experience feudalism at its worst. From the time of the spaniards, from the time of the americans and upon the time this republic was created until somebody needed any long ago, not only me, but oh man, they they tried to it was may be popular. She is popular today. Why? For losing the husband in the answer, mr marcos, but what is the fundamental reason why, someday 30 years from now, we try to balance history because aquino declared land before for the entire philippines, but exempted dunya luisita her own land. Those who really wanted to be freed from marcos that’s another feeling, maybe of gratitude, pero young, when she said i would like to declare land reform in all of the philippines indigenous.

She exempted her. So you quarrel what the one who freed emancipated sugar in sugar quota! That was it because america gave the philippines a premium price for sugar, young sugar coated, peanut butter, which was not given to the other country, preferential attention detox because of the philippines. Being the former colonia were in negros and in central Music ozone and that’s in lausanne and indivisible with they were the ones where the chosen few that the father’s soldier they have feudalism. That explains why Music these americans wanted to develop them for themselves, awarding them one hundred thousand see you want an example: verstrom it’s, just a few kilometers that’s, one thousand one thousand hectares it’s owned by ko nanding kuwang kuna bini, linya, kawasu it’s being planted with banana. You cannot correct a long, long justice committed during the spaniards and the americans, and you try to wipe out the filipino and the government, the local governments down there. I will not allow you to do that. I will not. I will give you three portals that’s. Why order to the military give them what they deserve? They are not fighting a conventional war, they are not obeying the geneva convention. The ransom decapitate like here. You want me to tell you the truth. Kidnappers here they pay, then they kill. So when i catch you, you pay. What would you like? So no more kidnapper when i told the drug addiction, i will kill you so no more, the the gangster there in the streets.

I said i do not want to see you walking. I only want law abiding citizens walking the streets at night. I do not want gangsters and muggers walking around, so there are no gangsters in order. You want to transfer well, it is not really there’s a big water. Beside behind this building, a few meters is vastly you might want to swim there with your feet and hands tied around your neck. That is how, though peaceful, but if you just follow the normal so i’d like to congratulate the beneficiary making thailand just wait a little while with crafting the law. I said that would allow you to use it, but for those of you who are intending the money for other purposes like shambo and cocaine, be careful be careful because i have told you i have learned meaning and you will do the worm.

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