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In the news let’s talk about, first of all, israel and the middle east uh in this recent week. Israel again was striking targets in lebanon and in syria, numerous airstrikes were hitting there and as the normal, routine. Israel wasn’t necessarily saying it, but they weren’t denying it either. But it does bring us to an interesting point now, with joe biden becoming the president. The present state of affairs in the middle east with israel is they have air superiority over most of the middle east and they’re able to attack targets in lebanon, syria, iraq with impunity and nothing to stop them. Now all of this had been done under united states cooperation. The u.s is is agreeing to it. In fact, we had a recent report a few weeks ago, of the u.s supplying some of the intelligence that was used by israel to hit certain targets, and i would expect some of that will continue to do. But joe biden has a completely different stance toward israel and towards specifically iran that’s going to impact israel. The at the moment, joe biden, has announced his desire to re, engage iran into the joint talks that was done under the obama administration, to limit iran’s nuclear development weapons development program and to reduce sanctions that president trump had put on them. Iran, of course, is very much in favor of that, but the one thing that people don’t really realize about the obama plan and the one that joe biden wants to go back to is a thing called the sunset clause.

According to that agreement, there was going to be a future date in which that all restrictions would come off of iran and they would be permitted to build nuclear weapons. Now israel has taken the specific stance. Never will they permit iran to have nuclear weapons, because iran has made no bones about it, that they fully intend to use them to annihilate their enemies, and israel is at the top of the list. So israel has taken the posture we can never permit them to have them trump agreed with him and said: no will not permit iran to develop nuclear weapons, and that was part of the reason he pulled out of the agreement was because of the sunset clause. That is going to permit them to have nuclear weapons. How quickly oh 15 years and biden is now going back to the obama plan. It isn’t even a original thinking on by biden, he’s, actually reverting back to john kerry and obama on this approach and the collusion between the biden. Excuse me: the obama administration with iran was stunning. If you recall there was billions of dollars that was mailed to iran as a payoff for some other nonsense. That was going on, and john kerry of course has. His um uh has married into iranian families that are in iran and so there’s. A tremendous connection between obama, kerry uh with iran and biden wants to go back to that. So what we have is we have the potential for a flat out, stalemate to be hit between the united states and uh, israel or israel, and in fact, the biden administration has already said they wanted to discuss with israel.

Their approach to iran and israel has already said, responded to him and said we have nothing to discuss that. It is our position that we will stop iran from uh having a nuclear weapon that’s our growing state of affairs – and this is going to become increasingly over the months and the years, a very, very difficult problem, both for israel for the united states and for the Rest of the middle east there. I need to make mention of just giving background information on uh. What is the what’s, the the setup, if you will, on the chess board, that’s in the middle east, there’s, no question that iran has committed themselves to building a missile offensive missile capability, they’re building long range missiles they want to put nuclear warheads on them. They’Ve supplied all kinds of missiles and rockets to gaza strip to hezbollah and, in fact, there’s literally an overwhelming number of missiles that exist from several locations to be able to attack israel with israel, on the other hand, has been working very hard since the gulf war To build an anti missile anti rocket defense system and in fact, in the news media i’m sure that you’re familiar with hearing about the iron dome, which is a short range missile defense system. Maybe you may have heard of a program called david sling, which is an intermediate anti missile defense system and then the long range intercontinental ballistic missile system is the aero missile system.

As i speak to you at this moment, israel has the most capability for anti missile capability of any nation in the world. Even the united states. They have a three tiered approach. However, military strategists know it’s not going to be successful against the full onslaught from all of iran and iran’s proxies. So israel has stepped up one more level to their defense and they have clearly stated that if a missile warfare breaks out like that that they will retaliate in an overwhelming way sort of way uh to destroy the nations that attack them. So now the stage is set uh for the future uh for a very key prophecy, that’s in the bible of ezekiel, 38 and ‘.. Let me just review that for a moment, so you understand the basis of where we’re coming from in ezekiel 38 ‘. It talks about a war of enemies to the north, attacking the land of israel into the mountains of israel. The mountains of israel would be the sumerian mountains, extending down through jerusalem to the judean mountains, this very center backbone of the nation, and it talks about invading forces and using weapons that fly in the air and it this particular prophecy says there’s going to be this War now all bible scholars, both jewish as well as christian, have viewed this prophecy as an end time prophecy, because of the following words. It speaks of an attack on unwalled villages in the land of israel.

That is a that is a term for modern israel, because in ancients you didn’t have a village if it didn’t have walls. So an unwalled village coming from this prophet spoke to a future time when cities would be constructed completely different as they are today. No walls are used around the perimeter of a city, specifically, it talks about the type of warfare that would be taking place, and i want to read directly from the prophecy so that you can see what we see going on in the middle east today. The conflict that is now standing before us between israel and its neighbors, those that are its enemies. It comes down to basically this. They have an overwhelming number of missiles that they want to shoot israel. Israel has a somewhat defensive anti missile program, but it’s not going to be enough and they’re going to have to find a way to destroy the launchers. That would shoot those missiles i want to read to you, for this is from ezekiel ‘, which is deep into this prophecy, where it says the following beginning of verse: 1 and you son of man, prophesy against gog and say thus says the lord god behold. I am against you og, prince of rosh, meshach and tubal, and i shall turn you around and drive you on. Take you up from the remotest parts of the north and bring you against the mountains of israel, and i shall strike your bow from your left hand and dash down your arrows from your right hand, and you shall fall on the mountains of israel.

You and all of your troops and the peoples who are with you, and i shall give you as food to every kind of predatory, bird and beast of the field. You shall fall on the open field, for it is i who have spoken declares the lord and i will send fire upon magog and those who inhabit the coastlands and safety, and they will know that i am the lord now this particular passage has been studied, as I said by many scholars for a long time and quite honestly, back 20 years ago there was more intrigue about this prophecy than we have today. You see if you consider a missile launcher to be a bow and a ballistic missile to be an arrow that’s. The primary weaponry of the enemy coming against israel, along with its troops coming down into the mountains of israel, that’s the stated game plan by iran and hezbollah and other enemies. Israel has come up with a plan to knock those arrows down and also to take out those launchers, but then it also talks about fire coming down on the enemy and israel has the capability overwhelming capability to destroy every one of their surrounding enemies, it’s literally in In a short matter of just a few days and obviously it’s because israel has nuclear capability, they use it with great restraint. They never threaten with it, but they do have overwhelming uh capability to retaliate against it. So the dynamics that we have here, the the military stratagem that is set before us in the world, while under trump it was all kept under wraps.

There was a clear deterrence to iran from going forward now under joe biden that deterrence is gone. Iran will now be free to do the things it wants to do. They’Ll play the game of negotiating negotiating negotiating and still pursue their interests right now. Israel is pulling out some of their archives, that of the stolen intelligence. They got from iran and trying to convince joe biden that, even while iran was negotiating with the u.s and other european nations, their clandestine nuclear weapon program was going full force and trying to show that iran is lying, the whole time they’re negotiating and that they are Hell bent on doing this, i would remind everyone that it was just last week that we talked about iran as now enriching their uranium up to 20 percent that’s a major step toward building weapons grain uranium. How quickly can iran get a nuclear weapon well, depending on who you talk to it could be in a matter of months. It could be in a matter of years, depending on negotiations or as some fear, they may already have some, and they just haven’t announced it. Yet, in any case, israel is watching that very closely and if they get the weapons, i believe that israel will take necessary preemptive action to try to destroy it. There was a lot of speculation as to whether or not israel would do that before joe biden became president, but that didn’t happen and so now we’re, faced with joe biden being the president changing his posture toward iran and us seeing how israel is going to handle It let’s talk about the u.

s with joe biden as now as our new president, and he signed a whole series of executive orders on his first day, reversing a whole number of decisions that president trump had made, of which there’s a lot of people in this country Are not happy with just particularly conservative people uh, whereas um liberal people are rejoicing at going back to old policies of which is quite honestly and i’m, not giving my commentary i’m referring to what they say. It’S like a fantasy world. You know if we treat everybody, nice and we’re gracious to everybody and give everything away. Everybody will love us and think we’re smart well, giving away everything that you’ve got is not smart and it doesn’t work for anybody, including the americans. In any case, what we’re now faced with and for the foreseeable future, at least for the next couple of years here in our country, is something called cancel culture in which they’re going to be all different types of liberal and non conservative groups are going to be Oppressing conservative people, i want to remind everybody that christians as a whole are regarded as totally conservative people. In fact, the language that’s being used now is that the average christian is a far right. Conservative radical and they are dropping words like we’re all domestic terrorists and the labeling that is now coming in reminds me of how the nazis turned the german public against the jews when they upped the rhetoric to call them as non humans and non citizens and a Threat and a poison and a cancer to the nation of germany that’s how you turn up a population to oppress another people and that’s what we have going on now in our country, in fact, there’s a statement now being made – and you will hear more of this – There is a desire to remove.

Are you ready, christianity completely from this country and from the government that no religious influence will be permitted, especially christian? Now they giving lip service to the jews and they’re more than happy to engage the muslims, but they consider to see christians as, for the most part, opposed to the democratic liberal position. If you recall, there was also a statement this last week by a member of the congress saying that they didn’t trust the national guard. That was there protecting the us capital, because about 80 percent of the people that go into the military tend to vote. Conservative and republican it’s because they’ve been trained to salute the flag and make an oath to the nation, whereas liberals don’t do that, and so they see them as their enemy and so it’s, not just a divide in our nation. There is one segment of our population that now thinks they’re in charge that they are uh interested in retaliating, getting revenge and they consider us to be the enemy as opposed to anyone outside of our borders. These are the days that we live in i’m. Wearing a shirt that lion and lamb is offering, which says, faith over fear and on the camera, you probably can’t quite see the word, fear and there’s a reason we did the shirt. That way is because when faith in god really becomes powerful, fear goes away. It’S, like the light comes in, and the darkness can’t remain, the promises of god that we have in our faith, are still sound and sure, and they have not been changed as a result of the u.

s presidential election. They have not been changed since the dynamics in the middle east have changed the promises of god and the prophecies of god are still true and they will happen, and god has pledged to provide for us, protect us and deliver us from our enemies. So i leave you with that.

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