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Second impeachment trial will begin just moments ago. Senator chuck schumer announcing a delay until february nancy pelosi ready to send to the senate the article of impeachment against trump for inciting the capital riot. Our kristen welker asking president biden does he support the push to delay the trial and the president, citing new executive orders to deliver more coveted relief to americans who are desperately hanging on and facing questions about his goal of administering 100 million vaccine doses in his first 100 days can he deliver and is the proposal not ambitious enough? The new warning of that highly contagious uk covet variant new evidence. It may also be more deadly the race to vaccinate and the outrage in texas, one county planning to prioritize high risk communities of color until the state threatened to slash its doses at our exclusive cvs and walgreens, gearing up to offer in store vaccinations. What you need to know about that and tonight’s mega millions jackpot soaring to a staggering 1 billion dollars. Do you have your ticket? This is nbc nightly news with lester holt good evening. Everyone, as president biden, forges a new direction, the shadow of all too recent history and the deeds of his predecessor, loom tonight as a potential distraction. The article of impeachment of former president trump now scheduled to advance to the senate’s doorstep. On monday, a trial with trump accused of inciting insurrection in early february, threatening to steal oxygen from the biden agenda, making the most, though of his first days in office.

The new president today laying out his covert relief plan to put more money in the pockets of struggling americans, and then there is the virus itself and something experts in the uk tonight are seeing in that new variant. That may be cause for alarm a lot to get to let’s start with kristen welker tonight. Three days into joe biden’s presidency democrats announcing there will be an impeachment trial of former president trump speaker nancy pelosi set to deliver that impeachment article to the senate on monday. It will be a full trial, it will be a fair trial, but when will it start top republican mitch mcconnell proposing a trial in february president biden now signaling he’s open to it. Mr president, do you support mitch mcconnell’s timeline for a february impeachment trial? I haven’t heard the detail of it the more time we have to get up and running and meet these crises. The better and late tonight, top senate democrat chuck schumer announcing the trial, will start the week of february 8.. Democrats need 17 republicans to join them. For a conviction in uphill climb tonight, post presidential impeachments never occurred in the history of the country for a reason that it’s unconstitutional. It sets a bad president for the presidency and it continues to divide the nation. The trial threatening to overshadow president biden’s new push on covet economic relief we’re in a national emergency. We need to act like we’re in a national emergency.

The president signing executive orders, including increasing the minimum wage for federal workers, but he says the biggest tool. His 1.9 trillion dollar coveted relief proposal and those fourteen hundred dollars in direct payments to americans. Sending this message to critics in congress worried it costs too much that return on these investments and jobs and racial equity is going to prevent long term economic damage and benefits that are going to far surpass the cost and tonight on the vaccine. Rollout some top public health experts say president biden’s pledge to administer 100 million shots in a hundred days is not ambitious enough, since the u.s had already reached that pace of one million shots per day last week. Given the urgent need for vaccinations, why not getting higher? Well, first of all, we’re not packing up our bags and and leaving on at 100 days. We felt it was important and we set that goal before any american had received a single shot if we surpassed that that’s great. Meanwhile, first lady jill biden tonight delivering food to national guard troops in d.c following bipartisan outrage, when hundreds of them were banished from the capitol to an unheated parking garage. The national guard saying the soldiers were moved there by capitol police, but they deny that new hampshire’s governor now saying he’s bringing his state soldiers home. It was appalling. There does have to be better management and better accountability in the system. Kristen we’re now learning some national guard soldiers tested positive for coven.

What can you tell us? Well, esther that’s right, a defense official tells nbc news. At least 150 national guard troops deployed here have tested positive. Meanwhile, a white house official says president biden called the head of the national guard bureau to express that he’s, sorry for what happened: lester all right, kristen! Thank you. You don’t have to go far from the white house to find the economic pain of the pandemic. Businesses suffering people without jobs, counting on that help from the government. Our stephanie rule shares some of their stories. Just a mile from the capitol and three from the white house sits district soul, food and the crushing reality of how covid has devastated small businesses we’re down 70 percent in i rep 70, in just this month alone, forcing them to lay off 11 employees. My biggest concern is for my people i don’t know i don’t want them ever to be without or lose everything despite billions in bailouts, small businesses find themselves suffering last year. Thirty percent closed and sales fell by more than thirty percent. Lower revenue means fewer employees. Just last week nine hundred thousand americans filed for unemployment at least two times a week, i’m going to food banks just to make sure that we don’t run out of milk that we don’t run out of rice in florida. Misty rudd, a mother of four, with one on the way finds herself unemployed, homeless and living with friends. She has a message for washington.

I wish for one second that they would just put themselves in our shoes. Just just trade roles with somebody for a day. Just see how it is to live on the other side, because it’s not fun. A new survey found that over half of those who received last month’s 600 stimulus payments believe they can only sustain themselves for a month, a harsh reality until everyone can be vaccinated, businesses and everyday americans will continue to suffer lester all right stephanie. Thank you tonight, an urgent new reason to get people vaccinated quickly that new variant we’ve been talking about of the virus now spreading here. It may in fact be more deadly. After all, richard engel has the latest. We already knew the uk strain has evolved to be about 50 percent more contagious than the original virus, the ease of transmission, helping it spread around the world, it’s expected to become dominant in the us by march, according to the cdc cases rising today in new york. What we didn’t know british officials announced tonight, the mutant strain may also be more deadly. The new variant, the variant that was first identified in london and the south east, may be associated with a higher degree of mortality. There is evidence that there’s an increased risk for those who have the new variant compared to the old virus. Now that evidence is not yet strong, it’s it’s a series of different bits of information that come together to support that.

Just yesterday, the scientist who discovered another variant in south africa told us that strain could evade antibodies and if we don’t do a good enough job at controlling the spread of the virus, the virus will naturally evolve. How many variants are out there now real variants that we should be aware of, probably just in the time that we’ve been talking, probably there’s a new one popped up somewhere somewhere today, so richard? Where does this leave the vaccines? Are they still effective? British officials believe the current vaccines do still work against this variant as it is now. This virus is changing and other variants are still being studied. Lester all right, richard it’s, all a bit unsettling we’ll, continue to follow this, where it goes well. There’S new concern tonight about vaccine equity, who should get priority, given that communities of color are at higher risk of getting infected and dying and who should decide all this miguel almaguer with that story, after texas became the first state to administer one million vaccines, a plan To prioritize residents in several underserved minority, dallas neighborhoods has hit a roadblock the state saying in a letter, the plan for vaccine equity actually wasn’t equitable at all. While we asked providers to ensure vaccine reaches the hardest hit areas solely vaccinating, people who live in those areas is not in line with the agreement. This is where it would have been helpful if the cdc had built into their their categories, some sort of prioritization for communities of color with minority communities at highest risk for covid.

According to a new analysis of the 12 states that track vaccinations by race in every one, black americans are significantly underrepresented. In pennsylvania, for example, 1.2 percent of white residents have been vaccinated compared with 0.3 percent of black residents, so we’ve got to get everyone, including people who don’t have access to the internet or who are you know, are homebound these vaccines, vaccination. Inequity aside, the us is still struggling to ramp up production and distribution, but experts believe by the end of this summer, every adult american who wants to be vaccinated can be the vaccine. Didn’T arrive in time for alina valenzuela who’s fighting for her life in a houston hospital i’m praying. I have so much faith that she’s going to be healed tonight. The vaccine underserved americans need most remains out of reach. Miguel almaguer nbc news coming up in 60 seconds. Could pharmacies be the key to getting the vaccine out our exclusive look at where you may soon be able to get your shot with all the frustration over finding a place to get the covet vaccine? One of the best places may soon also be one of the most familiar here. Stephanie gosk, this cbs pharmacy on long island new york gives out the flu shot every year, but that is not what’s happening here. Gene. How did it go? Excellent very smooth walked in early got taken early. This is the covid vaccine there’s dry ice in there that keeps the vaccine at ultra cold temperatures, one of two cvs locations kicking off.

What will be a nationwide effort? We actually administered about 20 million flu vaccinations last year, so our pharmacists have been doing this for a while. Have you had to hire more people to handle the vaccinations? Absolutely this is a dedicated clinic. It has its own staffing associated this fall operation. Warp speed announced it was partnering with nearly 20 pharmacy chains across the country, the pilot program just getting off the ground. Do you think some comfort in coming to a place, that’s familiar very much so, oh sure, much much more calming than going into like a hospital it’s, something you’re used to doing and it’s it’s convenient and it works. But experts warn this is not nearly as simple as just giving a flu shot doing a coveted vaccination in the middle of a pandemic that’s going to be very challenging they’re going to have to figure out how to bring people through their pharmacy but keep them safe. Cvs and walgreens have already been vaccinating at long term care facilities in 49 states. They say they are on target to get all first doses at skilled, nursing, centers done by next week, but some states say it’s been way too slow they’re facing a lot of challenges. I think we have to stay the course. The efforts with the pharmacies are starting to pick up now, we’re, seeing good results. The next phase, those in store vaccinations people, are dealing with crash websites, phone lines that ring busy they’re unable to make appointments.

How can walgreens ensure that that doesn’t happen it’s important to know that we already have this infrastructure in place? We have a technology platform that allows for people to schedule. Appointments registration will happen right on the main websites. Both visits can be scheduled at once before coming to cvs. The wine gardens heard complaints about the state run system from scheduling to supply. I was skeptical that it would actually happen and i’m very, very happy to report that everything went better than we expected in their words, easy comfortable and fast stephanie, gosk, nbc news, long island and up next for us tonight. Who wants to be a billionaire all right. We’Re back now with lotto fever, tonight’s mega millions jackpot up to a massive 1 billion dollars comes after a single winning ticket for this week’s, 731 million powerball drawing was sold in maryland so far that winner remains a mystery after a 55 year career at nbc news Tom brokaw announced his retirement today, tom anchored this broadcast for more than two decades and was co. Anchor of the today show before that he was also white house correspondent covering the nixon presidency and watergate. Then gerald ford’s presidency tom started at nbc in los angeles back in 1966 over the years. He brought us many of the biggest stories in this country and overseas, including the fall of the berlin wall, live from the berlin wall on the most historic night in this wall’s history.

What you see behind me is a celebration of this new policy announced today by the east german government, but now for the first an incredible moment in recent years, tom was a special correspondent for nbc news. I want to personally thank tom for his counsel and friendship. All of us here which tom and meredith and their family, our very best wishes that’s nightly news for this friday. Thank you for watching everyone, i’m lester holt. Please take care of yourself and each other good night. Hey nbc news viewers, thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch.

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