2021, January 22, SONY SAB Hero – Gayab Mode On – Ep 33 – Full Episode – 20th January, 2021

Please do something.. How did this happen? Doctor..? He was a very weird man. Over there.. He was wearing a cap.. I couldn’t see his face. Yes.. He was on the news. A couple of days. Back. One of his video had gone. Viral. People say that he’s a alien. He went that way. ‘He is an alien’ There. He is We’ll, get him this time.. What is going on here? Who are these people? Who are they Don’t? Let them escape.. Stop them.., Hey. These people are ruining my show.. Everything is destroyed., We’ll turn off the lights.. We must not let anyone see us. Zara Achal. He is the ring bearer. That’s. The reason he’s flying. Yes. Well consider this the day to test our strength.. The task in which Shuan, Dansh and Vyom failed will be completed by us. We’ll, take his ring and give it to our teacher Shukr.. We will not return without the ring.. Even we have to turn this town into ashes. Yes. ‘Your protective shield is hidden.’ Dad. Thank you, so much. I’ve had enough with you. Bantu what’s happening. Where is Veer, You both stay together. Okay, A human can’t over power us.. We must take care of him.. If I could see him just once., He has show himself to save these people.. How is the ladder flying? He has come here to die.? Who are they I don’t know. I’m, so confused.? This is so strange.. I don’t know how these two are flying.

. We underestimated his power.. He is invisible and he’s so powerful as well.. This is my fight.. I must take these people away before they get hurt. There. He is. Yes. Human can’t, do it. I’m sure they must be aliens.. Aliens are not true., Oh my God. Are they humans or apes? Or do these people work in a circus? I must find out who they are.. I can’t see him anywhere.. Where did he go? Let’S look for him.! How are these ropes flying Let’s signal our spacecraft and get out of here.? Where did they go? ‘Veer? Take me with you.’ ‘I feel suffocated in here.. I feel anxious.’ ‘After many years. I feel that’ ‘I can live my life again.’ ‘Come soon dear.. I will wait for you.’ ‘Alien..’ Hero Hero Zara. What did you just say? Hero., Hero, Hero.., Hero, Hero, Hero, Hero, Hero Hero..? He is a hero. No, I am the hero aren’t I, But who is this invisible man? Why are these things here? Psychiatric ward, Mr. Bhatkal? How did it all get changed? Where did all the things go? Mr. Bhatkal’s room? Where did Mr. Bhatkal go How..? How is this possible? Excuse me? Where is the psychiatric ward? Where is everyone? Where is all the stuff? Sorry sir.? We never had such a ward ever.. My uncle was admitted here.. He had Alzheimer’s., It is not possible, You are all working together.. What are you trying to hide Leave me be Answer me: Leave him Ma’am my uncle.

Professor Bhatkal… He was admitted in that room. Ward number 25., And there is nothing now. That place has been vacant for so many days.. It is about to be renovated.. You are all lying.. I have met him here, many times. Who is behind it all? Where is his body Answer me? There is no such patient here. Dr. Tripathi Call him at once. He was the one treating my uncle., Who is Dr. Tripathi. There is no doctor by that name: here. We have Mr. Trivedi.. May I call him, Sir. I think you are at the wrong place.. You must leave now, Please You all Listen to me. Well, I’ll expose this fraud.

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