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Do you think i know before you said it was impossible to keep everyone happy. Do you think you will have a happier camp now that you’ve got players out the door? Well, it would depend a lot on results. Uh. I think that uh that’s, all the time uh, sometimes is very related to the spirit of the team um but yeah. At least to keep the players that are here, training with us um available and with the possibility to use them in my opinion, is the most important thing and i think now that’s going to be the case and just lastly um someone who could possibly get some Minutes the weekend is callum chambers. I know he’s been coming back from injuries. Has a decision be made about what’s going to happen with him, and could he go on loan perhaps to to get some action? I don’t think that’s going to happen. I’M really happy with callum he’s going through a really difficult period. He’S worked so hard. He looks really good in the last few weeks in training he’s, not even thinking about his knee right now. So we want to give him minutes uh, when we can, because he’s a player that that we believed in thanks mikael. Thank you thanks. Hi mikkel hello, um, just one about um, mesut and and and socrates, and if we look at their situation together, it’s obviously not been ideal that they haven’t been playing football for for six months or longer and then obviously they you know, they’ve had those contracts that The club has had to settle and it’s, been quite a difficult situation for everybody.

How does the club make sure that nothing like that happens again well, sometimes difficult, because um, the contracts uh are really close and you have to respect them once you sign them and someday it’s difficult to see how things are going to evolve in in six months Time so sometimes impossible to see what’s going to happen in three years time. We tried to resolve those situations uh early in the summer, to try to avoid what we had, but sometimes is, is not possible as well. This transfer window and the previous one really real complicated one, and i would have to assume that we have responsibility with those players and we have to to respond to our obligations. And this is what we did until the moment that we found a solution for for both parties. Do you think there are lessons to be learned, though, about what happened? Yes, you don’t want to get in this position again: nick that’s that’s for sure, but not for the player, not for the club, but uh it’s happening more and more at every club and this situation you can see in other clubs things happening like that um. I think you have to have that communication open, obviously try to prevent them as much as possible and if they happen just make decision and don’t try to delete a situation that is not working for for much longer. Do you think it’s it’s going to help now that the club has got quite a stable executive team and you’ve got richard garlic joining, of course, to help with contractual things, and maybe in the last couple of years, which we’ve spoken about before? That has been a lot of upheaval at the top.

Do you think it’s going to help to have that stability now? Well? This is what we are looking for, and obviously a lot of things happened institutionally at the club um and with some of the the the big decision makers as well and we’re, trying to create a really strong team with different qualities that, hopefully, is going to give Us more sustainability and success in in our decisions. I just want to ask you about one other player who we haven’t talked about too much recently eddie and ketia um. I think he’s only played nine minutes in the last month and i know like has been playing very well and that kind of thing but um, obviously eddie was really important in in your first few months. You know really pressing hard from affirmative scoring some goals. Maybe hasn’t happened for him so much in this season. What does he need to do to push on? Well, i would take it more to the to the last month, because eddie has played quite a lot of games already this season and if you compare and you go back what he’s done a year ago, so in one calendar year, why he’s done where he was. He was coming from leeds where he wasn’t playing at all. We were going to send him on loan and i decided not to do it and he’s a big transformation. He’S, a young player he’s got some players competing with them in in that position, but i think he’s done a lot and and his development in a year for his position.

If you compare to any other striker that he says in europe, you won’t see many that have played that many minutes. Do you think he’s still on on track? If you like to be asked, he was number nine and he makes sure every day that he keeps on track the way he trains and the way he he pushes everybody so i’m, not worried about that. Okay. Thank you very much mikkel. Thank you, john from the mirror, uh hello, mikael good morning um i just wanted, but i could just uh briefly take you back to what gary asked you about um about frank, lampard and as a sort of a fellow manager just that i don’t know not sympathy, But empathy um to what he’s going through the arsenal showed you, understandably and rightly so, great support. You know things turned around very, very quickly, it’s an unprecedented season isn’t it i mean just just how important is it that clubs back their managers and and support their managers just from a managerial point of view? Well, i can only talk about what i have experienced here and what i have experienced. It was a full support in in difficult times, um. Obviously, what you cannot support the work that you are doing behind the scenes and the methods that you apply. The values that you are trying to restore at the club and and the style and the model that you are trying to implement, needs the support of results and when they are not happy and everybody is there, fortunately, if they see what you are trying to do Is going to have rewards in the future and they are a little bit patient and most of the times it pays off.

If everybody is convinced that we are doing the things uh the right way. But i speak with a lot of managers and – and some of them they’ve been in the game for over 30 years, and they said i never experienced something like that. This is a new game, it’s new rules. There are so many things we cannot. Control is our our hands in a lot of moments. So i listen a lot to that, because we tend to put more and more pressure and demand ourselves a lot and and it’s a very strange leaked decision, and you can see that in in many teams it feels there’s a new generation coming through as well isn’t. It i think that we should embrace that exciting generation. I think so and as well, i known frank for a few years as well, and i spent some time with him and yeah. I would like the club supporting and giving a chance. He has a huge experience as a player he’s an icon over there. He’S done some really good things, but he you need time and if something we haven’t have in this calendar year is time to work on anything. Listen it’s been such a long time since we’ve been at the training ground, as as the media, to see the pictures hanging on the wall, but there’s some lovely pictures of you with the fa cup. I mean the fa cup just purely on that just must hold so many special memories for you not just what you you did obviously last summer, uh uh as manager, but you know that winning that first time how much a release valve was that then it was One of the nicest moments it was 10 years that the club didn’t win a trophy 10 years for us on the football club not to win a trophy and and the unity that we created that year, everybody was again putting pressure, they won’t, do it it’s been So long – and we all wanted to do it for for our sin as well, because he really protected all the players.

So it was one of the biggest satisfaction as a group, obviously to deliver that to the club, and you could see the reaction of the fans on the parade the following day, but for arson as well. I think it was a moment of gratitude from all the players uh towards him and he was special. I mean it undoubtedly helped last season didn’t it this season paved the way, create that kind of yeah. I think he generates a lot of belief amongst the team and that we could compete against any team, and the team was having a lot of difficulties in the last five years to win against any top teams. And we did it in big sequences, um against them. And it was just a step to do it consistently now for 10 months is a completely different story, and this is where we are right now, but it was great and obviously personally, to deliver that to the to the club in a really difficult year again, when We started with this pandemic just to be able to provide some happiness to our fans, it’s uh it’s, all about the job, just to make some people happy and and proud of what we do just. Finally, how how important is it you know how difficult is it to make that step from being a cup team to being a team that is consistent throughout throughout the campaign that can achieve a target of a top four pushing for the title to achieve that sort Of consistency, it’s consistency and everything you do is the way you train um.

You have to train, to win every single day, to be better to pay attention to a lot of details, to try to improve in every aspect of the game and to take your level to the excellence is the only way the standards are so high in this League in the last three years, i think the winning probability of a team was about 45 percent. Now the big teams is about 70 75, which is crazy, um and that’s the standards and you have to hit as a standard and, first of all, you have to be able to do it in training.

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