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. So we’ve already talked with our guest about what white nationalism is and these extremist groups – and we want to take some of your phone calls as well. We have a couple of callers on hold, hang in there for just a minute, as we welcome once again sophie bjork james assistant, professor of anthropology, over at vanderbilt we’re, going to talk in a little bit about some specific groups like q, anon and how they’ve used Uh social media to spread this information, which i’m using the term lightly there a paper that paper that i quoted that you wrote back in october. You started off by talking about that plot by militia members to kidnap michigan, governor gretchen, whitmer that’s just another case and it’s it’s frightening. When you look at the details of what they wanted to do, what was their end goal? Yeah that’s a great question, and i mean my my understanding is that they were, you know, there’s a lot of vitriol against the covid responses. So the responses to the pandemic – and you know – but i think you know it fits in their their goal – fits in with this broader picture, which we also saw on display last week, which is you know this? What this view that started within the white white nationalist movement, which is the goal of overthrowing the united states government right and undermining democracy at every level? And so i think we see a clear kind of line of commitment, a clear commitment to those goals across a lot of conservative movements today, which is and i’m afraid that what the success of the storming of the capital will do is it’s going to provide incredible Propaganda opportunities to recruit new members and to make it seem like actually disrupting democracy is possible, like yeah being able to say look, we were actually in the halls: the sacred halls of democratic power.

Stopping you know the uh presidential vote from being certified and it’s gon na expose every single politician, every single state capital to potential threats right right, right, we’ve heard about those threats um, i i read uh some some a q, a with dr benjamin teitelbaum he’s, an Assistant professor of international affairs, at university of colorado, boulder talking about the specific people who were part of that protest. When you looked at that crowd, he said he’s heard of it as the maga movement and includes remnants of the tea party movement, newly recruited trump enthusiasts, and a small branch of militant activists as well as people that would formally have identified with the alt right. They’Re. Not republicans, first and foremost, they’re trump supporters. First and foremost, he says virtually all of them when you look at the demographics of these cross sections, obviously they’re white, mostly now male, virtually all of them have less higher education and they’re rural um, and also this is really interesting. A powerful predictor for sympathy for trump was living close to, but not inside areas of ethnic diversity so white’s living near to, but not next to more racial and ethnic diversity. Some people call that the halo effect and they feel threatened. Why threatened i’m getting psychological now yeah? No, i uh so one interesting thing that i think which is important to talk about is this concept called status threat, which is that people who are accustomed to experiencing privilege if they think that their privileged position is threatened? It can cause extreme anxiety, and so i think, we’re excited we’re, seeing this in terms of shifting racial demographics in the united states, where over the next 20 years, the united states is projected to move to a majority minority population, and i think what a lot of Especially and the polling is very clear – a lot of conservative white people are deeply afraid of that, because they believe that they will suddenly be subjected to the same kinds of racial discrimination that racial minorities have been throughout the history of this country.

So i think what’s really important is to advocate to show that actual inequality is, is not natural, like it’s a it’s, socially produced and it’s also possible to produce a society that is actually supports, equality and that you know, as as there’s a decrease in discrimination against People of color it doesn’t mean that suddenly white people are going to be discriminated against right and i think but – and i think that sounds facile to say, but the data shows that especially a lot of conservative uh white americans. That is how they view racial demographic names. They think that they’re going to be subjected to prejudice uh when that isn’t is it does not have to be the case right absolutely. I want to go back to what i was saying before i’m, just wondering how these incidents and these groups and their message how they’ve been so successful, especially under the trump administration um, the last four or five years and with social media. I know and we’ll talk about social media and the moves that they’ve made, but how that’s going to impact being able to actually debate real policy. I’Ve heard conservative friends of mine, say i’m, not worried about. I know the world’s changing and all that i’m just more worried about specific policies that my opponents on the other side of the aisle are putting forward. I think it’s bad for the country and this and that and and no one will listen to my argument anymore because they think well right away.

I have an r next to my name and i’m. Then i’ve got to be a wacko, so it’s going to take a while to be able to to just kind of get back to that and and respectfully debate. Yeah and unfortunately, social media is not helping us get there and not at all. You know like so much of that is because we are living in entirely different worlds. Right i mean when you know like we recognize like it’s, i think it’s also. We need to recognize that the siege of the capital happened in the middle of a pandemic. That’S killed at that point was killing 4 000 americans a day right right, like we’re, reaching the point where enough amer, as many americans are going to have died by from covid in a year as died in world war ii, and yet that reality is clearly not Recognized by that entire movement that stormed the capital right right and you know and it’s very significant – that we are living in entirely different worlds, with different facts right and it’s really hard to move forward with that when there’s. So much disinformation happening on social media. All right, professor let’s go to our first caller. We do appreciate all the callers uh taking the time, yomena hi. How are you yamina? Are you there? Yes i’m here? How are you we’re doing well, go ahead. What’S! On your mind, uh my name is yamina and the way i look at things is that i’ve been in the united states, my whole life and the way i see what happened in nashville, which was terrible downtown.

But everybody took a reflection of thinking. It was a terrorist organization and it was something totally different and i’m just trying to figure out. How can i prevent through that without people thinking that it was uh my religion or anything like that, and i i just want to see how to move forward right and how did that show up and going again? Let me ask you mina: what did you think when you saw the rioting at the capitol u.s capitol last week? What i said about it is that uh nashville grows strong and it’s always grown strong since i’ve been here the last couple of years, which i’ve been here a while and i’ve been a muslim, my whole life, but what i’m just saying is that it didn’t have Nothing to do with terrorism, it has something to do with us just getting back and just get all evil spirits out of nashville. You understand this is the city i love. This is the city. I love stay positive yeah. We all do. Thank you for the call. We appreciate it we’ll go to line two now and we will welcome barry hi barry, yes, well, thank you for taking my call uh uh. Most time i get talking. Uh hung up on right off the bat, so you probably will, when you start hearing what i’m fixing to say, it’s okay, go ahead. Just like this. I have never been a party member. In my whole life – and i dare say, i’m, i might older than either one of you i have talking observed history.

I have studied history, i’ve studied the constitution and on and on and the thing about it is for that young lady, when she took the city she’s from vanderbilt majority of all people from vanderbilt are left wing. I am not real, praying or right wing, i believe in being a christian, i believe in truth and when the media tells a half proof. The other half is a half life, that’s no cliche, and that and the media needs to straighten their act up because they’re fanning these flames too. Just like that young lady over there calling them talking about white nationalists and that well guess what they’re black masses you saw it in the black lives, movement and other things, and the fact about it is this for mayor cooper go back last year when he told Him and invited the people to come on down to nashville tennessee, and it was right, looting, et cetera. Now, when he said come on down, then president trump didn’t say basically nothing different than he did, because this is our capital in the state of tennessee. I don’t hear nobody talking about that and oh by the way his brother, jim cooper didn’t bring that subject up neither but he’s ready to go against the president, but he’s not him ready to go against his brother, and that so see. I believe. In being straight talk, honest talk because, as a christian, you better be – and i want to say this here – one thing to all people: okay, abortion is against god.

If you vote for anybody, i don’t care. What party it is. You are taking and spitting in god’s space, and you will not make heaven your home because you have committed murders if you vote for them you’re guilty of what they do and that, just like the bible, says, suddenly lay your hands on nomad and when you vote For somebody you’re voting for what they’re doing and so therefore you’re guilty. Now i would like for the person to take and show these clips of downtown nashville and the bars and everything else and the looting that was going on by john cooper. The mayor saying come on down: yeah: hey, we got to take a break barry, i believe, in being straight out now the president didn’t say nothing and neither did john cooper to take and validate their pet position, but the thing about it is they shouldn’t set them Start with, thank you barry. We appreciate it. Thank you for your thoughts, some strong thoughts.

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