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I want to talk about masses for a few minutes. Take the political side, take your beliefs out just for a few minutes. If you don’t mind and masks are important to have okay for being around sick people. I’Ll say that they do have some effect on spreading germs and keeping them contained. Okay. So beyond that, so i think having mask around for sick people is important, there’s, a few different choices you have. You have like this mask here, which is like a surgical mask. They call them, but it doesn’t fit around. It. Doesn’T make a seal, so you have here and boom. So you can adjust here, but you still have openings. So if i cough it does help protect uh the germs from spreading going out, and then it does have some protection of viruses and germs and that stuff coming in okay, some protection, it’s kind of what like prep medic, said on our podcast is this is not A hundred percent the end all be all, but this versus keeping away from sick people isolating sick people is important, so it’s kind of a layer effect. So these do help some, but then being away from sick people. Maybe just people has the flu. Has a nasty bug you don’t want to get then these help. The question i get a lot is what’s the difference between an n95 mask and a kn 95 mask it’s complicated, but i can make it simple, i think uh.

Basically, the n95 is: what is our standards here in america they have to meet. They block out 95 percent of 0.3 microns, so that’s, where we get ours it’s about pressure 2 on the face things like that, the kn 95 is the chinese standard? Okay. So if you look at the data, you can just google and there’s a chart that pops up, but basically the the us has stricter standards of what makes n95 mask so the n95 mask is preferred. So i say that to say this uh that we have us made made in texas n95 mask at, uh i’m super pumped about that uh. We had the dynarex which are made in china, like most medical supplies are and we sold out them boom. As soon as this pandemic started, we were gone, but now we have a source for us made in 95 mask so it has the metal shield here. Those are the two loops that go over your head honestly, i like the ones that fit across the ears better uh, but that’s, just personal preference, but so here and then boom, so you can cross it up. However, you want to but it’s it’s got a nice seal here, so boom um. These are good for being around sick people. Okay, i will say that i think, being around sick people, uh they’re they’re an item to have so uh. They can’t go bad uh. I said: go bad because moisture out of your mouth is gon na deteriorate.

The fibers here makes them less effective. Also, if you have a beard uh, which i shaved my covered beard. So i hope you guys are happy about that. Um. These do not make a seal, so if they don’t make a cell in your face, then all those little bitty particles are coming in so they’re less effective. So, in order for n95 master work great, you got to have a good seal, so hope this video helps a little bit and, like i said i’m being honest, i wanted to show you guys the us made n95 mask. I think majority of you guys are gon na be super pumped about that as well, so i’ll put a link down below uh if you’d like to purchase them. So thank you guys for watching.

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