Sudhanshu Pandey, 2021, January 22 CSE: Prelims 2021 – Daily Quiz for IAS Exams | 16th Jan, 2021.

Let’S, look at question number one which of the following countries are part of the five eyes intelligence system. Seen in the news recently, is it canada? Yes? Is it new zealand? Yes, is it india, no south? Korea? No japan, no united kingdom, yes, 1, 2, 6 b is the right answer. Are there two countries, one is australia, the fourth country which is part of five ives and the fifth one is united states of america. What is the context? Is it time for western intelligence agencies to treat pandemics as security threats, former canadian intelligence official? He is now predicting that this five member alliance intelligence alliance between canada, united states, britain, australia, new zealand, they will follow a path where they will pool the medical intelligence that could provide early warning of the next pandemic so which of the following countries are part of The five i’s intelligence system – it is b one two six is the right answer now: let’s look at question number two which of the following is correct: regarding praram it’s, an initiative of the department for promotion of industry and internal trade to promote the msme sector. The second praram event was held in delhi in 2020. The praaram event is an initiative under atma nirbhar bharat and is open to indian manufacturers. Only if you look at the context, this is the pib news. Praram deals with startup india. The first praram event was inaugurated by shri pyush goyal. So this statement, which says the second praram event was held in 2020, is wrong.

The first statement is also wrong because not the msme sector for the larger startup environment and the proud event is an initiative under atma nirbhar bharath and is open to indian manufacturers. Only all these statements are incorrect. Why? Because the bim stake members, they are also participating in this inaugural event. Bimstec stands for bayo bengal initiative for multi, sectoral, technical and economic cooperation. Now let’s, look at question number three. Consider the following statements: common wealth of independent state cis is a regional inter governmental organization of the nine latin american countries, usa, india and china. They are observer states in cis, which of the above statements are correct d, neither one nor two c, i s. Yes, it is a regional intergovernmental organization of nine but post soviet republic countries. Cis was formed following the dissolution of the soviet union ussr in the year 1991 and since 2008, afghanistan and mongolia, they are the two observer states. What is the context? India’S, agricultural and processed food products, export agency and indian embassy and azerbaijan. They have organized a virtual buyer seller meeting for increasing exports of basmati rice to cis country. Now let’s look at question number four recently which of the following tiger. Reserves was included in the world network of biosphere reserves under unesco’s man and bios affair program. Where is pilibeat tiger reserve it’s in up, whereas baksha tiger reserve it is in west bengal pinch tiger reserve in madhya pradesh panna also in madhya pradesh, and the correct answer.

Is d government of india declared panna tiger reserve as a biosphere reserve in the year 2011.? In november 2020, unesco included it in this man and bios affair program. Every year, new biosphere reserves are designated by unesco. Why to resolve this man animal conflict to promote the conservation of biodiversity as well as sustainable use of natural resources? Presently there are 12 biosofa reserves in india which are recognized under unesco’s man and bios affair program, and this program was started by unesco in the year 1971.. So d is the correct answer. Let’S, look at question number five national air quality index includes which of the following gases. There are eight gases: carbon monoxide, ozone, lead, ammonia, particulate matter, 10, particulate matter, 2.5, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide. So these four and one two four and five, these four, these eight gases they act as major parameters based on which the air quality index of an area is arrived at. What is the context? Business standard newspaper says national capitals. Air quality is severe visibility. Poor let’s look at question number six world meteorological organization is an inter governmental organization, but outside of the united nations family world meteorological organization issues annual five year and decadal statements on the status of the global climate statement 2 is correct. Statement 1 is incorrect because wmo is part of the united nations family. It is not outside of the family, but the question is asking which of the above statements is or are incorrect, so a only one is the right answer.

What is the context? 2020? Among the three warmest years says: wmo let’s, look at previous year’s question paper: prelims 2019, which article of the constitution of india safeguards one’s right to marry the person of one’s choice. It is b article 21, which deals with right to life and personal liberty. Now let’s look at the fact of the day: hobart busted iucn, international union for conservation of nature. It recognizes two distinct species of hobara bastards, one found in north africa, the other found in asia and the iucn status of both these species is vulnerable. What is the context? The hobara is hunted by uae royals in pakistan. Pakistan every year extends invitations to these rich people from the gulf, inviting them to come to pakistan and hunt these vulnerable species. Population of asian hobara bastards extends from northeast asia across the central asia. The middle east and the arabian peninsula to reach the sinai desert after breeding the asian bastards they migrate to pakistan arabian peninsula, as well as south west asia. But why do these arab royals hunt this bird primarily for two reasons, because it’s part of their sport, and also it is believed that the meat of this bird is aphrodisiac, which means those foods which generate sexual instinct? That is it from our daily quiz segment.

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