Boston Bruins, Philadelphia Flyers, National Hockey League, Matt Grzelcyk Cassidy on Bruins 5-4 Shootout Win Over the Flyers & Game Plan Moving Forward

Obviously, there must have been some frustration and uh. How good was it to see your your team respond? The way they did in the third uh, almost great to see them respond? I mean it’s in the room uh what was addressed after the second period was essentially we’re too easy to play against offensively uh we’re a hard team to play against defensively. I think we’re willing to play the right way, but offensively we’re too easy to play against. So you know we discussed um a couple of ways. We can get better harder to play against and maybe a little more forceful manner so that hopefully the message gets across but um at the end of the day. You know you have to be willing to get inside. Uh find some pucks around the front of the net and if everyone’s on the same page dan, the puck’s gon na end up there, then everyone will go there and we have a pretty good idea. Then you know how we can rebound pucks and keep pucks alive et cetera. Another good example is jack’s first goal. You know we haven’t done enough that we just get to the top of the crease. Stop you know, pay the price we have to to get a second chance goal. Third chance. Whatever it takes and power play again, we you know we got pucks to the net, so richie gets one in a similar fashion. We just outnumber them there, so it started to come together in that regard.

Um, you know much better for us even coyle’s goal. It was a shot and rebound right like it’s, just instead of looking for a play, let’s get it to the net uh. So it worked out for us and hopefully it continues, and you know we don’t forget what you know a bit of a lesson. We’Ve been going through here, the first uh three four games of the year, steve conroy after jack’s goal goes in. I know you knew that this team could score, but what was the feeling on the bench when i mean a level of relief? What was going on there? Well yeah, i mean you know you want to get rewarded for for efforts and and um. I think there’s just as much excitement for jack’s first goal, but also coils, because now we got something going right. You got similar goals going to the net shot and the rebound stuff we’ve been preaching so it’s always easier to buy in when good things happen. So i think from there uh, unfortunately, we and they got the lead again. Another goal that towards our net that’s gone in off somebody. I mean that’s, four in a row for us four games in a row. We’Ve we’ve had to eat one of those goals so good for them for not hanging their heads and they stayed with it um and kept battling, and we got rewarded joe mcdonald butch uh from a defensive standpoint when you get uh offense from the back end, especially With everything that you just said, i mean how can that help the confidence of the team as well? Well we’ve tried to build it in.

I don’t think we’re gon na have a guy that’s going to lead the league or maybe even sort of bring. The point totals that we lost um, but if we can do it by committee, by getting pucks the net being in good spots, to keep pucks alive, uh and and brandon’s goal is a good example. I think we moved it around well up top tonight made some plays to the forwards that shift, or maybe the shift before whatever it was with grizz he’s good at you know, he’s pretty elusive at the the blue line. You know scans. The ice finds the open guy and you know we hit the net um. We need it. Uh good teams in the league find ways to get their d involved. Uh. As i said, you know, we’ve got some younger guys back there pretty young in general, and you get kevin the older guy hasn’t played in a while. So we want to make sure that they they defend, make a good first pass. Break pucks out. Do that! Well, um, but they’re doing a good job activating. They really are trying to get up the ice and be part of the second layer, uh and then the stuff we built in at the ozone blue line just having confidence we’re fighting a little bit there. Pucks are bouncing over our sticks, that’s gon na happen. You got ta stay with it um and we did so glad to see uh our d get rewarded with, like i said, with carlos cool joe haggerty.

How would you describe what you saw at a tucaresque there in overtime butchie? Well, we got to clean that up. Uh, you know part of that’s foot, speed, um, you know attacking with speed and defending. You know like a couple of them. They just came flying down and we you know we’ve got to manage our gap a little better, keeping to the outside someone’s. Picking up. You know, i think we lost coverage uh. You know it was crutch in front the one time i don’t know if he thought zaboro would drop off, but tuco was there for us uh. He had some tough luck around the net uh some backdoor plays. He had really no chance on. So i i mean i thought he played obviously great in the overtime shootout, um quality chances, so we and that happened to us in jersey. We gave up some good ones um, but i’ll say this at least there the the game we lost in overtime. We had our share looks uh from the slot as well. So if you’re going to get involved offensively as a d and get caught, then you know there has to be some level of of reward, so that’s what we’re going to talk to them about. But i think at that point hags, you know you’ve battled back from a two, nothing deficit, things weren’t going our way so um. We will put that in the back of our minds at how we can get better in overtime, but uh we’re gon na focus on you know how we got ourselves back in the game and see if we can build it where we, you know, continue to be A threat offensively but again tuka to answer your question outstanding um in overtime and shootouts i mean i don’t, think he’s i mean he’s been lights out in those so good for him.

I don’t know. Last year we couldn’t win one to save our lives. Now we’re two and oh in them so go figure. Matt, matt, vauteur, bruce um. You, like the character your team showed and with nobody in the building to kind of summon their own energy to make that come back. Brad martian made. It seem to think that maybe that wouldn’t be as likely to happen with with fans not in the building yeah. I think that’ll have an effect like you. Sometimes you can go the other way. Your home opener, you haven’t, scored, you know it could. It could have went you know they might have. You know, sort of got the guys frustrated too. You never know their expectations are we’re gon na go and play play well and score. I thought we start on time again, like the long island, better team in the first period, much better than the opposition we just again couldn’t finish really limit. I don’t think we gave up an on that chance um. You know so that’s that’s good, all around hockey, but it doesn’t go in the other, and the other team gets life they’re going to be better. Typically, what happens? No matter home road um. But yes, i think it was more about us. You know stepping up to where we need to be offensively uh and i think the guys accepted the challenge between periods and it would have been nice to hear the fans after the third period, because you know you know it was an exciting period to watch and Got us back in the game and then eventually the two points so um, but uh.

We do have some experience with that uh in the bubble. Last year we got to create your own energy we’ve, been through it a bit this year and i think the guys are getting used to it. If that makes any sense you don’t want to get used to it, you want fans, you want the excitement home war road, but you know, as far as that goes, the players are starting to now kind of get. You know they accept the fact that uh it’s not very noisy kevin dupont, butch that whole aspect of being too easy to play against on offense. Do you think that’s attributable to uh you’ve got quite a quite a lot of changes in the forward group, some kids, some guys from other teams, you know anaheim and nashville is. Is it that that’s is? Is it that it’s sort of lack of a better word? This mongol mongrel collection that you haven’t had and it has to coalesce or or what is that that’s part of it right. You want to defer a little bit when you’re new right, like jackson, for example, gets a great pass in the scene. We’Ve got them running around; he gets it between the dots. He’S got a great chance of rifle at net presence. He tries to thread one through the seam that you know two sticks and you try to tell it. Frederick tried it again. Earl second period now he’s going down he’s got a chance to shoot, got a guy driving the net and – and these guys are good at this level with their sticks.

So what was pointed out is those guys it’s going to happen to those two they’re new they’re new to the league it’s, the rest of them. You know that have to this should know better marshy had a two on one short handed great chance to get some momentum. You know when he you know he looks to pass charlie mcavoy short handed comes down. The middle of the ice looks, you know those guys have been in the league a little bit longer so it’s a little bit more hey. You guys got to drive the bus here and be leaders in that regard, and so they accepted that and um. You know charlie coyle, get to the front of the net you’re a big body. You know with the puck, without the puck he got there, puck finds him so uh. I think it was just a mindset that we had to snap them out of and and for some you know, i guess today is when it hit home. Finally, because we have been addressing it um, but to go to your question, there is a little bit of newness where a guy like smith’s, probably looking. Where can i make a play? Where does he want me instead of just playing his game and playing hockey he’s a shooter? I will say this: the puck found him kevin a couple times a slot. He was just off net, so that’s, encouraging um and then richie’s he’s kind of finding his place here.

He’S been an offensive threat every game through training camp. So hopefully that continues for him and, like i said, the younger kids we’ll live with. I mean it’s going to take a while it’s, like the back end, we’re going to live with some hiccups, but it’s it’s up to the veteran guys that have been around to to to make make the game easier for us and make us harder to play against. And hopefully snowballs for a few other guys that haven’t quite hit the score sheet. Yet. Thank you. Yeah a little last question for coach to jason scales. Yep coach just wondering there was no uh that quiz was it was like in overtime. Was that a result of the uh spill he had earlier or anything yeah? There was uh. He was playing through some discomfort, so we did not want to expose him. He would typically be out there that’s good pick up um, but he wasn’t going to be able to cover the ice that he needed to in overtime. So hopefully he’s. You know, he’s had a couple of tough nights. Now a tough fall in uh on the island and going into the boards here. So hopefully he uh, you know there’s, no, no long term damage there and it doesn’t sound like it, but um.

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