So has that, given you more of an opportunity to arrest players, injuries to recover, how are you shaping up this weekend? Yes, i think it was a good time it’s, true, that we didn’t have game and um, but i think we used this time to to put in better condition that the player that that problem uh before we, we have back uh calverlin for the game. Unfortunately, we have uh some players out like uh gabaman, alan delf, deena, ivobi and and concu, but the others are in good condition, ready to to play this game and ready to to compete in this competition. That is important because the fa cup, as we said, is really important for us when you look at the season as it’s panning out. How highly do you prize the fa cup now in terms of an opportunity to perhaps win a trophy yeah? We know how is important: there is the fa cup in this country. It is really important competition. We had problem in the first game where we had difficulties. I think that we have to approach well. This game, shuffle wednesday, is coming with uh all the strength that they have. They are a strong team, physical team, and they they want to compete with us. We have to be ready for this on sheffield wednesday, carlo. How much do you know about them? I mean we, we know that obviously, gary monk and tony pulis have both been managing left that post this season, but in the last four or five games they seem to have had an uptick in form: yeah it’s, a good team it’s, a good team because uh The last game that they play well, they won they are they having good conditions through that they have problem with with the virus, but i think that they come back um with good motivation.

Strong motivation for them also is important, is a big challenge to play against us, and we know this and we have to respect jean philippe this. You mentioned him still being injured earlier it’s. How much closer is he now so it’s been long term and he’s needed more time than most others, but i think that we have to look at him day by day is following his individual problem like alan, like delph, and so i think he soon he can Train we he can be able to train with us, but we don’t talk. We don’t want to put pressure on him because he was out for a long time and when he comes back he has to be ready, but you’re confident he will be able to come back, yeah yeah for sure he will come back and obviously we’ve only got 10 days or so left of the transfer window, you’ve been fairly consistent. All along saying, it’s likely to be quiet has that changed at all over the past week. No, no, no, no, no, no changes Music! We are really don’t focus on this. We i think we are convinced to have a good squad, and if there is no um, if player doesn’t ask to leave, they are happy here. We have a good squad for all the season. Do i take it from that that you don’t expect any players to leave either in this window? No, i don’t think so.

I don’t think so thanks very much. Thank you. Alistair mcgowan! Please hi, carlo hi. You just done mutes there alistar. Can you hear me? Yes? Yes, yes, sorry um, you mentioned there don’s back in action. Will you play him this weekend? Given that you’ve got a game against leicester in midweek? Honestly, i want to put the best lineup possible and for the game against sheffield, because we don’t want to think about leicester unless the game is after. We want to move on in this competition, and i think dominic can start because he trained well. He is in good physical condition, and so i think he can play you mentioned there that and you’re not sort of looking to bring any players in this window. But do you feel like you’re a bit short in midfield? Obviously you mentioned there that allen’s still out the bombings out as well. Do you feel short in midfield? Is that a worry for you in a minute, but i think that the player that tom davis is the game that he played he did really well. Du corey is always there also, if you suspended against leicester, andre gomes, he didn’t play a lot, but he is back because his condition is really good. We are not sure because, unfortunately, we are not going to play in europe, and so i think that we can manage well all the season with uh this squad. Knowing that delphi alan, they will be back i’m, obviously soon.

There obviously you’ve had a 10 or 11 days rest since your last game. Is that a good thing or a bad thing, given that the schedule is so busy at the minute i don’t know i don’t know really uh. If it was good or not, i don’t know i. I will tell you after the game on sunday i we spent. I think i spent time watching, games watching games and i have to say that it i saw a lot of entertaining games. I think that the premier league is showing, in this moment a fantastic games i saw and and unpredictable games really competed games and uh. I think that could be good, because i am a fan of football um to give credit to the players first to the manager through to the team, because i think uh now, the premier league is uh, really really excited to watch and is really really excited personally To be part of this i’m sorry, just one last one and i was given your hopes to compete in europe and were you pleased to see the liverpool result last night, i was pleased to see the game to watch the game and how barley compete, how uh The spirit that they show in the game – and so this is the beauty – the beauty of of football in this moment is not in a good moment, but liverpool has a fantastic team, fantastic manager, fantastic player, so they will be back soon.

Thank you. Thank you. James malfoy, please hello, carlo, you mentioned um at the start about the injury news with alex iwobi and luca dean being out the weekend. Can you just tell us a bit more about what their problems are and how likely they’re they’re likely to be missing for police? I think that i cannot be so specific, but they will available for the game against leicester, so they will not be available only for this game and then on the fa cup generally everton haven’t got to the fifth round since 2016 and and talking about europe there. How how good a route, how good an opportunity is, the fa cup a route for european football for everton, not just for the football, but for a cup competition too. Every cup, as i said, is an important competition to to move uh to reach the the final or the semi final. We have to to do step by step. We had difficulty the first game. I think we hope to have less difficulty for this game, but we have to know that it will be difficult because uh is in the fa cup uh. Always there will be surprises and we will. We will not want to be the negative surprise. We have to be, we have to approach well the game as we didn’t do against rotterdam and just finally from me on the subject of transfers you mentioned about, you, don’t expect anyone uh to leave this window uh just on jake tosin.

I just wan na as he as he told you saw that he wants to stay at everton now for the rest of the season. I didn’t talk to him about this, so he’s part of the squad. He scored a goal against rotterdam. He did his job when he was involved, and so no news for this. Thank you. Mark walker from the press association please hi hi. First of all, carl, can i just ask uh the the european commission has this week backed the six major confederations opposing a possible european super league break away? This is politics. I think this is politics, and so i read i read this on the newspaper. What can i say, i think that i am part i i am the other part of football, and i think i think the nicest part of football i don’t want to be involved in the politics of football. That is not my job. Okay, thank you. Can i just ask then you’ve been recently talked about not just being contenders for the champions league, but premier league title contenders um. I know there’s a long way to go this season, but how does that make you feel about the impact and the progress you’re making at everton? And honestly, we are not. We don’t have in our in our mind that it race we have in our mind as we set the start of the season to to to fight for the european position.

Now we are in a good position and we want to stay in a good position. Uh depend on us to stay in good position. I think that for the teaser race in this moment to talk about that, it raises too much for us honestly cheers very good, very good. Thank you as usual, very good um, carlo um. You say, then, the premier league is quite exciting and now there is a really good, exciting games. But why why the premier league is that exciting is because there are no public understands at the moment and the teams when they play a way they can make better face to the big things or why? What is in europe? Oh it’s more, i think, it’s more exciting, because i think that the premier league improved the level. There are a lot of um, really competitive team. If you see the the the table at the top, there are a lot of team that were not used to to stay there like west ham, like aston villa like um, everton, also and so, and the other teams, as usually there in that in this moment, chelsea Will not is not there, but arsenal is not there, but they will be there, and so i think that the level uh physical, tactical technical is really high. In my personal opinion, and it is excited to watch games, i watch um all the time games on tv and as all the people does in this moment, because what you cannot go to the theater.

You cannot go to the restaurant. You have to stay home and watch games on tv and to watch. Games on tv is really excited just to watch the game. Liverpool against barley was a really challenging game. I can say fulham against united united won, but fulham did the fantastic games. I saw sheffield united, that is at the um at the bottom of the table, playing a really good football, and so i think that, for this is the reason, because the premier league is really excited in this moment and that the only the only problem that miss Are the supporters at the stadium? This is the the only problem that we had, but as a equality as a atmosphere as an intensity of the games, i think, is at a top level. Okay and we can’t expect to see hamish playing the whole game, for example against sheffield wednesday, or you prefer, to keep him to play against leicester. Hummus is in good condition. He can play against well sheffield that he can play also against leicester.

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