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Was tonight one of those occasions where the performance deserved more than no points the performers definitely did deserve it. Look. We started slowly and that’s the thing we we were a bit overruled, i think, by by brentford, brentford came with it with aggression after and then we conceded and and we weren’t brave, we kept giving the ball away and we weren’t brave in that first 15 minutes And that’s the thing that cost us really, but i couldn’t have asked for more from them. Apart from a goal i mean look, we had so many chances, so many crosses. We had opportunities. We we were intense. We were aggressive in our play and i’m really proud of that second half performance, but we still need to score. I mean that dominant and with that, putting that much pressure we need to score and that’s what we didn’t do and that’s what i’m disappointed with it was a bright start wasn’t it i mean you’re, obviously fully aware of breakfast and played for a while. So he wanted to get out of them and for the first 10 minutes or so it certainly looked that way. Well, it was, but then they they kind of you know we kind of give the ball away a few times and and glowed them, and then they showed one bit of real quality and and things. But we put balls in exactly the same as that and with no one really to on the end of that and that’s something we have to have a look at because look, i i i i thought we were really really good.

Second off, we moved the ball. Well, we were very aggressive and, as i said, we we should have got something out of that game. I mean lots of attacking football without anything in the final third to worry right here too much other than a tony cliff back hill. That was surprising well yeah. No but yeah, i thought the builder plan and the quality of our delivery and the cro. But then you just need someone on the end of it and and that’s what we didn’t. We didn’t have and uh and that’s disappointing, because the quality that we had and shots and the possession in around we have to finish the action a little bit more. But look quality costs a lot of money. So we know that we have to keep working and do that, but in terms of our performance i couldn’t ask for more and better mind. You know played them this time. Last year and and seven years we we played them. I think it was in october uh. I think it was october or earlier on the season and they comfortably beat us. So we show we’ve come come a long way and after the winner saturday, against bournemouth away another good second, half away performance and real effort and determination put in yeah it’s, just just lacked a bit of quality in the final third. The performance said everything really. You know, and i mean second off – we limit them to any just counter attacks and anything, and then we didn’t show the level of quality that we should have and three changes in one hit.

You sort of delayed it slightly because you have some good pressure at that time. You must be thinking. Actually, i don’t want to break this up yeah it did and then there was a break in the play and we thought right come on give the impetus and they did. You know i thought tony clicker and cars did very very well. I thought harry looked real real threat up top, so so look we i i i i i i was pleased and pleased with the overall performance and i’m proud of them, because i want us to be brave. I want us to come here and have not be overruled and not be fearful and and to be on the front foot and to really have have a go. And we did that and and that’s the good thing and it wasn’t just having to go in terms of going long in terms of fighting and stuff we paid for some real quality. You know some. Some of our play that we’ve worked on was excellent. We switched the play, we moved it, we got into overloads, we delivered into the box and that’s when we just lacked that finishing touch, and if we’d got that it could mean a different story. Exactly was going to be my next point. It could have been a very different story because totally on top of the game in that second period, an equalizer and you can go on and push even more to look for three points: well, that’s what the plan was, but we just couldn’t get that sec.

Couldn’T get that first goal and and look it’s difficult at this level. You know we’ve been used to being high scorers, but with quality. You know they paid a lot of money for their front man and a lot of money for their attacking players and they get goals so that’s the disappointing thing from my point of view and then real disappointment at the end, an off the ball incident um. I don’t know if you’ve been able to see it yeah i’ve seen it yeah yeah. I can tell you it’s, not a red card, it’s categorically, not a red card. Look! The foolish thing is he just puts himself in a position to give everything a decision. Linesman saw it, i don’t know what you’ve seen but it’s easy to give that. But look we’ll appeal that, because jefferson lermas got off with with one on the weekend and our player had four stitches across the eye and and was bleeding profusely. So we expected to do the the continuity is upheld. I mean i certainly when tom was walking off the pitch. I could hear him quite clearly, so he didn’t touch him and and it’s not. I need look it’s it’s getting into the game. I’M sure that if the boy has an element of honesty about himself, then he look at him thought i probably let myself down there, because he’s got sent off himself um, so he’ll cost his team, but it you know he’s got ours center and it didn’t look Good it didn’t look good in any way, shape or form.

You know and that’s that’s. The thing and i’m like i’d be embarrassed.

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