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Temperatures are kind as well, no doubt playing a hand in high attendance levels as well as an elevated level of anticipation here. Surely this is the hot ticket going around in this neck of the woods? It surely must be this place, simply a monument to the game, so much prestige, so much pride, so much passion whenever football is played here. Music. Who do you think this turns on jim yeah timo verna he’s, quick and direct peter loves to play on the shoulder of the last defender and he’s, always looking to make that run in behind? I think, having someone like that up front makes the opposition defenses think twice about playing such a high line and pushing them deeper can create space, of course for midfield, so he can be a real troublemaker. Well, quite no argument for me on that. One that’s got things underway: Applause, a buccaneering run from the defender plenty waiting in the middle zayak Applause, oh denied, brilliantly zayek – really must have felt he had the measure of the keeper then, but how wrong he was. Can he get the sun away a reprieve, albeit perhaps momentary Applause, dangerous, looking ball and it’s come to nothing hoist it forward. Chillwell goes for the cross over to the left anything to pick out of these early exchanges. Well, i think both teams probably feel it’s it’s too early for either to start taking real risks, so they’re still very much in a phase of of testing the waters and and sizing each other up now.

Can he capitalize that’s just an example of over committing and they’re fortunate for the quality of the intervention? It was vital. Hudson a toy goal danger averted for now forward. It goes steered in good take by the keeper he’s read that well with sayak and it’s aspaliquetta. As poliqueta goes on an adventurous run point blank header: well, he should have done better and he knows it good effort, very good effort. He would have at least wanted to make the keeper work, though Applause Applause he’s made sure that that won’t get through Applause. Oh he’s broken through great run. This he’s covered quite a distance all this over the line defending of the desperate variety up towards the front line well positioned to make that interception gets the better of his man. If only, i just hope you won’t let the failure to score affect him with the ability he has. He can Applause, reproduce Applause paul needed to be better. There that’s a wasted chance, he’s, making good use of his strength. There just refuses to be out muscled. That is, terrific skill gets wrestled off the ball, and the whistle goes for half time to draw blanks and toiled at times, but it’s not been a bad game by any means, so they head in no further forward the score here, still nil, nil and if you’re Just back from your break, you’ve missed very little of the resumption of the second half chelsea can feel really happy with themselves the scoreline doesn’t back it up, but they’ve played with urgency and purpose and can’t afford to lose patience in this second half they’ve got to Persevere and now they can launch a counter.

He gets past his man that’s a brilliant interception, verna hudson or doy chilwell chilwell, unable to make it happen for all his good intentions. Rudiger plays it forward, tries to get it forward quickly, just brushed off the ball. There. Applause up towards the hour mark and still no goals great strength too strong for his opponent. He’S got options out wide it’s got through Applause. He is not one readily to admit defeat. Don’T be surprised if he tries that Applause. Again, Applause looking to hit the front line: oh good interception drives it towards the front in comes the cross, goalkeeper’s ball Applause chill well going full tilt down the left and it’s played forward. Chelsea clearly seem to have lost their passing accuracy, something they’re, obviously going to have to fix pretty quickly. Now, hudson a toy and that’s been leave it clear: chillwell pumps it into the area chelsea showing a good level of intensity at this stage, they’re calling on all their resources now vana he’s through Applause moment. Well, you know thinking about that. I think they’ve perfected, that on the train again because it took them seconds to get the ball from back to front. They really commit forward in numbers too it’s all very well drilled Applause, deadlock, broken it’s, one nil. I think the danger for them now is fatigue. I think when the body tires, the mind soon follows so concentration is key from here. Applause keep calm and carry on that’s.

The job in a nutshell now brings it forward. Has he picked him out? Pull this? It has a go good run lovely take, but that is where it stops.

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