Chelsea F.C., Frank Lampard, Premier League, FA Cup, Luton Town F.C. "The pressure is fine, I can deal with it" Frank Lampard ahead of FA Cup Luton

If you’d like a question today, please use the raised hand, function and then we’ll get around to as many of you as we can. Then unmute yourself and away you go we’re going to start with jamie with sky sports news thanks very much adrian good afternoon, frank hi is sunday a chance to park the league forum for a bit to back your minds and maybe rest some weary bodies as well. Um i’ve done about park, the league form we’ve lost our last game. We won the one before that. We want to win every game that we play and lewton’s going to be a tough competitor because they’re getting pretty well in a championship. They’Re a good team it’s. The fa cup – we know that comes with it, so pick a team to try and win the game and get us through to the next round is the bigger concern for you at the moment. The results are the performances, i think they go hand in hand, sometimes don’t. They and results are what you get measured on on the outside and recently we’ve not got as many points as we want. You said before that you need to just block out the noise when you hear speculation regarding your future, when there’s other managers, names, successors, names being bounded, that must be difficult. How do you block that noise? I don’t listen to it, but when it’s everywhere, it’s, like i don’t well, i don’t it’s only everywhere.

If you want to go scroll through maybe social media or something i don’t do that i come and i’m not stupid, do not mean. I know what the pressures that come with managing the top football club, but i only do my job, so it doesn’t doesn’t matter to me. Is it any more difficult because the fact you were a player at chelsea for such a long period of time and you experienced firsthand how ruthlessly managers? No? No? Absolutely not because my career here as a player was fantastic and it’s set in stone? And when i say fantastic i’m, not given the big, i am i’m talking about the success that i was proud to be part of at the club and the link i have here with the fans and the support i get from them is amazing, and i know When i came into this job as a manager that that can change the tone of it, you know you there are things that you can’t control going forward. You do you do your best and i’ll continue to do it all the time, while i’m managing the club, because i feel the club it doesn’t change, how i feel, wherever i’d work, it’s kind of personal wherever i work whatever club it is i’ll give my all Thanks frank, thank you cheers john southpaw frank, as, as you mentioned, you’ve seen the pressure as a player from the other side of the fence on fenced um, on managers at chelsea.

How are you finding at the moment? Is it how tough a period is it for? You, the pressure’s, fine, listen, you you’re, obviously more happy when you’re winning games. You know i was more happy in november and october than i thought not being december onwards but come to the territory. I think you can look around the premier league and you can see teams. This season have had problems teams now that are having problems that we’re not used to having problems. So for me, i just have to get on with the job. I mean you know the hierarchy of this club better than probably most people if you’ve had a chat with them. If you’ve spoken to them, i’m – not i’m, not going to talk about private conversations, so i do i’ve played here for a long time, but the the situation changes from being a player he’s 13 years to in the club. So i have much more conversations with the hierarchy than i ever had as a player. Do you think the players, the new players you’ve brought in, have been a bit surprised by the intensity of the premier league? We saw last night with burnley that any team can beat anybody else. Does that surprise surprising? Do you think um? Well, i think some of the new lads have been quoted as saying that we’ve got the most physical and fastest league in the world um. You know we feel that here and i think i think it’s pretty clear to see.

So you know when i talk about players needing adaptation and we’ve. Seen great players need time in this league to get to kick in, especially when they’re young, because they come to this league fresh, then it’s it’s very normal. If they do feel like that and how much time do you think it will it’s difficult question? Probably it will take to get the best out of this group and you you, you keep saying it’s a work in progress, but i mean how long do you think we did it? What what mark were you putting on that? Well, this season. Will you need another scene next season until we see the best well i’m not going to sit and talk about next season? It will be a nonsense. Any manager in a job in the premier league wouldn’t talk about the next season, because you can only worry about what’s in front of you. I mean: will it take that long to get the full potential out of the new players to settle into the premier league? Well again, i’ll ask you the same thing: what’s, the marker on that? What are you talking about to get to get someone playing you know like edin has i did in the prime of his career here? What what you asking for yeah well, this season this season. When are we going to see the best of the of the new players that’s, what we’re working to yeah yeah? Okay, thanks man? Thank you, hi, frank um.

Is there any on the situation with the chaos and wary um? How close is his loan deal to being completed? Yes, no confirmation, as it stands, yeah it’s not completed so now he remains in the same situation but um in terms of what you’ve got with um the guys you know the the guys got available. So some of the fans um, are perhaps a bit frustrated. That is not not playing more at this point i mean um. Could you just sort of i know you’ve talked about it before? Can you just give give a word to them about why it’s? You know it’s not in the right time to have him in your team yeah, because i’ll have five center backs and i can’t uh do this job and expect to appease or please you know, every fan will have their own opinions that’s football of what players you Should pick or not and uh, when you’re searching for consistency or when we’re in a long unbeaten run nobody questions it. Maybe they do when you you’re not playing so well, but i have to pick two out of the five and those numbers. Don’T always add up for a developing player, very very good player i’ve seen him rise from arriving at derby is a quite quiet, lad and a good talent to being one of the best defenders in a championship and then an england international on a chelsea regular. So i think his journey has been great and whatever next step, whether he goes on loan or not he’s, going to be a top player but he’s a developing player too hi frank.

I wanted to ask a question about peta a time like this when confidence seems to be low in the squad and lots of players individually seem to be struggling. How valuable is it to have someone else around the first team who, like you, has a very similar having a similar winning mentality as a player and similar experience of good and bad times at the very top level? Um well to be fair liam, i think if their confidence would be shot, if they were to read some of the pieces that you write a minute because um i read some of them and some of the the confirmation bias that you you always reflect on games With and um it’s like a sort of almost like a social media pundit to try and get a reaction in a negative way. I read the pieces when we were doing well as well and they didn’t go both ways. So i think, for a journalist to be objective, um would be a big start, because if players do read, it i’d feel like that in terms of pete. I think his um his experience is vital, vital for the club that we use our experiences, because even in years that we were successful and and we look back and we’re holding trophies, there were tough moments in them. Stuff moments to whatever degree and there’s. Some really solid squads in those years as well so we’ve been there before. We know what it takes to to turn the corner, so we work together on that james talk, sport, frank.

There has been some criticism, i guess, about the rotation of the squad, but when you look at how many players are necessarily making their spot their own, it only seems to be edward mendian and mason mount those two players that really merit their squad in each game. Um yeah, i mean it’s it’s, something that gets after a lot and you have a squad and you want consistency in selection, but players have to make places their own as you as you alluded to. I don’t just think it’s. Those two. I think there are other players at different times that have made it their own and yeah we’re, all working towards that, of course, but you that would something you utilize. The squad there’ll be times when you want to have continuity, but at the end of the day we know that some individual form has not been at its best lately, so i have to make change. If i didn’t make changes, i think sometimes people will criticize that fact, so i just have to make the decision. I see some of the words used after the leicester game were slow, sluggish and you said some of the players lacked desire. Is there only so much you can do as a manager when you prepare your side for a game for them to put in a performance as they did, you sometimes feel a bit helpless at times i don’t think i i’m not sure i said lac desire.

If i did then, okay, but um, it was definitely slow and sluggish. I’Ll definitely hold it to that and and one of the the the things i think that set us out as a team last year was our energy um and their parts this year, and we, you know, when we’re on a good run energy to beat lee’s to Beat seville takes a lot of energy and it’s a it’s, a part of a team that i feel proud when i put that out. That shows that, and we did it last year and we managed to get um to full position. So when i see it come off, i have to call it out and we have to work in training to get it better, because you cannot play if you don’t run first, and i don’t want to explain exactly what the reasons are for each individual, because some Players are not at it on one day or whatever, so there can be multitude of reasons for it, but as a group, we need to to get back to the the energy that we were, that we were finding and winning games. And finally, for me, in terms of the pressure you’re feeling now, how does that compare to to being a player, because, ultimately, it does come down to the manager at times like these um yeah, i mean as a i. I worry so worry. My concern is not the pressure on me because i can deal with it because i’ve been in football a long long time as a player at top club.

So i understand how how it goes and it’s different as a as a player, but the pressure is needs to be positive on the players, because the players are, what make you a good manager or not so good manager, and that can flip very quickly as we Always see so it’s important that the players don’t feel that i don’t mind taking the pressure. The players have to feel a good pressure. We want to win games, they want to get some form back. You want to get. You know how quickly that form and results can turn in this league we’re, seeing it now more than ever so um. We just have to to direct that pressure in the right way on the pitch last question. In this section, hi, frank um, a lot of local fans seem to support you in the uk and they’re planning a banner to show that support. How helpful is that sort of to get the buy in for the patients? You need to get the group up to scratch, and do you feel that same sort of buy in from maybe the dressing room that you probably need to help you through this difficult patch? Well, like i said before, players will always make you um a good or bad or in between manager. So i think you obviously have to buy from the dressing room, because my opinion is the football is whatever percent tactics but it’s, a much bigger percentage of environment and drive and positivity and desire, and all those things that create the basics in football.

So um that’s important in terms of the banner yeah. I really appreciate whether it helps or not, but i absolutely appreciate the fans that put together to to create a banner.

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