Chelsea F.C., Frank Lampard, Premier League, FA Cup, Luton Town F.C. vs Luton Town FA Cup 4th Round Look Ahead – Do or Die for Frank Lampard and these players.

My name is kieron. This is real talk, football and today we’re talking about chelsea versus loot in the fa cup. And what do i say about this game? This game is, do or die for both the players and frank lampard and the reason i bring the players into it is because, if they don’t beat luton, we can’t pin this on frank lampard, because lu it’s, looting. Okay, we need, we need to be winning this game it’s looting and if we don’t, then i i think honestly lampard has to get sacked. Obviously, but i think the players as well, they can’t be trusted if we lose this game. So i think it is a must win game. It’S do or die um, especially when you look at luton, they’re 13 in the championship, not in great form themselves. So we should definitely be winning this game if we don’t i’m afraid it’s sayonara. Mr frank, lampard, it’s sayonara kante’s out of this game anyway, and i think everyone else is in contention. So without further ado, i will give a line up a predicted lineup. To be honest, if i’m honest, this is quite difficult to predict because it is the fa cup and you don’t know what to expect with lineup um. It is a lot less predictable than a premier league lineup and in this lineup in my predicted lineup, i went for a balance of players that need to be sharp for wednesday when we play wolves and players that deserve to play because they haven’t played in a Long time so, for that reason, i’ve gone with kept it and goal he played in the last fa cup game.

I think he deserves a chance in this game as well. Why not star keppa and give mandy the rest for wolves? Hopefully he doesn’t make any horrendous errors, but i expect him to start this game anyway. So uh right back i’ve gone for caesar aspelloqueta, the cappy. I think he definitely deserves to start this game. We probably won’t play him midweek and reese. James is still recovering from that hamstring injury, so i would expect frank lampard to pull him on the bench for this one and then the two centre backs have gone for is christensen. Andreas christensen, kurt zuma, i think kurtzium is someone who needs game time again and he needs to get back sharp, because rudiger has been playing the last few games, whether that wasn’t, whether that was a mistake or not, i don’t know, but i expect kurt zuma to Be back in the lineup for the wolves game, so i would want him to get some game time in this game and to get back sharp and with christensen. I think he’s someone who hasn’t starred in a long time, so it would give him the chance to play alongside zuma and he’s someone who hasn’t really made that bad a mistake. Maybe he should have got up when jack, relish um kicked him in the leg, but at the same time he did end up having a serious knee injury after that. So i don’t really blame him for not getting up, even though i was quite harsh on them.

When it initially happened, and but i think kristensen is someone that probably deserves to start this game left back, i think i’ll go for emerson here and emerson to be fair played quite well in the morgum game, although it was morkum. So is that really a fair scale as to how well someone has played, i don’t think so so yeah? I think that back four has what it takes to win, so i would pick that back for and the keeper as well and then the two on front. I think i’ll go for billy, gilmore and georginio, and that might sound crazy because you have two little players that pass the ball around that spray. The ball around and don’t really have much physicality in the midfield and they probably will get physically bypassed and overrun. But at the same time, they should both be able to cope against luton and billy gilmore we’ve seen what he does when he comes into the team. It would be interesting to see him with georginio to see how good a partnership that is, oh it’s, something i would be interested in seeing in a premier league match if it works out well tomorrow. So i would definitely test georginio and gilmore beside each other, see what happens. We should be beating luton, no matter what the circumstances, so i would start those two and then on the left. I would go for tino andrew. I think christian pulis is again someone.

I would like to save for the wolves game, so i would keep pulisic out of this game and i’d start tino andrew i’ve seen him play some very good stuff, so i trust them in this game to put up a performance and, to be honest last time I seen him play. He was probably one of the best performers on the pitch. So why not startino entering this game? He probably deserves it. It’S the fa cup. On the right side, i go for callum. Hudson the doy um. I think he needs the minutes more and he needs a match sharpness more to get up the scratch for 90 minutes, and i expect them to be in contention for the wolves game and to possibly start the wolves game. So i would start column here, maybe grab a goal or two for confidence and then in the cam position in the central attacking field position, i will start koi habits. Someone again, i think, needs confidence, needs game time and needs to get up to scratch and needs to get used to the physicality of england upfront. For obvious reasons, for confidence reasons again, i would start tina werner. I think he needs a goal. He needs to need. Three goals: he needs something to click for him, going into the wolves game and if he could grab a hat trick or two goes or whatever. That would be enough to increase his confidence levels going into wolves, and we might even see him feature from the start.

Against wolves, he’s someone, we need to start scoring quick because he has the potential to be a very influential player, but the problem is his influence is near to zero at the moment and he’s someone. We expect a very high influence from if timo warner, doesn’t start, showing up there’s only one way or one direction. This is going in for franklin parrot, so yeah timo warner. I think, should start this game tomorrow and yeah. I think that’s a fairly decent lineup. I think it’s, a lineup that’s strong enough to get the job done, but also enough players are being rested for the weekend, which i i quite like, because we need a fresh squad going into the wolves game. So yeah. Let me know what you think everyone. My prediction for this game: i think we need to win but i’m, not giving a prediction again, because i think it jinxes, so no no prediction and yeah thanks for watching everyone. I hope you enjoyed the video. Please comment what your lineup would be.

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