Chelsea F.C., Frank Lampard, Premier League, FA Cup, Luton Town F.C. y All Cards On The Table & Rally The Team ALTOGETHER! Chelsea vs Luton Preview

I hope all of you are doing well today. Tomorrow is the big one? Well, not the big one it’s an fa cup tie against luton, but for us right now over the form that we’re in it does feel like a big one. Even though we’re playing against a 13th placed championship side, it feels like a big deal but realistically and i’ve said this for countless times now against a team like luton, regardless of our situation and regardless of who we put on the pitch, we should be getting the Win and we should be making it to the next round now, in the next round of the cup, we will be facing either barnsley or norwich, and i think i think it’s gon na be barnsley if we make it there at the moment, it’s all ifs and Buts we’ll see what happens against luton, but realistically it should be a win going into the next round, barnsley or norwich. That should be a win, and then we go into the last stages of the fa cup. Where arsenal have been eliminated, i mean who would have thought that was going to happen, and then tomorrow we see man, united and liverpool, take on each other and try and batter each other up again so yeah that might finish nil, nil anyway, it might go to Penalties, we’ll see what happens, but the path is looking good as long as we can take it on the chin for ourselves.

You know we need to take initiative and we need to try and make something work. Now we haven’t got a choice: backs are against the wall and i’m gon na give you what i think needs to happen in order for us to try and turn what’s going on right now around at chelsea football club. So before i do, i want to ask you guys if you want you hit that subscribe button hit, that notification bell to be notified once i’ve uploaded and let’s get into today’s nitty gritty, so chelsea versus luton. We have to bear in mind that, after the luton game on wednesday, we have wolves and then, after that we have burnley. So you know it’s that the fixture list is kind to us, but even the fixtures that we have that i’ve just mentioned they’re not going to be a walk in the park, with the form that we’re in at the moment and the way that we’ve been playing. It’S not going to be as easy as everyone might think. So, this luton game, as far as i see it, should be the reset button. It should be the one where we can try and gel. We can try and bring some chemistry. We can try and turn a new leaf. You know if i was frank lampard right now and as as much as i think that, to be honest in regards to the hierarchy at chelsea, i think it’s it’s done i mean i do think that the hierarchy are looking at alternatives and if performance is continuing, The way they are frank, lampard will get the chop it’s as simple as that and don’t be surprised if the club have already made that decision in the back of their heads and all they’re doing is trying to find the replacement don’t.

Be surprised, don’t be surprised because it’s happened to every single manager before frank lampard. We know what it’s, like but frank, lampard right now is still in charge and that’s the truth, and he has the chance or the initiative to try and change it and to try and turn things around so what he needs to do. I think things need to go back to basics. Things need to go back to basics. We need to go back to square one. Okay, frank lampard needs to get everyone into a room, and i know right now: that’s not the most ideal thing to do, but knowing that that all the players are in a bubble, they’re all playing together and they’re all in the same environment. At the same time, for most part of the day, every day each week, i think it’s, okay, to get all of them into the same room, get all of them into the same room and just have a heart to heart. Have a heart to heart! Get everyone in and show them what you want from this project, what you expect from the players to give during this project and what you expect the outcome to be and where all of you collectively can take this if you work together and for each other, there Needs to be one massive put all your cards on the table moment and the players need to understand that it’s as simple as that. If frank lampard can do that now, we’re, not a cobb, we don’t know maybe he’s done it.

Who knows? Maybe he hasn’t but i’m just saying if it were me and i see that things are getting desperate and players might be looking worried or they’re, not confident or they’re, completely out of form or whatever the circumstance is, and we know that frank lampard has a portion Of that responsibility, just get everyone into a room. Put all your cards on the table. Look. This is what it’s going to be. This is it if you like it, you like it. If you don’t you don’t, but look i’m going to be completely clear, completely honest with you, can we get onto the same page? Can we work together? Can we start again for each other and just try and add them up a little bit and then tactically that comes later, but in regards to the luton game, i think it’s an opportunity to try and get something to gel. Most people would look at this fixture and say let’s rest players and then we can play whoever we want in against wolves. I wouldn’t i’d go the opposite direction. We are in a time of need at the moment and we need consistency with r11. We are in late january, every other team has found their 11 we’re still struggling to find our 11.. This game against luton, as i’ve said, should be a game where you put any 11 on the pitch. We should be getting the job done, but from now up until wednesday, decent amount of time you could you could have it worse.

You know sunday, we have monday tuesday and then wednesday we play at wolves, but both games are at home. So this is where it kind of works in our favor honestly pick an 11 that you know are going to be playing against wolves. That way there can be some consistency. There can be some chemistry building treat this game against. Luton. Don’T show disrespect to luton i’m, not saying that, but what i am saying is get an 11 on the pitch. You can try and get something clicking that way they can carry that into the wolves game together and hopefully keep that role going because right now we keep chopping and changing we’re not going to be building those relationships. We’Re not going to be building those bonds and, as far as i’m concerned you’re going into the latter stage of the season. Now the second half of the season that’s crucial now at this stage, it’s crucial you need to so i would go all out with what i think the 11 should be right in the formation that i think now. Formation at the moment is just one factor: we’ve been discussing it a lot in past videos in games that we’ve been playing recently and i’ve been saying, are you know, shift away from the 433 player? 4. 2. 3. 1. We’Ve seen frank: try a 4 4 2 but it’s gotten to the basics. Now it’s gone past tactics and formation, we’re talking about players, sprinting and players running, and you know players giving it their all.

When lampard’s showing some motivation and building his man management. You know basic things basic, so right now i see fit to go with what the best formation is and the team that i see best to carry forward into the wolves game. This is what i would do before i get into the 11 that i would select a bit of team news, so olivier giroud has returned. He is available for selection and golo. Kante is not so we need to take that into consideration. He will not be available for the wolves game either. I don’t think if he’s coming back, it will be against burnley putting that into context. This is the eleven that i think chelsea should go with tomorrow. Four two: three one: edward mendy in number: one goalkeeper! No two ways about that: right: back reece james now, reece james had a howler against leicester city. We can all agree, but we we know that right now he is the number one choice right back and he did just come back from injury, so i’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt that maybe he was a bit sluggish now, he’s back and He’S playing regularly i’m expecting him to put in a solid performance, especially against luton, up the confidence and carry that into wolves, and that applies to all the players by the way up. The confidence against luton take it into wolves, left back ben chilwell. Our number one choice left back there’s, no, two ways about that: one, either our center back pairing.

This goes back to square one. I don’t care. I don’t want to see rudiger zuma and thiago silva. Those are our two center backs, that’s the relationship that needs to be based on it’s as simple as that they both start. They start against luton and they start against wolves. If it were me, i would but at chelsea. Maybe there is a thing that thiago silva can’t handle two games in a week, so if that is the case, okay cool zuma really got tomorrow and then against wolves, thiago, silva and zuma, but anyway, if he can and if he’s able, to which i think he Should be able to it’s not you know something ridiculous, but if he can thiago silva and zuma are the two center backs to choose now in a 4 2 3 1, the two midfielders in front of our defense for me, billy gilmore, is starting this game. I do not care billy gilmore needs to be selected for this one. Tomorrow we need someone that can move the ball quickly. We need someone, that’s got the intelligence, we need someone, that’s got the flare, we need someone that is able to create something from nothing and we need someone that gets into the good positions, whether it’s going a little bit forward or defensively as well. Billy gilmore. I know is working very hard in training and i’ve seen a couple of clips from training and it’s been good to see that he’s been given 200 there, so that’s nice billy gilmore needs to start.

He doesn’t play in the past games that we’ve had where we’ve been struggling and for me now, if we’re having a midfield, that’s lacking, especially cover chips and the way that he’s been playing recently we’ve seen he’s been completely out of sorts, but billy gilmore needs to Be in this lineup, so for me i trust him as i’ve said very intelligent footballer, someone that i know we can rely on so for me he starts alongside him there’s a little debate as to who’s going to play there. Is it going to be mason mount or matteo coverage? Personally, i think mason mount is the one that we know is giving everything for the manager right now so mason mountain starts, but if he is going to go with coverage in order to rest mount, which i think mountain does need, he needs a bit of rest. I wouldn’t be bothered against luton. That would be okay, but for me gilmore and mount and then that will probably carry over into the walls. Game. We’Ll see now the one in front of the two midfielders in gilmore and mount needs to be akai habit. Kai haverts in his position just run with it. What i said is we need to go back to square one now what i’ve done by going back to square one is going back to the team that i had in my head when we got these players to the club. This is the team that we wanted to use, but all of a sudden we started chopping and changing because of results or because of injuries, mainly injuries at the start of the season, but that was that was understandable.

Now we’ve got everyone available. I feel by going back to square one, we go to the team that we wanted to build in the first place. So, for me, havoc is in the number 10 that’s one of the four now right wing, hakeem ziesh that’s, the other one that’s. One of the four i understand callum hot nadoi. Might you know want to get a shout in for this one, but right now with the circumstances we’re in and i just feel there’s an opportunity as i’ve said, to go back to basics and to go with the team that we had in our heads at the Very beginning to try and build using that so ziesh on the right hand, side on the left hand, side christian, pulisic, simple. As that we go back to square one. Pulisic was brought in to be our main left winger. We know. After eden, hazard left. We were hoping to get someone in. We got puller sick now, he’s had a couple of seasons. He is our main left winger. He starts on the left wing hakim, yes from the right up top let’s give team over another chance against luton. He didn’t start against leicester against luton. I think that’s not a good opportunity just like he started against morkum and we saw him get on the scoresheet. He does the same tomorrow. Get that confidence up against lower opposition, try and carry that forward into the wolves game, and hopefully we can carry the same 11 into the wolves game and build some chemistry, build some bonds, and hopefully we can rectify the situation.

For me, this is the way that we do it. Now we have zero on the bench we have other midfielders on the bench we have, whoever we need to turn to or hudson the door, for example on the bench. If we have to turn to someone that’s cool when that’s there, but for me we are in a desperate situation where we need to try and claw onto something and as far as i’m concerned use all the plays you’ve brought in for the functions that they were Brought in to do for the positions that they were meant to be playing in and go forward with it, and if it works fantastic and if it doesn’t well what we’re doing at the moment isn’t working anyway. So we might as well try something that we know. We want to carry in the long run, frank lampard, i hope, has spoken to the team in the manner that i’ve just said that he needed to do by just being completely honest, being completely direct with them, trying to get them on site trying to sell the Project to them and to get them motivated, get them amped up. You know. It’S relationships between manager and players sometimes can be like a father with their kids. You expect at a certain age that they’re gon na start being responsible for themselves. You expect that they’re going to start taking things in consideration for themselves and you can go on the back foot a little bit, but sometimes, if that’s not the case, you need to step in and keep going with them and that’s that’s.

The situation we’re in at the moment, right now, frank lampard, needs to take the initiative. He needs to get the dressing room on his side and i’m hoping that is the case, because the way that they’ve been playing and the way that they played against leicester that wasn’t telling me that they were on his side it’s as simple as that, it was Not you may be one or two players, but at best everyone else, they just didn’t look bothered you can’t, carry on the form in that manner, you can’t, you will lose matches and losing matches now will result in frank lampard, losing his job and as much as I see that regardless, i think it’s, inevitable and it’s gon na happen anyway. There’S still that little chance that maybe he can salvage something and do the one thing that no manager before him has been able to do and that’s turned the situation around. At this point. Simple, as that, so lamps is in his favor if he turns it around fantastic, fantastic because, as i’ve said, we all want the best. We all want him to succeed, but we know how ruthless chelsea are. We know how ruthless roman is. We know what’s going to happen if we keep going in this manner and now we are at a critical point. You lose even maybe one more match it’s game over. I hope he’s managed to try and get everyone on side go again.

Turn a fresh corner start a new leaf and just be together, be together and show everything that you’ve got and let’s do it come on, beat luton. Take that confidence utilize, what you’ve managed to learn utilize, what you’ve managed to do carry that forward into the wolves game and hopefully we can beat wolves, but that that is it. I can’t say more than that, i really can’t. Let me know what you think in the comment section below i’d love to hear it. Let me know if you agree or disagree with the points i’ve made. Do you agree with the lineup? Would you change anything? Let me know in the comments i’d love to hear it subscribe. If you are new hit that notification bell to be notified once i’ve uploaded, and by doing that you’ll be notified that tomorrow i will be doing a watch along for the game. Yes, kickoff is at midday, so it’s an early one, make sure you’re awake um, especially for those on the other side of the world, make sure you’re awake for this one, but it’s going to be a 12 p.m. Kickoff midday, i will be doing a watch long make sure you are here for that and then immediately after the game, i will give you a match review. As always, so i will see all of you tomorrow. We go again come on. Look luton are no mugs. Luton are no mugs, we can’t be showing them too much respect, but at the same time, not too much disrespect you got ta keep the balance there.

Let’S just go and get the job done tomorrow, get a win, a convincing one would be great, and then hopefully we carry that forward into the wolves game. If you’re gon na ask me for a prediction for tomorrow, i am gon na tell you chelsea three loot and nil nice and easy nice and comfortable, but hopefully we work for it and hopefully we get the result and we can carry that confidence going forward. So i will see all of you tomorrow. Thank you all so much for watching have a good one.

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