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That’s, how we’re going to work. From second floor to seventh floor. gtgt Henri’s always got some kind of dancing, video. gtgt And the next one is even better.. Look at these guys. Look at these older men.. Look how happy he is a young guy, right. gtgt! Oh man, look at that footwork. gtgt! This is a dance contest. Here. gtgt Is this: some Europeans gtgt 65 against 23. Yeah European. gtgt, Some European stuff, man. gtgt Cool right, Just energy man. Dancing, let’s go. gtgt. This is just workout number one of the day. It’s Wednesday morning. We got a 4, AM wake up, call kind of get the body moving because we’re going to be fighting at 830.. So now we’re just going to go through a little probably hour of pads mitts a little bit of gameplan a little bit of grappling stuff.. Now that we’re able to be out of quarantine and have the team together., We were in quarantine for 48 hours kind of doing some makeshift workouts., So to actually be able to crack pads with Henri …, It’s good. We’ve, put in eight hard weeks for this training Camp, so to be separated for those couple days and not be able to train was felt a little foreign. So glad the band is back. Together. Weight is on point. Fight week is on point. And ready to go out there and make weight and then fight on Saturday., music on radio Just kidding Mike.

Just kidding Mike. pads thumping. I feel confident that I understand his game and what he’s going to try and do. I can adjust with the adjustments that he’s been making in his last couple. Fights and I’ll take the rest as it comes.. I do. I get out of bed every morning. Go on Michael Chandler’s Instagram and I use it to motivate me. Believe achieve. It’s, a battle.. I make fun but it’s just a bit of banter. Like people take it. The wrong way., They take it as trash talk., It’s hard to get under the skin of a guy. That is a nice guy.. Like people send me the videos. He’s real into this motivational quotes and things like that.. So having a bit of fun., I feel like he’s, an elite level, lightweight. People say he’s, an elite level, lightweight. Let’s see.. Last year, five rounders back to back. Wars back and forth.. I know I can go there.. I know I can knock people out.. I know I can submit people and I can beat the best fighters in the world. Let’s see if he can. pads thumping gtgt Josie. gtgt. Here it goes first time just for Embedded.. How spoiled are we right, Like I remember the days where you would go to the hotel and it wouldn’t even have a TV.? So how about we? You go me and I go me: gtgt Okay., Calderwood, vs, Calderwood., gtgt, Cheese, gtgt, No it’s a square and triangle.

X, O. gtgt And kicks okay.. Maybe I’ll still have some beginner’s luck. gtgt It’s. Definitely more a fight week. More of a fight week out here., At least in Vegas, for us being home. Everything’s normal here., At least we get away and it feels like a fight, week. Ooh, gtgt, Ooh ow.. This is my block.. No, that not my block I’m. Getting the hang of this. Yeah can’t wait for the card on Saturday.. I feel like because I’m always there bloodied up and my mentality is that I’m in war.. I think also cause I’m so used to having a lot of people around me. Oooh, Looking forward to it., Oh my God, laughing gtgt I’m bloody but you’re dead. gtgt. So with tonight’s workout. You know we still have some weight to lose.. So right now all we’re doing is just keeping the body mobile keeping the engine running. Baddest man in show business gtgt Hardest working man in show business. In a cold, sweat, grunting, gtgt We’re, just sharpening sharpening up the tools., Putting the razor to work. Man, that’s it.. You know making sure we’re, primed and ready for January 23rd.. The work is pretty much done., So right now, we’re, just making sure he’s feeling good and feeling equipped and ready to go. gtgt In Louisiana. My daughter’s just waking up bought to go to school. My mom says. Look at this beautiful girl.. She loves animals, you know, gtgt. I saw the birthday post.

That was awesome. gtgt Yeah man. gtgt. It was so well. gtgt Made me, feel good yeah. unintelligible gtgt, My little girl. chatter, gtgt Cell phones on silent, guys., Sound speeds. gtgt. How different do you think you are in this fight than you were in the last fight six years ago? Gtgt I’m. A lot more composed a lot more mature, a lot more experienced. gtgt Southpaw towards me. gtgt. You know I put in a lot of work throughout this, build up to get myself down to a lightweight frame. It’s, not an issue with the weight at all. It’s. Not even a weight, cut. gtgt, Yep, yep. gtgt, You know I’m right, there. And it’s been quite seamless., gtgt. Okay, just look right at that camera. Now. gtgt! You know it’s easy to say that, after putting in all the work and the dedication and the commitment to it. gtgt In that direction, southpaw. gtgt, But I have an amazing fire, that’s burning inside of me to go in and perform. You know for my fans for the people that support me for my team. And that’s it. You know when I prepare correctly and fully there’s, not an iota of them close to me.. You know they’re not on my level., So yeah I’m feeling it. We’ve been in this camp now for a good few months, and we have to make a gradual descent in weight. And it’s, not easy to be consistent. Stay with a diet and stay and train on Top of that and do all the social activities on top of that and got through Christmas.

. So that takes a lot of hard work and a lot of consistency. Because it’s a lengthy process. It’s, a quite detailed process. gtgt That COVID for you. laughing Just to make it yourself. Good, solid lightweight frame, there. gtgt, Great., gtgt, Powerful., Great. And fairness there’s, not a Better man to do it than Conor. And we’re reaping the results of that and reaping the good rewards of that now. gtgt I’m in fight mode now, Alex. That’s for sure.. You know the weight’s, the weight’s down. We’re, closing in., Getting the images a day out from the weigh in. It’s fight time now and I’m bleep ready. I’m raring to go.. We cannot wait to get into this arena and to get into this octagon. gtgt. I can definitely see that switch. gtgt Yeah, oh yeah.

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