Conor McGregor, Dustin Poirier, Ultimate Fighting Championship, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Mixed martial arts, Michael Chandler for tonight's UFC 257 fight between Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier,DC

99 a Month and if you’re an existing espn plus subscriber you can upgrade to the disney bundle offer for just 8.82 a month. The disney bundle has something for everyone, so don’t wait. Click in the link in the description and sign up for the bundle offer today. Conor mcgregor has been very uncharacteristically. Well, i shouldn’t say that because he did the same thing with donald cerrone, he’s been very nice this week. You know him well, i was gon na say what did you when you saw? Did you see the weigh in between them? Yeah i did yeah, i saw some little bits of the press conference as well. What what was conor saying to dustin, because i couldn’t pick it up um, i i i forget the words verbatim, but it was nothing. It was like me and you we both know what it’s like to be in there it’s all type thing there was no, there was no particular trash talk or talk. Connor looks very focused, as does dustin. You know. The thing is when you fight like that, when you’ve shared the octagon, which you did in the past, you know, then you kind of there’s a level of respect there for the most part. You know sometimes you end up hating the guy, but generally you don’t and uh. They were gon na fight and then connor’s made a contribution to his foundation to give a big charitable donation, so it’s it’s, respectful and it’s all just business.

You know coming into this one and i think connor’s, trying to lull him into a false sense of security, conor’s, a fast starter, dustin, isn’t, necessarily a slow starter, but he’s not a fast starter. Like connor. You know so connor’s just playing nice yeah, yeah we’re, all pals here we’re just going to go out. There have a little start, a sparring match and as soon as it says, start boom when, when the referee is up, bring it on, come on or let’s get it on, whatever it is. Uh yeah he’s, just gon na attack him and try and catch him off guard well, you’re, smart. To do that. You know if i was putting a bet on this. I put my money on connor for sure. Obviously they fought in the past. It took about 90 seconds for conor to get him out of there. It was one way: traffic, conor, wasn’t, just lucky it wasn’t a lucky punch. You know he went out there, he beat him, he was beating him to the punch, beating him to the kick. He worked the body a little bit. He worked the legs, you know he beat him, then he dropped him with a left hand and then followed it up since then, both guys, i think conor, six and two dustin’s ten or two uh and then here’s. The big thing, dustin, obviously mentally, has matured a lot going into that first fight. He was very uh, very emotional.

The trash talker got to him. Conor was definitely in his head and he was fighting on emotion and i’ve talked about this ad nauseam many many times. That’S not the way you want to be going into a fight now dustin’s matured, a lot and coming into this one. The bad blood isn’t there, so he’s gon na have a different mental approach, and that will help him. However, if you look at the two people right, as i said, one’s got six and two and one’s got ten and two who has improved more since 2014., conor mcgregor or dustin poirier, conor, mcgregor and i’ll. Tell you why, so i was thinking back actually and we had a bit of it that’s why i was texting. You the the question that when we fought the first time we were a very small setup, you’re talking really me, you know, sergio was only kind of starting with us on roddy was just kind of coming into his own as being a striking coach. So a very imma, very uh un uh inexperienced team training in a windy warehouse in dublin. You know all those years ago and we get our first big fight in america and you know there’s a funny story of. Maybe tell you another time about me and arkham arriving in vegas first and we got put up in the red rock and we didn’t realize what we some of the things in the room. We were allowed to have yeah.

So very, like you know, kind of immature and inexperienced and and bright eye bright eyed looking around at everything, uh. No, no, no real formal, full time conditioning coach, no real understanding of the data that we now have on them on sleep patterns on heart rate, resting heart rates and vo2 max and lactate training zones. All of these things, you know, you’re, really comparing stone age warriors to guys now measuring things with lasers and dustin was already a member of you know, globo gym at that stage. He already had this incredible. You know, maybe the most beautiful facility in mma. Do you have a billionaire backer i’m still looking for one of them um, you know very experienced full time. Coaches and oh, he had a lot behind him that we really didn’t. We had a bit of a crazy guy with a big left hand and the rest of us were doing our best. It’S michael chandler’s, first fight it’s, his debut in the ufc. You know this kid’s got uh nine knockout, seven submissions, he’s a division, one all american wrestler he’s got 12 first round finishes and it’s his first time in fighting in the ufc, not only in the big show, but in the biggest show you know a a co Main event of a conor, mcgregor fight, so i’m sure he’s feeling a lot of pressure and uh. You know he’s going in against a guy in hooker, who is a very, very nasty guy yo, i think he’s.

You know he’s the tallest guy in the division um, which isn’t that big of a deal for me i mean obviously i’ve uh i’m, not the tallest guy, i’m, five, nine, so i’m about average height. So i fight a lot of guys who are taller than me. Um and i’ve got numerous knockouts against guys who are taller than me. I kind of i have a knack for being able to close that distance get inside um kind of mike tyson guys if you will um. I think i’m gon na put pressure on dan hooker and i’m gon na put him off. You know kind of uh on his back foot, but he’s, tough, everywhere, he’s dangerous everywhere, he’s, a dangerous striker he’s got power in both hands powering his kicks. You saw what he did to dustin poirier justin before he is now um. You know essentially next in line for the title and he’s always up in that upper echelon for the title so um. You know, i just think i just see more holes in other guys games than i do a guy like dan hooker who’s, who has has looked really really well. Aside from you know his his loss to poirier. He still looks phenomenal um. He just lost it. He just lost that fight, but um, you know maybe it’s in my head, maybe it’s, maybe that’s me trying to stay uh stay sharp. Knowing that i got a very, very tough test ahead of me.

Like i said i wanted to fight tony ferguson. Tony ferguson was my number one. My number one choice, because i thought he was the scariest guy in the division, the boogeyman to me. I think dan hooker is probably the second scariest guy in the division. So let me let me go ahead and go out there. Um get my first win inside that ufc octagon and then we’ll be off the races. 2021. I get that title there’s, no secrets in this sport anymore. You know when you get to 14 ufc fights. You know the the information’s out there, the things you’re good at are, you know, um are out there, your your basic um, good stuff is so really you have to start becoming somewhat of a specialist or work with specialists in in that regard. So um you know, particularly for me, i’m. I know that, no matter what she’s gon na try to throw at me, i have an answer to um. I know she’s a big muay thai fighter, so i know she hears me talk about my wrestling all the time, but if she tries to throw leg, kicks i’m double legging her you know and if she’s not throwing kicks, then i’m punching her. So i i think that we both can see how this fight’s gon na go and if she tries to take me down i’ll stuff the take down and use my strike. So wherever the fight goes, i know i’ll be prepared if miochus continues to fight.

At the rate that he does, that means that he would fight 21 against one person if he wins now. The belt won’t wait till 22 when he fights that next time i doubt it, but if he loses and donald will fight, because in ghana, if angano wins a fight, he’s going to knock him out, so it won’t be a long fight. So in ghana will turn around and fight again. So i think, if for the heavyweight division, it would be better if miocic doesn’t hold the belt but dude’s good man. He ain’t gon na be easy to get that belt off so who you got next week, connor dustin! What are you thinking? First, two rounds: yeah that’s. What i was thinking too, if it’s early early, it’s gon na but third round number four, i think dustin can beat this guy. This fight with fourier there’s trending, bigger than the fight with you and connor on pay per view.

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