Conor McGregor, Dustin Poirier, Ultimate Fighting Championship, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Mixed martial arts, Michael Chandler & Michael Chandler meet for the first time, Conor calls for Khabib to be STRIPPED

I would make the case if that man is continuing to dodge this and dodge the commitment of competing again. The title should be stripped and we should be engaging in a title fight. You know so but i’m sure it will happen after this bout i’m interested to hear what the what the excuses are, what will be set after the fight, but i predict a title strip. Applause, oh Applause, Music max holloway recently had some kind words to say to calvin keator. He posted this on his twitter singing. This change is nothing for calvin kater, he’s, still a top contender i’m still a fan and he’s still from boston, so he’ll be back even better, looking forward to cater 2.0 after losing to michael kiesa, ufc 5 island 8.. Neil magney reacted to his loss and posted this on his instagram with the caption hats off to michael kierser. You fought an amazing fight. Thank you for the experience. I will definitely grow from this michael kearser responded back saying. It was an honor to share the octagon with neil magne. This man is army, veteran, a father and a damn good fighter. I have a ton of respect for him. Should habib come back and fight one more time and go for 30? You know what Laughter i hope i have. I hope, what’s up guys it’s a little before seven here in l.a got ta get my work in got ta go for a little run, always working got ta work have a great day, guys let’s get down.

My run. Get stretched out my man bobbo how’s. It feeling dude look at this guy he’s like a tight piece of leather that’s boy, why you guys say that dude it’s, so messed up, terribleness anthony johnson on siriusxm speaks on entering bellatrizella heavyweight man. I can’t call out anybody. Y’All know how i am dude, i don’t call out nobody unless i feel like they don’t deserve to be where they are. You know, i’ll, be a fool to try and call out anybody and bellator the light heavyweight division, because that the division is stacked. I want to say it sucks for me, because every organization i’ve been a part of we’ve had a stacked house at 205.. You know what i mean so and it’s a blessing and a and and stuff like that for the fans and the organization, because you know the light heavyweight division they get the best of the best regardless. So i can’t call out anybody man, you know i can give you a slew of names of people. I want to fight, but i’ll be a fool because everybody’s so good and i feel like everybody’s at the top of the food chain. You know and uh. I plan on being there too. I don’t even feel like i’m at the top of the food chain, yet because i haven’t solidified myself for like heavyweighted in the bellator division, but it’s going to happen. I know that they know that you guys know that the rest of the world knows that it’s only a matter of time do not touch my vehicle.

Do not touch my vehicle. Go away, go away, you know, hey you need to not you mean, you know what you are son. He needs to get a life right, move bye, bye, you loser, you’re! The loser, muppet see that people right i’ve come out. Let me just get my sheet belt on, so this can’t get me i’ve come out of my local garage on the way to the gym, to get petrol and water yeah and, as i’ve come out. The garage this officer has stepped out of his vehicle comes straight into my personal space and said why aren’t you wearing a mask, and i said because i’m exempt, he said well, if you’ve got any proof, i said not on me at the moment i said paul. I i had a fight well, what kind of fight did you have? I said: i’m, not i’m, a professional fighter to fight for the living. So i got my nose broken last fight. I have struggled the spire. What better feed me just wrong and muppet sorry about that people? Sorry about that! Losing me temple michael keous, at the ufc fire island 8.5 press conference speaks on his unanimous decision win over neil magney. The hell is a tough fight man kneels as tough as they come that guy that guy, who can beat anybody on any given day, um against anybody in the division. So it was i’m very happy with how tonight went there’s.

Nothing neil did to surprise me, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t hard to deal with. I mean that guy pushed me to my limits tonight, um. That was a tough fourth round. You know what i mean that fourth round was pretty challenging and i think i got to go back and watch the fight but i’m. Pretty sure that you can see. I was getting fatigued and you know there’s nothing that surprised me, but that doesn’t mean just because i wasn’t surprised that it wasn’t hard to deal with. I think that a little more notice, i think maybe it wouldn’t – have been a much of an issue, but you know my coach said it best. That fifth round was mental. You know i i i was. I was getting pretty toasted after that fourth round, and you know when i sat in the stool going into the fifth he’s like hey. This is all in your head fight with your heart go out. If you want to be a champion – and he literally says, if you want to be a champion, you got to win this round and i’m. Like you know what i mean at some point: um you just you get like it’s, not even the second or third win. You just go and if you go until you die, you know what i mean, and i was ready to do that. I was ready to push through that fifth round until literally, if i just would have croaked and died knocked and gone so be it.

But i wasn’t about to lose to fatigue in that fifth round. So i think more of a notice and i could have been a little more prepared for those championship rounds, but that that’s all the more reason to be proud of myself a year layoff jumping into a main event against the cardio machine.

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Conor McGregor, Dustin Poirier, Ultimate Fighting Championship, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Mixed martial arts, Michael Chandler for tonight's UFC 257 fight between Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier,DC

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