FC Barcelona, La Liga, Elche CF, Ronald Koeman, Lionel Messi, Copa del Rey, 2021 OEMANS CHANGES VS ELCHE REVEALED! – AGUERO TO BARCA!

I got a saucy one, a really saucy video today best believe you know we coming out with bangers that’s what we do daily basis, weekly basis, monthly basis. It just bangers on bangers i’m. Currently, you know in not in the studio i was gon na say in the studio i’m, not in the studio, but you know even on the road, even in the sky, we’re still balling out that’s. What we do. That is what we do with. That being said, look i’m not gon na lie. I told you guys. I have a saucy one in store for you lot. A lot of news came out today for some reason you know barsa. There will be one day where it’s just super quiet. You know you can only hear the birds chirping and then there’s another day where it’s just you know a whole. You know it’s going down that’s what i’m trying to say: it’s going down it’s a whole zoo and uh yeah there’s a lot of news that came out today and obviously it’s a pre match day. We have a game basically tomorrow, so it’s about to be a sassy video and with that being said, look you know me. I do not like to waste time, go ahead and grab your oxygen, inhale. It and uh. With that being said, let’s go ahead and get right into the video, and so first things. First, we have this news coming from sport and basically, according to sport, eric garcia wants to pay 2 million euros out of his own pocket to sign for barcelona.

Now i didn’t know eric got the bread like that. I didn’t know he had the cash like that, and obviously this you know uh. How can i say this um display from him or whatever? What he’s just done here? Uh has definitely won some people over. For me, you know at the end of the day, it’s some it’s amazing to me how much players i mean. Obviously barcelona is still a big club and it’s a big name, and everyone wants to really play for them. But let’s be honest here. You know i’m saying to pay 2 million out of your own pocket. That’S, not that’s, not just money that you keep under the tree, especially for someone that young i i respect it that’s. What i’m trying to say he wants to come to the club it’s funny to me if he loved this club so much, i don’t know why he would leave in the first place, but at the end of the day, your boy, i ain’t, complaining uh we’re, getting Him on a free transfer, so i don’t know where this 2 million is going. Maybe to you know taking out of his salary. I have no idea what he’s trying to do with the 2 million, because apparently it’s supposed to be a free transfer, his contract’s running out. All of that, and let me know what you guys think honestly. I i told you my thoughts on him. I don’t think he’s that cold, but you know maybe he proves me wrong and if he does, i won’t be complaining like best believe i might be like all right, but i respect it give him the props give him the respect that he deserves.

But, like you guys know, i prefer uh jean claire tadibo, you know and tedibo has played. I think it’s been one game at benfica and that one game he was amazing. I think he might have even won man of the match, that’s how good he was. So you know, i obviously you all know my opinion on this, but with that being said, let’s go ahead and move on because i don’t think i’m going to talk about eric garcia until he signs like if he doesn’t sign. I don’t think there’s a point in me keeping on you know. This is just some interesting news and, with that being said, let’s go let’s, go ahead and go on so the next one, and the next thing we really have is a little stat that i found it fascinating now. Obviously, if you want to use some leverage against your real madrid friends, if you have any uh here’s, a stat for you and sufatti, has scored five goals, which is the same amount of goals. This season, as real madrid players, venezuela’s junior, who has three and edin hazard, two combined, despite him being injured for three months now. I will give some props. I mean i will cut some slack for hazard as he as he was injured for a good chunk of the time, but no excuse there really is no excuse. The man wanted to be el blancos. He wanted to be a real madrid player and i’m not going to lie.

I was really salty. At that moment i was like bro, you would rather take ryama did over barsa and he did you know. Barca didn’t presume like that, but he wanted real and obviously it’s not turning out that great for him, which is kind of sad for me, even though i am a barsa fan like it is still sad because i do like uh hazard. I do think he’s a very good player, especially at chelsea. I enjoyed him now, obviously, i’m, a dude player. Now so i can’t be saying that that would be a violation, but i still think he’s a baller but and so fatty the brother is just what can i say, he’s a little bit different. You know i’m saying he’s a little bit, diffy man’s doing work even while he’s injured come on now. You know what i’m saying so that being said, let’s go ahead and move on to the next thing, which is pretty saucy and basically according to md, alaba and kun within rage. This was the headline on the md cover today and when they say alaba and kunda mean david alaba and kun aguero. Now a lot of you might be saying: where did this come from? And if you want to say that in turkish near the chick tabu, but aguero, obviously for me would be an ideal signing. I know a lot of you might disagree with me, but hear me out on this one.

I think you could clearly see that man city, for some reason, cannot seem to find the striker that will replace him now. Obviously, gabriel jesus is he’s a baller. We cannot deny that, but clint aguero is just a different level when it comes to that. You know that striker position there’s not a lot of players that can do it better than him and obviously he’s a little bit older. But i think it would be a very good dragging point also for messi to stay for anyone who wanted him to stay and let’s be completely honest. Here we need a striker. We do need a striker, no matter how you look at it, no matter what form griezmann is in it’s, never something consistent with any of our strikers and losing suarez. Who was a very consistent striker, i would say, and was taken for granted. You have queen aguero who’s, someone who is just class. You know what you’re getting from him. You know what you’re going to receive it’s of no question now with david alaba it’s the same thing, but i think at the end of the day, do we really need him like that, with our center back position, obviously having some problems here and there, but i Think, for the most part, it’s a more settled position versus the striker and both of them will be on high wages. So our ideal signing, i think, would be aguero if we could get him yeah and now moving on to the pre match, and this is going to be an interesting game against lc, and these are the changes that i think kuman’s going to go in with now.

Obviously, last game: a lot of players, didn’t start like dembele and i think biscuits didn’t start as well and pedri so there’s. A few changes, i think, are going to happen in this game and it looks like messi is not going to play in this game as he is injured and cumin is very questionable about. You know what his you know. Status is right now and obviously that’s gon na hurt a lot, because i think, even though a lot of you were disappointed with messi’s performance against bilbao, he’s also had a little band because of the red card, so it’s just two things that are gon na. Keep him out for now and cuban’s gon na have to manage with it. I know a lot of you might think that we don’t have the the players or the supplies for that or the facilities to get that settled, but we definitely do. I think we definitely have the players for that and with dembele in a good run of form. I don’t want to put too much pressure on him, but he’s definitely not listening to me. So here are the four players that i think are definitely going to be starting. The first one is the booze. The second is pedritro bedito. The third is grizzy griez, because i don’t think braithwaite played necessarily well last game and obviously sergio biscuit as as you know, he did play pretty good last game. He did play pretty good in pianic and obviously the computers were not at the best level per se.

Um – and with that being said, hopefully we can get this dub.

What do you think?

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FC Barcelona, La Liga, Elche CF, Ronald Koeman, Lionel Messi, Copa del Rey, 2021 HE VS BARCA / UN BARCA SANS MESSI SUSPENDU FACE A UN CANDIDAT A LA RELEGATION. #barca #liga

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