FC Barcelona, La Liga, Elche CF, Ronald Koeman, Lionel Messi, Copa del Rey, 2021 vs. Barcelona – Match Preview (La Liga 2020/2021)

Preview for lj versus barcelona. Barcelona are finally back in the league actions after nearly two weeks off and it’s, a very, very difficult away game before we get into it, make sure you guys smash that like button, so i get the 200 likes on this video it’d be very much appreciated and Of course, hit that subscribe button and let’s get into it just before we get into this match preview. I want to give you guys a quick update on the copa del rey. As we all know, the draw took place yesterday and barcelona drew against rayo via condo away from home. The reason i bring this up is that the kick up time has been confirmed and will be taking place wednesday january 27th at 9, 00 pm central eastern time, which means that barcelona will only have 48 hours of rest going into that game as they play on Sunday, they’re gon na be playing on wednesday, so i think it’s a bit harsh on the federation. They could have gave us a thursday, but instead they gave us a one day to give us. You know 48 hours instead of that 72 hours that we probably deserve, and with this game being at home, this now means that barcelona’s only game in the campaign will be. On january. The 31st against athletic club barcelona have now played eight consecutive away games by then a record for the club’s history. In my opinion, this is very poor planning from the federation giving barcelona eight away games in one single month.

I think it’s a bit harsh, but we have come out of it well so far, so hopefully we can continue that form. So let’s start off by looking at the league table. Warsaw sat in third place on playing 18 games on 34 points, 10 wins four draws and four losses. If you look at barcelona’s last five games for the first time in a long time, there are no losses. We’Ve won four and drawn one look at top of the table. Athletic madrid on 44 points playing one game less than barcelona. So, theoretically, we are 13 points off top of the league, which is an absolute joke, especially on the halfway point of the season, and barcelona have a long way to go still a bit possible because we still have the face of like madrid to play real madrid. Again, they play every single other team. You know again so there’s still a little bit of a chance, but right now it’s not looking too good. But the main thing is that brussels should be targeting that second place, because they’re only three points behind real madrid and they haven’t been on the greatest form as well, and they then just press deposit for cover 19. So you won’t be on the touchline for the next few games, so this could be a chance for someone to recuperate some points. If you look closely behind barcelona, you have villarreal playing 19 games on 33 points and sevilla playing 18 games on 33 points.

We also have two top teams, one point behind them: trailing and waiting for us to slip, so they can take over us, so bursts don’t have to watch their back. If you take a look at our opponents, lj they’re sat all the way down in 18th place in the relegation zone playing 17 games, three drawn eight and lost six. If you look at their last five games, they have three draws and two losses and they’re sat on 17 points. This should be a very, very comfortable one for barcelona. Lg has not won a game since october, the 20th. I believe – and this is a chance for someone to get three easy points if i just notice right now, looking at the table that lj and authentico madrid are both set on 17 points, that means the athletic madrid’s game in hand is against lt as well. So that’s something to look out for as well. The barcelona really get this winning is a very, very weak opponent. Let’S take a look at our opponent’s lc, of course, like we just said, they’re not coming in on too how to form in the relegation zone. On the screen right now, you can see the last six games. They drew their last game, two, two with real by the lid they lost in the cup against rail by akano, who we’ve drawn against. They lost three one to hatafe. They beat la nokia, one nil. In the copa del rey, they lost one nil to attend a club and the jew won.

One against real madrid, like i mentioned before, lg, have not won a game since october 23rd, 2020. But the scary thing is that that win was against valencia, which is of course, the top side in the league. They beat them 2 1 that’s. Something to look out for for sure. The three games i want to take a look at for lt was that two two drug as real by the lid, the loss against katafe and the draw against real madrid let’s, take a look at their last game. They did draw two two with real by the lid away from home, with jose antonio fernandez scoring two goals and elsie did go to the left in this game and then conceding two goals in the last 20 minutes to end up drawing the game. Of course, in this game they went with the 541 being predominantly away from home they’re going to park the bus and be in the relations zone pretty pretty standard, and, as you can see, from the player ratings from this team, they did not have a very good Game, except for their right wing, back being the man that match in this game and having a stellar performance hitting two goals. The main thing is about lg is that they just sit back and park the bus, maybe with this game being at home, they’ll, go a little bit on the front foot, but i don’t see that happening. Let’S. Take a look at the last home game in the league.

It was a 3 1 loss to katafe now to watch this game and the reason why i watched this game is because it was carlos arden’s, debut good to score for lg in the first four minutes. It was basically a counter attack. Cross came in open net, he finished it off marco correa, hamemata and hengel rodriguez going for them. It was pretty much a dominant performance daffy after the first 20 minutes. Lj were pressing, really really well the first ten minutes. Then they got tired out because, as you can see, they play the 442 in their team, let’s repressing very, very well in the first 10 minutes. Of course, they went with the 442 in this game, predominantly because they’re at home, and they want to go a bit attacking and kind of match their 442 of hey tafe, but the quality of a cafe just overshadowed them and carsolinia had an absolutely fantastic game on His debut contouring that midfield he was absolutely superb. Lj’S last game against a very, very tough opponent, was against real madrid with a drew 1 1 at home. You can see they went with the 4141 formation, but in possession it was pretty much a 4 4 2 real madrid playing a very, very strong team on the night as well. They did go one nil up, then they got a penalty lj and they finished it off and after that they just parked the bus. I think the manager made some substitutions one two five at the back and they just completely shut it down and just parked the bus for the rest of the game, and they took the draw against real madrid rumored on the night played a very, very good half In the second half they’re very lackluster, they couldn’t finish their chances.

They had a lot of opportunities, but just couldn’t finish their dinner that’s. The main thing to watch out for against ltd that, if you get your chances, you have to finish them. Otherwise, once they park the bus, it makes it very very difficult. Overall in lg they are a very, very struggling team in la liga and their goal is to stay in the league. I expect, in this game for being at home to go a little bit on the front foot at the beginning of the game and if they get a goal, their manager will not hesitate to switch the formation and park the bus straight away. So lg get the first goal in this game. I would be very worried. I recommend burst on the go on the front. Foot attack attack attack pressure, the hell out of lj. As soon as you get that first goal, they’ll start attacking more. Then the game will just open up and then barcelona should take the win let’s get in now to the squad list. The squad list has been released and confirmed for this game and it’s on the screen right now, and it is as follows: there’s taken death out of hal busquets griezmann pianist break with them. Bella ricky poach get the medical green light for this game, so he’s fit and ready to go for this game, but still i don’t think he’ll start this game. I think you know it’s a bit of a risk.

You know straight back from injuries starting him other than that. No other surprises i’m, happy for the fact that conrad’s taking the place of latino messi, who was suspended so they’ll, come in replacing the forward with the four which is good other than that no other surprises. But the main thing is that we’re going to be wearing the black kid now, it’s time to get into roncoma’s press conference reaction to this press conference this morning. Let’S get in and see what he had to say, especially by saying that we have come from three games in which we had extra time. There will be seven consecutive away games from home. We need to get the players back, we need freshness, we have to prepare the game and the lineup with a team that has spark and strong mentality. This has played a lot of games in his first season here. He is still very young. He looks like he has recovered, but we haven’t decided yet whether he will start the game or not. Coleman gives us an injury update on sergio roberto. Here. Roberto will be with us soon. He needs more time. He did obviously train this morning. So maybe we can against raya by econo, but at the latest athletic club at home. On the last day of january, we trained on penalties yesterday and today our undisputed penalty taker is, of course leo messi, but if he’s not there, there has to be someone else for the quality, something that needs to be done.

I know taking pills and trading during the game isn’t the same, but now there’s no audience and less pressure. Also you can see on the screen. There is the chart of highlight penalties. Personal has taken this season. We have taken 12 penalties and missed seven. That is unacceptable and ridiculous. Cohen was asked about the form of louis suarez and if he misses him at barcelona, he’s a great player in this decision that we had to make at the club and that’s it. I wish him all the best. He scored a goal from the spot against ibari, but you can doubt whether or not it was actually a penalty except for the super cup final. The team has complied during this month of january, has been strong mentally a consecutive away. Game is brutal figure. Eight games is crazy to be fair. I have to give credit to comey, because he’s right we’ve only lost the super cup final. We won every other away game, which is you know, unheard of a barcelona, so full credit to him. On that part. He continues on by saying that for tomorrow’s game we have two possible penalty. Take takers. In the end, the captains will decide. He’S asked about firepower’s features, it is his decision, but ultimately we do need to squad depth of the horse if he goes in. We need to replace him, but we can’t sign our places, so i would expect him to stay, but in the day, if he wants to leave you won’t stop him from leaving he’s asked about the situation of connie.

The fight, of course, he’s been playing games for salon b, because every time he has an opportunity to personally be barcelona will come up with the first team. He just sits on the bench, so it’s a really really weird situation: he’s asana. He said that he has the qualities he has to improve on some things, just knowing when to stick to the wings. Now that we missed leo and ansu, but normally i would prefer such as a player to play for burst on the b, just like ireland’s, arriba and alice collado, they have to play games his assistant. The media took place the other day between the president, the candidates and himself and to school. He said that we lack players, but it depends all the economic situation of the club. I don’t decide i’ve been talking with them, but it all depends on the economic situation and that concluded ronald cohen’s press conference let’s get in now to the predicted lineup we’re going to start off with ronald coleman. I do think this would be a very, very easy line to predict. I’Ve gone with this on the screen right now, i’ve got stegan and goldman guetta alba buscas young, antoine griezmann. Now i think the back five is pretty much set in stone. Of course that’s still injured, so he won’t be coming in at right back, so it will be magueta that roberto supposed to be coming back from injury next week. I don’t know he has a lot of minutes, but right now there’s no other replacement, long blood.

You could bring it up titty, but if you don’t want to play until they get corneal, while you want to play them against lj in the league, jordi alba is pretty much set, and so that left back after junior fairplay didn’t really have a good game against Cornelia, whenever people were coming out after the game as well saying that come and shout out twice at the junior fairfield against cornelia, due to his laziness and tracking back and defending so i don’t see any chance that furpo starts this game in the midfield. Now busquez young perdi pretty much set in stone as well. I don’t know why he would bring a pianist after he played 120 minutes ricky putch. We all know that story. Mattis fernandez only played like what 10 minutes this whole season, so don’t see that happening so that midfield’s pretty much set in stone as well fun. Three also pretty much set in stone. You could bring on turing cow, but didn’t do too well against cornea and the ballet miles better than him. You could maybe bring in conrad, but that means that greece will have to go to the number nine position and i don’t want a secret there. He’S very, very poor. There i’d much rather have him. On the left hand side, the only number nine in the squad is pretty much bracelet, so this is pretty. I think this is gon na, be the lineup. To be honest, i don’t see coleman making any other changes.

If this is not the lineup, i would be very, very shocked. Let me know your prediction for ronald coleman’s lineup and down in the comments below now i’m going to show you guys my lineup, but i would do if i was a barcelona coach and that line is on the screen right now. I’Ve made two changes to ronald coleman’s line about gunter stegan and goldman guetta um, then ballet braids weight and antoine griezmann. Now under the defense that made one change, i brought him up to different long legs so because that we need to give these defenders some rest. I don’t know how let’s play so many minutes long let’s play so many minutes so it’s time to start rotating them a bit. Of course, i’m titty is excellent for passing out from the back, probably one of the best defenders to pass from the back, and we haven’t seen the other whole empty partnership. That could be very, very good. We were supposed to sit against grenada and then got injured. It could be a great partnership, so i’ll go with that, of course, being with that right, back dirty up, the left back is pretty much set in stone. People can’t really challenge dirty. Albert death is injured, roberto’s injured in the midfield ricky putch in for me over peddy. The reason why i do this is because jk push has not played any minutes and pedro has played so many minutes. The fact that pedry came on against cornelia and played more minutes than ricky putch says it all.

For me, of course, el chair are in the relegation zone. This is a time for vicky push to play and nikki push has not played yet with the full exi around him. He’S always come on, and then you know maybe griezmann’s off then bill is offered to young is off. This is his chance to play with the steering lineup. I think he could do really well. So i would play him, of course, in the front three is pretty much set in stone as well. He could bring in conrad, but then moving agrees into the number. Nine don’t really want to see that this will give me my lineup for the game. Of course, i wouldn’t be shocked to come. I went with this. I would be shocked if you start ricky bush to be honest, but it’s going to be between this lab and comes on up, because i don’t see him making any other changes. So let me know down below. Would you pick my lineup or coma’s lineup score prediction time time to predict the score for this match? I do think it’s going to be a very, very difficult game. Of course, lc have done well against the big team. They know the draw against real madrid. They beat valencia so that’s, something to look out for at the end of the day, they are in the relegation zone in 18th, place so i’m, going with russell winning this game by three girls: nil: to be a good game to get a lot of goals, and You know boost the confidence of the squad and then going into the couple game and getting back messy, but right now i do think this team can get the job done without messi, of course, with messi to give us a bigger boost.

But at the end of the day we do have the quality to be lj, who are on 18th, so i’m gon na go barcelona. Winning this game by three goes to nil. Let me know your score predictions down in the comments below so that’s my match preview. For lj versus barcelona, hopefully you guys enjoyed it. If you did make sure you leave a like, let me know your comments down below. Let me know your score prediction.

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