Hellas Verona F.C., S.S.C. Napoli, Serie A, Hirving Lozano 6-0 Fiorentina | Insigne Shines in Big Napoli Win! | Serie A TIM

Now this is uh irving, lozano rolling that one in and insignia guides it home and napoli have the early lead inside the opening five minutes of the game beautifully played snapple. He won fiorentina nil, Music. What a really well worked golf really good play playing insignia calm, as you like rolls it in looking to get things moving, decent ball forward as well and here’s biraghi, and the deflection off the defender there against the crossbar. That was a lucky escape for napoli. Now zielinski is getting up to full speed and napoli are looking really threatening it’s britannia it’s in behind and it’s the second goal and it’s scored by diego demma as napoli, rapidly moved from one end of the field to the other. Just at a time when fiorentina were coming more and more into the game, diego demo scores his third goal of the season venuti losing out to insignia he’s away from amribat chased by milenkovic. He takes some catching insignia when he’s playing like this and it’s a lovely ball into lozano and it’s, an absolutely brilliant goal from napoli created by their captain lorenzo insignia with some outstanding play and a superb run from lozano to get on the end of it. Three nil, napoli and that’s: a five star goal: cooler bally a little flick. There is a lovely one from uh zielinski now collecting possession away from the first defender and it’s into the back of the net and it’s number four, almost on the stroke of half time.

Zielinski for napoli what a first half they’ve enjoyed Music well they’re, now running, right, simple, as that zielinski finds the bottom corner, but it’s. Another well worked. Team goal from napoli insignia on the near side been waiting patiently and goes for the curl curler we’ve seen that so many times in the past, beaten away by drongowski this time and bakayoko’s challenge that will be a penalty conceded by castrovili. What a daft place to concede a penalty kick silly challenge, wasn’t it. Needless absolutely. Needless it’s insignia, now for napoli and it’s five, he squeezed that one in didn’t he talongoski did really well because he waited, but the touch wasn’t enough. Last couple of minutes now and napoli on the attack once more threatening a six and finding a sixth politano and they’ve equaled, their biggest home win of the season with that sixth goal: a sobering six nil, thrashing for cesare plandelli’s side, but napoli scored some outstanding goals.

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