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His didn’t cost pandeli has come back to try and improve the fortunes of this side. He this simon, said it’s a four and they’re pushing an extra man up top. So just like last one last time out, so they are improving they’re getting away from the bottom, but still one draw by struggling torino and losing two one, two napoli without fabian ruiz today who tested pos so almost ready to go in the rain in naples. In you there, the captain of nappy, on the left hand, side he had a direct hand in them before leaving last summer 82 goals in that spell fear and tina have a fully fit squad and bring frank ribery back still in the europa league as well. The super copper coming up on wednesday sharp blow on the whistle from referee danielle from we served a suspension for yellow cards uh last weekend and the header goes just wide of the goal and uh vlavic in the middle there. But already a positive start from the visiting side, good play, casper really from midfield just gets forward. This is uh having lozano rolling that one in and insignia guides it home and napoli has inside the opening. Five minutes of the game beautifully play. Snappily won fear and tina nil. What a really well worked goal he’s still not happy either, but he should be here’s. His side really have carved open fiorentina at the back, really good play and insignia calm, as you like rolls it in good, taken by lozano.

More pressure now playing the copper italia round of 16. lozano bursts into the box, still going lovely little flick back, which almost set up betania fine piece of improvisation by lozano at the last moment there, which almost paid off free allowing the game to go on this Is uh ribery testing her side, whipping that one in and manolas able to make the block excellent once more he’s committed to getting to the ball this time and uh insignia scoring for napoli in the fifth minute, there’ll be a free! Kick there for a foul by uh costas biragi cidelis team are momentarily going to be down to 10, while they sort out amrabat’s node river in the center, the collision there between uh ospina and costas here, napoli very much on the front foot in the early stages Of this one maybe pushed it a little too far and the ball just bouncing behind off igor the brazilian zielinski’s little flick lozano one petanya having good physical battle there, with uh milenkovic from him and lozano sends it across into the box. Igor makes the block and the flag goes up on the near side. Lozano really should not be offside and here’s biraghi and the deflection off the defender there against the crop into petanya and as the play progressed, the uh first chance to really run at the defense. And what can fiorantina do here as it’s, whipped in beyond everybody balling to cajon that, with still going here, support from biraghi and it’s just wide good move, really good move? He couldn’t quite hit the target, just the shape on the shot, with the shot attack.

Again here and rivery brings the best out of ospina that’s, the best we’ve, seen from fear and tina so far in this first half fantastic side of spina down to his right. That was going in like a rocket played by the mexican international igor sticking to him and a pair of them, not surprisingly ending up on the ground or lozano, certainly comes queueing up to head that one away. Amrabat sends it back in vladivich, no says the referee. No penalty for that challenge, there’s, speed and napoli are looking really threatening it’s britannia it’s in behind and it’s the second goal and it’s scored by diego demma as napoli, rapidly moved from one end of the field to the other. Just at a time when fear and tina were coming more and more into the game, diego demo scores his third goal of the season. It’S an excellent counter attack goal as well. Florentino were committed to going forward, they left spaces and, on the counter, napoli broke very, very quickly, malenkovic catching insignia when he’s playing like this and it’s a lovely ball into lozano and it’s, an absolutely brilliant goal from napoli created by their captain lorenzo insignia with some Outstanding play and a superb run from lozano to get on the end of it. Three nil, napoli and that’s. A five star goal. Tremendous individual play for lorenzo in senior lozano’s hurt himself in the process of scoring, but that man there he has been absolutely brilliant.

They take a shot of maradona because the twisting and turning and the ability certainly is reminiscent of the great man they couldn’t get playing every pass with his team down there on the touchline shielinski, now collecting possession away from the first defender and it’s into the back Of the netanyx number, four, almost on the stroke of halftime zielinski for napoli, what a first half they’ve enjoyed Music well now running, right, simple, as that zielinski finds the bottom corner, but it’s another well worked team goal from napoli the turn over the far side was Absolutely fantastic teammates applauding him as well. There it is from demma rui plays it into him. Castroville tries to get back at him, but all he does is fall over and it’s always going away from drongowski biggest home win of the season. They put six past jenner. In the uh, the opening game of the campaign here, the loose ball here’s vladivich. Now with the turn bakayoko was waiting for him. Alarm bells will be ringing for fiorentina once again: here’s uh Applause, insignia running into the penalty area and uh carrying the wrath of the referee there, who is booking him for simulation, is going yeah, okay. Well, you have a look at that again later back with fiorentina. Once more that’s nicely done vlavic into the center cooler valley, hooks it away and the clearance completed by lozano, but that’s much better from fiorentina. It really is good i’m impressed because they’ve come back strongly in this second half.

I love it now. Christian kwame and ospina is reaching up on the challenge to pluck the ball from the air outside kwame in the center kaya hans in there as well. At a time when fear and tina were playing pretty well and it comes and ospina is there to get across to that, one from lorenzo vernuti, kwame, very good challenge by manolas flag has gone up anyway, but that was a sturdy piece of defending well, it was Offside but of course, as a defender, you have to keep going just in case and patiently and goes for the curler we’ve seen that so many times in the past being away by drangoski this time and bakayoko’s challenge that will be a penalty conceded by castrovili. What a daft place to concede a penalty kick silly challenge, wasn’t it, needless absolutely needless fiorentina or napoli and it’s five. Just he squeezed that one in didn’t. He did really well because he waited and waited and that little jump by insignia before he’s about to take it. Normally he gets the keeper going one way or the other, but guess the right way, but the touch wasn’t enough. You see the silly challenge just and napoli on the attack once more threatening a six and finding a sixth through matteo napolitano and they’ve equaled, their biggest home win of the season. With that sixth goal, Music and politano off the bench finds the back of the net late in the day.

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