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He continues to feel good how you feel how you feel 25 sitting on 25 25 mil. He is the guy that everybody is trying to chase right now in this league, but he took all the snaps and he feels good he’s going to follow this protocol as close as we possibly can so sources tell me that my homes has had no setbacks as Long as he tests well, they can put even more on his plate for thursday’s practice and thursday’s practice would be just hours away from now. We have a new segment. We should call it keystradamus because key said no matter what concussion no concussion toe injury, whatever the status was when wednesday’s practice began, you know who would be out there beginning practice, and that would be patrick mahomes. Hey, hey, hey good call. You know what that is, though, zoom in this right here here go. What do you got? This is the book okay, it’s, the coaching manual in the nfl right, it’s, the book right here, what’s to say on page 321. Let me see right here pop it up here. It is 321 quarterback injured. Mvp have to win super bowl, hurt on sunday plays on sunday the following sunday but starts practice on wednesday. Don’T worry that’s what it says and everybody’s gon na follow that everything’s gon na be okay, it’s i’m, not a doctor, but i also played the game and i’m, not silly it it. When you look at it – and it was so interesting because andy reid said at his post press conference – that you know patrick ran off, you know under his own power and he looked fine and he you know he was fine, so he kind of alluded to sunday.

After the game sunday after the game he kind of alluded to, he was fine if he was uh back in the day several years ago, he probably could have gone back in the game. It just tells you i’m, not a doctor, but my eyes tell me something and i haven’t played before it’s like okay, having been somewhat concussed and hit. I kind of you could kind of tell and the thing is it wasn’t that he practiced fully on wednesday just enough to be around because you don’t have to be out there practicing every single rep with the first unit. The game plan is a game plan. The game plan is all mental everything that you installed, as i continue to tell you guys throughout this show, since we started from day one when we talked about other teams like tennessee who missed a ton uh because of covet the whole entire team couldn’t practice, they Went out there and shellacked their opponent, everything was installed in the summertime, so you get the big three ring binder that’s, all the plays and from that three ring binder they’re gon na pull out, plays for the game plan and then there’s a handful of plays jay. That it just like basketball, there’s, a handful of plays that they may have seen over the last several games. That teams were successful against the buffalo bills, using that he has to get up to speed on a trick play here trick play there.

You know much like uh the you go back and you think about you think about jameis winston’s, throw last week for the touchdown the week before you know who ran that play you know bears was it the bears ran the same exact play mitch. Trubisky dropped it in the bucket and the kid dropped it. They just took that and said we’re gon na use that all the way in this one, okay, yeah and and so that’s. All that happens for the majority of their game plan 90. I would say 95 of their game plan was put in in the summertime, and five percent of it will be put in this week and they may not even use that five percent throughout the course of the game, so it’s all mental reps. You see we both knew that patrick mahomes was going to play right, there’s, no doubt that he was going to play. You called that we always we knew it’s a it’s, a championship game he should play. He should i mean, look with the way, with all the smaller things that we spoke about over the last couple days. It felt like he was turning in that direction. Yes to play right, i just look forward to how does he handle that first hit? We had taylor twillman on yesterday, and he said you know one of the things that you you talk about with all these nfl protocols, as it relates to concussion protocol, is that you know there’s really no in practice reps, because in practice nobody’s hitting patrick mahomes they’re, Not even practicing that way right now going into a game like this, so how does he handle that first hit? Does he just get up? Is everything fine? I think those are the small things you look forward to seeing how he responds to things like that.

I think he’ll be fine, but still i know that it’s gon na everybody’s gon na stop and hold their breath for a second. How does he deal with a hit like that? Well, here’s what i would say without knowing um the actual diagnosis of whatever little injury. He had he had to go into concussion protocol doesn’t mean that he had a concussion, though just means that they have to make sure that it was not a concussion could have been simply. He just got the wind knocked out of him. It could have been simply. He just jammed something and was not feeling good and at the in the end, they’re gon na find out what the symptoms would lead to, and so, if that’s the case that it wasn’t a concussion, then he won’t have to worry about that first hit. If it was just a little woozy ding, because a concussion is different than being hit and kind of, you know just jarred a little bit, that’s, not a concussion being knocked in. You know kind of fog, that’s, not a concussion, and i think people get the the two uh kind of mixed up a little bit but wait i’m, not a doctor, even though i stayed at a holiday in express a couple times. What is the difference like if you, if you feel like you’re, woozy and getting knocked off, i mean your brain? Has gotten rattled a little bit right? Well, you could you, you could get hit like i’ve been hit before and i’ve gotten up too fast that’s, not a concussion it’s, just all of a sudden, whatever that oxygen or whatever.

That is that you get up, and it just runs to your brain, like you saw with patrick holmes, that’s, not a concussion. The concussion is when all of a sudden he’s throwing up, he has headaches. He can’t see the bright lights, all of those sort of things. If you think about he wasn’t out there in practice with no dark sunglasses on uh sitting in the dark, that’s that’s, a concussion that’s, a concussion, those sort of symptoms. Indeed, we’re down to four teams left in the playoffs and the push to the big game is brought to you by autozone, get in the zone autozone quickly. On the injury front, this may not be as big for general football fans as it is for chiefs fans, but it is important to note that clyde edward zelaire was out there practicing yesterday, he’s recovering from an ankle and a hip injury. Sami watkins has a calf injury. Both were inactive for the game against cleveland on sunday, but both out there in limited fashion on wednesday. If you care about numbers other than the final score, we talked about the big game in autozone on the way to the pro football championship, since we can’t use the name that, obviously everybody knows we’re heading towards in february, here’s, doug, kazarian, espn, betting, analyst and the Co host of daily wager, our gambling show on how the line might fluctuate, depending on how mahomese’s status fluctuates. Let me write this down.

The betting market certainly expects patrick mahomes to play on sunday, kc, currently favored by three and an oddsmaker told me. He thinks it will only move to three and a half if mahomes is confirmed, but he won’t be shocked if it just stays at three given it’s such a key number in nfl betting, it’s nuanced, because the most common margin of victory in nfl history is three. However, if mahomes is out, bills might be favored by as many as six points. Remember. Packers and vikings were both five and a half point road favorites last year when mahomes missed time. So if you like the bills, even with mahomes playing, it makes sense to bet it now. Last thing i would say, as nine point swings, who’ve been wow, patrick mahomes is out huge, absolutely that’s. A nine point swing so think about it could be three could be six it’s sort of like in an nfl game if a team’s down 14 and then leads by 21 it’s. A 35 point swing right, it’s like that yeah. That makes sense if he’s out that the bills will be favored. No, no doubt about that, but he’s not going to be out. Don’T worry about it, he’s not going to be out i’m betting that he’s not exactly so he’s, not going to be out. You know. Last couple words from andy to key’s point that mahomes did take all the snaps quote from andy. He feels good, so we’re just going to follow this protocol as close as we possibly can.

Of course, he feels good. He felt good. He felt good once he went in the locker room and gathered himself. He felt good then, but they couldn’t put him back out there based on everything that we saw visually and they needed to make sure that he was okay. Yes, there’s a five step process to get cleared right now. It appears as though based upon what andy said and what we were able to see limited when the chiefs opened practice yesterday that he’s actually crossed number four already, which would be team based non contract, training and then i’m really feeling the five o’clock shadow. This morning i i i say i see what you’re going for george clooney. Look, i like it well, i don’t know about that. Uh. What i’ll take it? I’Ve never been cloney like i’ve, never been compared to george obvious reasons: the scruffy beer, obviously yeah, scuffy beer. Okay, i’m gon na keep go i’m gon na keep growing it for a while i’m gon na keep growing it for a while. How long is a while uh, i don’t know how? How long will you let the beer grow out? Well, this has only been since believe it or not. This has only been since, like maybe sunday you should shave like we should shave everything and just get a big, thick police mustache. I was thinking more manchu got to clean up the bottom, the bottom’s a little bit yeah.

You can now full man chew. Won’T, look right, just get a big thick one and big thick mustaches, like the cops wear. I just wish it was growing as much on top as it is on the face, but that’s not really working out for me right now. I think that’s way gone that’s where both of us have been we’re, okay, uh and then the last step, of course, would be the independent neurological consultant, the inc, the independent doctor, but he’s 80 of the way through the nfl’s five steps that’ll be done by noon. Today, no doubt about it as we head to sunday on the way. Of course, the chiefs are looking to get holmes back last night. The nets got a big piece back, but it was another point guard who ended up stealing the show that’s next on keyshawn j will and zubin. The return we have all been waiting for is.

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