Buffalo Bills, AFC Championship Game, American Football Conference, Kansas City Chiefs LaDainian Tomlinson reacts to Kansas City Chiefs vs Buffalo Bills AFC Championship

My name is mj, acosta ruiz. You see it right here. Four teams two games left before we have our super bowl 55 match up michael robinson, ladainian, thomason and brian bilick are joining me tonight to go through every angle of championship sunday. One very big question ahead of sunday’s game, though, will patrick mahomes be able to play let’s welcome in mike barfolo for more insight on that now mike? What are you hearing about patrick mahomes status against the bills for this afc championship game? Hearing a lot of optimism, mj and that’s – a good thing, because that means that patrick mahomes is symptom, free though he is in the concussion protocol, and we can tell you right now, after speaking with sources today, that he still is in the concussion protocol, it doesn’t Necessarily mean that he had a concussion, it means that they pulled him aside because of what they saw there. They gave him the tests and they ruled that he shouldn’t go back into that game and they were going to watch him going forward. Now. He’S been symptom free for the last couple of days, but what’s going to happen now is, as we get into wednesday and thursday they’re going to ramp up his physical activity and see if he remains symptom free and if he does, then he can clear protocol and Then he can play on sunday against buffalo, but we have to get to that point before we say for sure yeah it’s, looking good for patrick mahomes, that he’s going to be available.

So we’ll watch this over the next couple of days. But again, a good sign right now that he’s symptom free the other thing he’s got that foot issue and it did bother him in the game the other day against cleveland before he left because of the possible concussion that’s something they’re going to keep an eye on. As well, andy reid believes they’ll be fine from a standpoint of whether he’ll play or not, but will that be an issue for him that limits him during the game? Another thing that bears watching as we get closer to sunday, all right, mike garfulo. Thank you. One of those things step by step his safety, the top priority, all right, here’s, how the chief’s offense shapes up with and without mahomes under center. So three points for their points per game. There drops by eight total yards. They go from 410 to 327 and the average uh about 68 fewer past yards per game without mahomes slinging hello to the guys here, ladainian thomason, mike rob and, of course, uh coach, brian billick joining me now and guys. We don’t know if mahomes is going to play, it’s still a very big. If, but at this point we know andy reid is preparing for every single scenario here coach. Can you put us in that head coaching space at this point in a situation like this? How is andy reid preparing at this point? Well, obviously, you’ve got to prepare for both contingencies.

The good thing chad henney as we saw they, can run the same offense they’re, going to spread it out, they’re going to empty it out, they’re, going to run the jet sweeps and the ghost reverses and all the stuff that goes with it, and we see that Chad and he can handle that, we also saw that chad henny can, if need be, get outside and run a little bit like we saw on the third down. The difference is what we’re not going to get out of chat. Henny is the extracurricular. The off script plays that we get from patrick mahomes the roll to the right, throw all the way across the field to the left start for the end zone back up flip it underhand throw it side all the things we’re used to seeing off script from patrick Mahomes that you can’t count on from chad, henning so clearly the offense can that’s a good thing. That means they can practice the same offense and if obviously patrick mahomes can go in he’s going to be fine it’s, just those extra things that they’re not going to get if chad henny plays compared to a patrick, mahomes, yeah coach. I agree with you. I think the other added element to what they’re going to be missing is chunk, plays you know so many times in that offense. How many times do we see tyrique hill running that deep crossing over for about 30 yards 35 yards and patrick mahomes puts it on the rope? How many times do we see them run that 20 yard dig you know, and patrick mahomes puts it on the rope.

So the chunk plays, you know, that’s, just something that patrick is blessed with with that arm strength, they’re going to be missing that part, but the part that you talked about the rollouts the sprint house. Chad, henry is, is a mobile quarterback, so they can’t keep that element of their offense. I envision seeing a lot more quicker passes. Getting the ball into the hands of your play makers, this guy on your screen, tyrek hill short passes, quick passes. Let them guys do the work. They have enough play makers in this offense that chad henry will be just fine. If patrick mahomes cannot play no doubt and as you saw right there, the long list of guys that uh chad hannah can get it to seems like it never ends when it comes uh to the kansas city chiefs now and rob let’s take a look at the Other side here at the bills, because their defense uh has to shift here if they’re not preparing for patrick mahomes. So how do they do that? Yeah? And you just heard coach billick and you heard lt speak about patrick mahomes. The the off schedule plays the chunk plays, i mean it’s, really the arm talent that we’re talking about when patrick mahomes is playing. He can touch every part of the football field, and so in that first matchup week, six against my buffalo bills. They gave up a 466 yards total yards, but 245 yards of that was rushing is because they played two two safeties deep most of the time due to those passing plays that we were just talking about right here when you do that the safeties have to come From so deep to try to be run support the offense already has a hat four hat in the run game.

You look at right here on this particular play again: two safeties deep and again when clyde edwards hilaire gets the football. Oh again on this one. They didn’t even block the defensive end when he gets the football and gets to the second level he’s already on the safety. That is a tremendously hard tackle for any safety international football league here again again a light box. Now, a half four hat, and now you have clyde edward teller already on the safety. Now i love jordan, poyer and michael hyde, they’re that that tandem they’re, two of the best safeties in the national football league, but if you’re playing 20 yards deep in a two safety shell, because you’re trying to stop all of that speed and those weapons from the Kansas city chiefs, it makes it almost impossible to play the run game, so i think the buffalo bills they have to change it up when they play that two deep shell more situational. But you got to be able to stop the run and stop their kansas city chiefs from rushing for almost 250 yards yeah there’s a lot of things that need to shift at this point. Robert. Do you know what we know and what bill’s mafia continues to remind us of that? The bills are here to continue to prove people wrong at every step of the way, all right guys. I want to transition because i still want to get your reaction to what we saw over the weekend.

I mean i want to take a look back from the moment of this divisional round tom brady, moving on to his 14th conference championship game, but all eyes were glued to drew brees walking off the field emotional. On sunday, as his 20th nfl season came to a close now, reports are that brees is set to retire, but hey the super bowl mvp isn’t publicly, stating that not just yet anyway. Well, i’ll i’ll answer this this question one time and that is that i’m going to give myself an opportunity to uh to you, know think about the season. Think about a lot of things just like i did last year and thank you lt. Just last year i was talking to drew brees at super bowl in miami asking him. Then are you still going to play? Are you still going to come back, and here we are once again in the same discussion now, of course, he’s taking that time to reflect spend time with his family, but you know him very well. You came into this league together. What do you think about what this could mean now for the future or if this is the end of his career? Well, mj and imrob? Of course you know this. We both have made that walk man. You know when uh it’s, the last game – and you know it in your heart – you you feel it in your gut that this is it as you’re walking off the field you’re trying to take everything again, and i saw that from drew you’re looking at the crowd.

You’Re looking up at in in the suite at your wife and kids – and you know you you actually a lot of emotions are going through your mind at that point. You don’t want it to be the end, but you actually know it is, and you hoping that maybe i might change my mind in the off season, but i don’t think i i think the way this happened at the end of the game. He went back on the field with this family for two hours guys, and that told me everything that i needed to know because you’re trying to cherish every single moment of the last time that you’re in that stadium, as a football player, okay and we’re creatures that Have it anyway, so it’s really about the fear of the unknown? The next chapter we don’t know what we’re gon na do we’ve been doing the same thing since we were seven years old every single year and all of a sudden to think about it’s over it’s hard for us to process that, and i saw drew trying to Process that this might be it and he just couldn’t, bring himself to do it or say it at this particular time. Well, lt i mean if it is it i mean what a way to go out. I mean um, taking your team to the playoffs yet again um, you know coming a few games short of the super bowl. Yet again i mean this game.

This guy’s career has been full of excellence um, but i tell you one thing: uh i’m, not going to sit here and say that sean payton is happy by no by no means necessary, but i do think that sean payton was limited at the plays that he Could call because drew brees just really couldn’t push the ball downfield anymore, if it wasn’t between 12 to 15 yards.

What do you think?

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