Buffalo Bills, Josh Allen, NFL, American football, Kansas City Chiefs, AFC Championship Game, Quarterback Out Duel Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes? 2021 AFC Championship Game

It is full speed ahead to the afc championship. Game i’m happy to be joined with jay binkley bank we’ve been doing a lot of stuff over these last couple of days. Man, you’re always around whenever it’s time for me to record man. I appreciate it. Do i do it? Can i live here? You know doing the ninth show perfect timing. So let’s start here: do you think that josh allen can out duel patrick b holmes? And i asked that question because buffalo hasn’t shown me a commitment to running the football there’s, no reason to think that buffalo’s now gon na run it for 120 yards in this game and devil’s singletary is going to be good in this game. If josh allen doesn’t run for 50 yards in this game, i’m, not really sure if buffalo runs for 50 yards in this game, do you think that, on the strength of allen, throwing it 40 or more times that they can go into kansas city and leave with The win, no because it isolates them and makes them one dimensional. I think when we look at the bills, we think that’s a one dimensional team, some people look at the chiefs that way too, without clyde, hey, they’re, gon na be throwing the ball all the time. Well, the difference is, is patrick mahomes, but the chiefs did run on the bills last time to a tune of 245 yards. I just think you you make the bills to one when a team gets down and they have to throw the football and they abandon the running game, it’s kind of like the browns that, for some reason, abandoned the running game.

In the beginning, i thought the browns could have maybe competed time and possession wise running the football against the chiefs, but it’s all up to josh allen. He’S got a banged up receiver core we’ll, see what happens, but i think he’s on an island and the chiefs know exactly their offense goes to josh allen. So he’s public enemy number one spags is concerned. He definitely is how big of an injury do you think the zack moss is so zach moss, he’s, the second running back with devin singletary he’s not like he was a super productive, but he was a guy to give you that one two punch with singletary he’s, Not going to go in this game, he’s been placed on injured reserve. How big of a loss do you think that is for the bills? I don’t think it’s that big of an issue – i don’t, think he or singletary what singletary rushed for over 80 yards twice. This year and of course, moss had his issues. I don’t think that’s a a thing at all. I think josh allen is probably their best guy in open space running the football at the quarterback position. But if it’s, just you and you can’t turn around and hand it off it’s equality running backs, i i just i zack morris. I don’t look at his big injury at all to buffalo. No, i don’t think it’s a big thing. I i just buffalo’s inability to run the ball i’m.

Not going to lie to. You is one of the more surprising things this year now granted. I don’t watch buffalo as closely as they’re throwers they’re. Like the chiefs, i mean they’re, throw first team, but even kansas city, like kansas city, is an average rush, offense no there’s a few spaces ahead of the bills in the in the uh as far as yards per game. What i’m saying is, i bet if you look at kansas city, like we thought we were going to get more. I thought clyde from a numbers. Standpoint he’s got better running backs this running game for the chiefs is predicated on the homes. I mean there’s. A lot of running backs even undrafted running backs like daryl williams, that can get yards do damage against defenses, because it’s also wide open you can’t box safety. You can’t put eight guys in the box. You should be able to run with patrick mahomes as your quarterback, because everybody’s so concerned about him, throwing the football or spying patrick mahomes and him getting outside the pocket doing some damage with his arm. But teams always have spies on the homes. Well, you’re. Taking a lot of people out of the running game, you should be able to run if you’re the chiefs. I thought josh allen today and his media availability made a really strong point. It seems like fairly obvious, like if you’re going to beat kansas city, you got to outscore them and that’s obvious, like you, can’t win without scoring more points in the opposition, but we talked about this a lot last week when it came to cleveland that too many Times i think the opposition wants to they come in thinking, they can play ball control and they can really control tempo and really trying to shorten the game clock man buffalo’s coming in with the mindset, and i think, it’s the right one.

We got to be thinking. We got to score 30, where i think the chiefs are going to be as healthy as we’ve seen them over the last couple of weeks, they’re going to have mahomes play in this game. I believe clyde versus lair’s gon na be back for this game. Sami watkins is gon na, be back for this game. No significant injuries on defense outside of willie gay i’m. Looking at this, chief team, like they’re gon na, be at tip top shape as much as you can be at this point in the season, a tip top version of the kansas city chief scores 30 points. You better bring 30 points. Like you better be thinking. You got to beat kansas city 38 31 you’re, not beating them. 28 21 yeah they easily would have had 30 points if the homes didn’t leave that game. There’S. No question about that and buffalo has really struggled in their first two playoff games. I mean you could make a case that i i know would have, could have shouldn’t i’m talking this from the chief standpoint that have won eight straight games. Well, besides the chargers game, when they’ve scored, uh one by six or fewer points that colts game, i thought the colts left a lot of points off the board in that game. I thought they could have beaten buffalo. You watched the game, they thought. Okay, the colts should have maybe won that game. This game, lamar jackson didn’t even play the final quarter.

He got hunley coming in there from the practice squad. They scored 10 points. Offensively one of the touchdowns comes on on johnson’s 101 yard interception return. They only had 220 yards of total offense last week. I don’t think we can forget about that fact that the bill’s offense was not clicking last week, but they’re gon na need to get 30., and i heard that that josh allen thing two people. What do you think that baltimore did so well? Do you feel that there’s pressure, i i just think they really confused josh allen. I think it was creative stunts. Uh josh allen was not handling pressure as good as he usually does in that game. I think baltimore sensed it and was applying a lot of pressure, but that offensive performance by the bills – uh wasn’t good good at all, but uh so they’re not coming in here i get it. People talk about buffalo, closing out down the stretch in the last eight games. 34 points a game only giving up 17 points, a game that’s all great, but you played two games since then, and in those two games they have not been lights out, since that eight game stretch that people like to bring up. That is my guy jay binkley. Be sure to follow him on twitter at three or at three guys in a garage. My name is karen harrison. You can follow me on twitter if you like at c dot.

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Buffalo Bills, Josh Allen, NFL, American football, Kansas City Chiefs, AFC Championship Game, Quarterback vs Kansas City Chiefs AFC Championship

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