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The playoffs continue it’s all going on on sunday. Of course the dream is closer, the stakes are higher. Will the chiefs run it back we’ll tell you what we think. All these four are looking to punch their ticket to tampa bay. The nfc afc championship games, presented by intuit turbo tax live action kicks off sunday at 305 eastern on fox. This is our show presented by truist, live in new york, peter schrager, kyle, brent, nate, burleson, myself, k, adams and we are so looking forward to all this action mm hmm and we just had halloween in january. Somehow some way this weekend is christmas. I didn’t even know what month it was. I really was like january. Is it great i, like your channel allegedly thank you let’s talk about it, just a couple of young kids. I got a football game this weekend. Look at this. This is brady and rogers it’s. It reads like one of those uh who are these wrong answers. Only and people are weighing in on. We have um uh, jim halpert and ron jeremy that’s, it that’s that’s. What people are saying so keep sending them. Thank you. I love it at gmf let’s bring in ian rappaport here let’s check in on that chiefs offense. What is the latest on honestly, not only patrick or homes, of course, pivotal for this one, but clyde edward zelaire, who had a great game last time. These two teams met sammy watkins as well in a revenge game of sorts.

Well, let’s start with patrick mahomes. He was limited yesterday in practice, which is actually a really good sign, because he was also limited on wednesday. Still an nfl’s concussion protocol, but the fact that he did not have a setback from wednesday to thursday is a sign that he is at least on track to be out on the field. On sunday we will see if patrick holmes is able to practice fully today. If he is, then we would say he has a very good shot of being out there when the chiefs need it most on sunday, then of course, a couple other big time players for the chiefs still as of right now up in the air clyde edward solaire, He has been limited this week, but back at practice, progress there remember he’s, dealing with not just a hip injury, but also an ankle. Injury happened on the same play missed the last game. He is looking good for this game as well. We will continue to track that and then finally, sammy watkins, the receiver did not play last week still coming back from a calf injury, but he was back at practice, wednesday and thursday, no setbacks yet real chance. The chiefs have all of these guys on the field. On sunday, not good news for bills, fans that’s for sure our picks are coming up here on the show ian appreciate the updates all around and it’s safe to say, the two quarterbacks we expect to see in the afc championship game were the cream of the crop.

During the regular season we all been talking about, we got the best four, these certainly the best two in that conference. They are top five in almost everything, maybe it’s allen, maybe some homes. What do you think kyle will be the deciding factor in the bill’s chiefs game on sunday couple things can muhammad’s move? Can he move? Can he move well? Can he run, i think, we’re quick to forget last year in the title game his play? His biggest play of the year was the run. The slow motion run down the sidelines, spinning against the titans and for all the throws he does it’s the run. I can’t think of how many times we’ve seen him in his young career, where it’s they finally got the chiefs and it’s third and 11 and they’re gon na punt. The homes runs for 12 yards runs out of bounds, and then does that thing he brushes off his jersey, it’s infuriating. Can he do that if he can’t do it? I think it’s, a serious problem and the other thing is i’ve done. The math i’ve done the research. I think the chiefs need to turn the ball over twice for the bills, to win two times here’s. Why uh patrick mahomes started 52 games games with chiefs, no turnovers, he’s 14 and two, the game’s with one turnover he’s 22 and three? If you get two turnovers from the chiefs, he’s, seven and four, it guarantees nothing.

They have two turnovers in the super bowl. Still pretty good it’s, not bad look, he threw two picks in the super bowl and they still won, but it gives you a chance now listen. This is that game where the ball goes off, the hands of i don’t know anthony sherman or marcus robinson, and they pick it off. I don’t think he’s making two pure interceptions. He just doesn’t do it. I love the bills i’m on the bills. Their offense can go back and forth. The math says patrick mahomes doesn’t lose games. Two turnovers may be what it takes, especially if he’s running around, like we’re using, i think, it’s the most underrated storyline in this game that we’re so caught up in the concussion protocol. With mahomes, but he could barely move knocked out of that game and i’m telling you that foot it’s his left foot it’s his big toe that’s his plant. That is a lot of the stuff, and you saw there was a couple throws there in the in the end of the first half he just didn’t have the strength romo called it out. Tony romo was like he usually makes those throws that’s the foot that’s, bothering the protocol wagged the dog away from the foot. I think it’s everything if he’s on the field it’s still not the mahomes we’re used to and yet to me. Okay, the deciding factor of this game will come down to the other quarterback, because i think i agree.

It’S gon na be a shootout. This is gon na be a shootout. Last week i came on the show. I was like the first team to 20 is going to win bills versus ravens and it was 17 to 3.. I think this one, the defense that holds a team under 35, is gon na win. I think this one is like one of those 42 ‘ shootouts and i think mahomes throws the ball all over the yard. Sorry leslie, frazier’s defense, i think mahomes – is that good and then josh allen’s gon na have to answer the call. Josh allen, statistically, was fine against the colts last week. Didn’T have to do anything that was special against the ravens because of the game plan. It was like let’s just worry about our defense. Let’S get it done. Josh allen needs to be amazing, no margin for error. No margin of error and guess what he was amazing, this entire season. He really was. I don’t want to see the josh allen from last week. I don’t want to see the josh allen from wildcard week. I want to see the josh allen from the loss they had to the chiefs in week. Six straight through to week, 17. josh allen was as good as any quarterback in football. That includes mahomes. That includes rogers. You need the good stuff peter top shell for the liquor cap, the good stuff, this isn’t going to be one of those games where we’re, relying on a taran johnson 102 yard pick to win this and it’s, certainly not going to be on devin singletary to churn Out 120 yards josh allen.

This is your time. The most important factor of this game will be the quarterback of the bills and whether he’s at the top of that pyramid yeah, because right now, it’s, mahomes, it’s, rogers and russell wilson kind of hanging on still josh allen wins this game. He is in the conversation yup, i think he’s got it. He has to have it on sunday. Kyle. Do you think josh allen can avoid making the big mistake if he does get into a shootout with patrick moore’s it’s it’s the question it’s the number one question i’m, pretty confident, but listen i’m, not totally confident! I know mahomes is going to be great muhammad. I think josh allen’s going to be great. This is the biggest game of his life. Josh allen has definitely matured. You don’t see him making those mistakes as often as he used to this matchup has two of the most entertaining offenses in all the business. The play calling is going to be there, so for me, this game is going to come down, who can be more creative and yeah creativity, it’s the kansas city chiefs and i’m, not talking about the stick stuff, the temptations with the spin. I love that stuff and it’s cute, but i’m talking about real creativity, stuff that you haven’t seen right here. They put their quarterback in motion i’m gon na be honest with you, i’ve been playing football since i was eight years old, i’ve! Never seen that you see this pitch play the underneath just churn you, you have a direct snap to travis kelsey.

He flips it like this is what’s going to make or break this offense, because traditional play calling is not going to win you. The next couple of games, we see the creative play, calling from being andy reid, the more that you do it the harder it is for teams to stop you. I was told as a little kid you can’t use up creativity, the more you use it. The more you have and that’s a a a compliment to the offense, but also it puts every defense in a bond. They traditionally found that bill’s in their first playoff game, josh allen caught a touchdown that’s, a fact: they’ll do it and that’s dion dawkins caught a touchdown in a big game against the doubt about it, but i feel like if the bills we’ll call two plays that Seem like trick plays as we like to call them or very creative plays. The chiefs will call five and it isn’t like oh man. This is something we’ve been saving, they will empty the bag this weekend and if the bills can’t do the same. I feel like that is going to be a deciding factor and who wins we’ll see who the mvp is of that afc matchup i’d, like to take a moment to recognize the real mvps of this past year, they’ve been the dedicated frontline healthcare workers, of course, who Put their lives and continue to do so at risk, and we owe them our ongoing gratitude, so the nfl is going to use the super bowl the biggest stage.

We have the most watched event of the entire year to honor and thank them, commissioner. Goodell had a surprise for a few frontline health workers.

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