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Here’S josh allen. He gets lamarr versus josh this week, it’s josh versus probably patrick, and i know it’s just one game at a time, but does that motivate you at all a little bit more? Knowing the company of the quarterbacks that’s still left standing, i mean not not really and uh again i’m, just trying to be the best version of myself and not trying to compare to the other. You know three guys who, arguably you know it’s some of the best guys ever played the game, um that are left and it’s good company to be in for sure, but again, i’m just focused on what i can do for the buffalo bills and how i can Help this office move the ball and put us in good situations. Josh a couple weeks ago, you told us that you ended up where you’re supposed to be being obviously buffalo, and i was just wondering if you could elaborate on that a little bit um i mean just the feeling. The sense that i get here um, you know it feels like home and you know i wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Thanks josh appreciate you, man, hey josh, uh i’m, doing a story on dion dawkins this week, and you know every time you see the guy talk. I mean he he’s, so full of energy and um, obviously so well liked in the locker room. What makes him so special, not only as a player but as a guy in the room that you know just seems like everybody kind of gravitates towards yeah, i mean he’s, just he’s, a vibrant guy.

His personality kind of just speaks for himself um. You know he doesn’t change, who he is he’s a it’s, a big old kid and we all love him for it and um. You know he just he just does the right things. You know he’s uh, one of the leaders in the locker room he’s got the captain on his chest for a reason um one of my you know closest buddies here and uh. I love that guy and you know: he’s he’s, a fantastic athlete and a fantastic player and that’s one of the many reasons why we love him and unselfishness for this team. I mean that’s, not a new story, but you know you go back to last game and how many times you guys were throwing the ball and for offensive linemen. Sometimes that could be frustrating because they want to get out and run block. What does it say about this group that they’re so willing to do whatever the you know? The team needs yeah, i mean that’s again: uh it’s a credit to the guys themselves, um our front office, bringing the right guys in um dable for trust in what he’s calling and us for trusting dabel for what he’s calling again we’re, whether we throw 60 times A game we run 60 times a game. You know we’re going to try to do whatever puts us in the best situation to to score points and help this team win football games and um.

You know, that’s what it’s been all all year, long and that’s. What it’s going to continue to be thanks? Josh, hey josh dan fates in rochester. I like the playoff beard, man um! Thank you. I know you don’t face the chief’s offense. I know you don’t go up against patrick mahomes, but what type of pressure does that offense? Put on your guys, offense, knowing that they can score points in such a hurry. Well, the pressure is you to win the game. You got to score more than them, um that’s, exactly what it is, and they do such a good job of moving the ball and scoring and uh. It could be two plays over the top or it could be a 15 play drive where you know patrick’s. Just finding his his outlets and they’re using their rpos and um, you know i’ve watched enough games of them this. You know this year, just as a spectator at home on the couch, while they’re playing on monday night or sunday night. Whatever the case is um, you know, and they just they play really good football it’s, a team that seems like they they really care about each other too and they’ve. Like i said, they’ve been in this situation before so um. You know their sites are the same as ours and uh one team’s gon na win once he’s gon na go home so um, you know we got ta. Do everything in our power to make sure that we’re, the team surviving, i believe, arrowhead’s going to have about 17 000 fans, something you guys haven’t had to deal with this season, it’s, not new having to deal with crowd noise.

You guys did it last year. Houston was very loud, but how different is it when you haven’t felt that atmosphere of a road game in over a year? Yes, it’s, definitely going to be uh an adjust when we get there kind of thing, um we’re preparing for it, but until you’re? In that moment, you’re not really sure what to expect and i’ve never played narrow hood. But everybody tells me the fans are right. On top of it and it’s going to get extremely loud with 17 000 people um, you know they’re extremely energetic fan base um. You know and again when they get things rolling, it gets super loud in there. So uh, you know we’re practicing for it, but until we get in the game we won’t know thanks a lot josh. Thank you, dan hi josh, it’s jay, with the buffalo news uh. How has going up against tridavius white every day in practice, uh sharpened your skills, i mean trey’s, obviously one of the, if not the best corner of the game, um just as smart. You know how he’s able to flip his hips. You know he’s not obviously not the biggest guy, but the way that he can jam our guys at the line and get out and still run with them. Um he’s impressive to watch. You know and um just to see his eyes and he’s an extremely smart player. He knows when to fall off in his zones.

He knows when to jump on things so it’s just kind of made me very wary of uh. You know guys that are playing at a high level and and what to throw and what not to throw on them. He’S one of those guys where you really don’t want to throw anything at him. So um, you know he’s just one of those guys that again he wants this team to be the best it can be and he practices extremely hard and we all know he got paid this all season. But you know you know he feels he feels good. So i mean we just we’re just going to follow this protocol as close as we possibly can so. Let’S go next to sam millinger, good sam, hey, andy um. After the uh, the falcons game you and patrick both had mentioned. You know some issues with uh protection calls um i’m. Just curious. Can you walk us through, like the you know, 21 days um? How you guys address that, and i know the browns don’t blitz a lot, but how you thought those guys did um the other night. Yeah, no, we i i thought the guys did well um, you know: they’re, listen, we’ve got a veteran line, so i mean they’re they’re, pretty after what they, what they do, um every once in a while there’ll be a hiccup um and then it’s good to have The veterans there so they can all fix it between pat and the guys, and i think, that’s, probably what that was talking about just they.

They worked out, the different looks and we would walk through them and and um and make sure we’re sound in those areas. Let’S go next to herbie top go ahead: herbie, hey coach! When you look at the buffalo bills, you haven’t obviously it’s been since week six since you played them but what’s different about them now compared to when you were preparing for them back then well, it looks like they’re they’re healthy. I mean they were missing a couple guys at that time and uh key guys, and so i i think that they’ve got everybody back in there and they’re playing at a high level. I mean they’ve reeled off quite a few games there in a row of victories and um, like i said, they’re well, coached and they’re a good player, so herbie they’re they’re playing good football right now. Let’S go next to pete, sweeney good pete, hey coach! I was curious about um what you remember, seeing about sean during his days in philadelphia that maybe led you to believe that he could lead a team to this level. Yeah well, very organized, very smart, very tough. I would tell you one of the primary characteristics: uh state wrestling, champ uh. You know that whole day where he uh was a safety in college, william and mary academic school, and he was one of the starters you know mike tomlin actually so and their their backfield was pretty good. Their secondary was pretty good sharper was the other one um.

So uh and then um he came from a coaching family, so his dad dad was a heck of a coach and and and sean just kind of picked up right from there and i’m very solid, very good. Go next to nate taylor go ahead. Nate, hey andy, have two questions for you. I just wanted to clarify that rashad breeland is through the concussion protocol. Was he cleared um sort of yeah he’s working through it too he’s he’s in concussion protocol working through it, yes and then, and then secondly um? This may sound silly to some degree, but does does anything really change offensively in terms of the game planning with patrick in the protocol and obviously chad going through most of the reps, or does it mostly stay the same yeah? You know when chad was in the game. We didn’t have to really change much, so that was a plus and and um, so we’ve kind of we’re just leaving it the way we we do. Chad is comfortable with it, and you know he. He feels that he can handle that if needed, so i think that’s all well there, chad henry, has never started a game in the nfl before he has just never started a playoff game.

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