GameStop, Stock, NYSE:GME – Gamestop Price Prediction for Monday 1-25 – Does WSB carry this to $80?

I just want to thank everybody for you guys continued supporting the channel over 17k subs now, so thank you. Subscribe to the channel let’s get to 20k and comment down below your thoughts. We love to hear your feedback. Take a second everybody, like the video, really helps us out getting this to a wider audience at having more people, see this so today, wall street bets back at it again, taking a look at gamestop, ticker, symbol, gme everybody knows it everybody’s heard about it. I mean, i think there was probably what 500 articles written today about wall street pets and uh your guys’s favorite friend andrew left of citroen research. Now we love andrew, i think, he’s, a great guy i’m just kidding. I hate andrew man um. I i i just what’s what’s, the guy thinking i mean how much money did he lose today you can, i know nobody knows his positions, but i mean gamestop up 51 and he’s been saying it’s going to go to 20 for the past. You know week and a half, i think, it’s hysterical at the end of the day. Uh you know. So. The question is: where does gamestop go from here? Do we see um yet another short uh float come in and then a pinch back up. Let me ask answer in the question below comments below what you think is this going to a hundred dollars a share by march 1st, or does it drop down below then? Does it hit 100? A share, i mean we got three circuit breakers today.

Three put that into thought: have you ever seen three circuit breakers on one stock? In one day i mean we were up to a high of 76.76 when a circuit breaker hit. Yet again i mean: is the sec love this or do they hate it? How much volatility was in this i mean we had eight million shares traded in five minutes when those circuit breakers were going off that’s some insane numbers there’s more shares traded today on gamestop. When, then, when they first came to the market back in, like 2002, just put that into into consideration for a minute so wall street bets back at it again game stop. How do we feel about them as a company? Well: i’m, not too certain about them on a long term basis as a company, but i think you’re not going to short this stock, not short term wall street bets will kill you and they know that that’s. Why they’re laughing at andrew left, i mean his live stream there’s, some pretty funny things coming about him uh! You know he cancels his live stream mid, show saying that there’s technical problems went and changed. The shirt came back an hour later and the guy looked like a wreck, so this is the biggest battle i think we’ve seen in the stock market, especially recently between one entity and a huge group of people by the way and it’s only going to get bigger Because i think, like i said there’s about 500 news articles coming out saying wall street bets is the next.

You know whatever. So the question is: do they continue to buy into wall street bets or do they move into other stocks like blackberry, we’ve seen them uh? Take blackberry to huge run as well on really nothing so gamestop. Where does it go? Well, let’s. Take a look at it on a technical analysis, so, first taking a look at macd on a long term perspective macd at the highest points it’s ever reached, but continuing to be very bullish, even after an almost 18 drop in the share price uh. In that intraday trading, macd continuing to stay bullish, because that shows even with the short flow on this stock. Just how big of an investor field is coming in on the bull side? How many buyers are in on the stock and at the end of the day, the shorts are going to get killed each and every day, especially if more people think that they’re, the smartest guy in the world and they’re going to short this stock because, like i Said the more people short this, the more it’s going to go up, because it just gives the bulls more drive and it’s a snowball effect. You know like we can explain how short squeeze works, but uh really it’s, just a snowball effect like once this morning, once it probably you know, got past that 48 50 mark a lot of people. A lot of these shorts just said. You know i’m out, i’m done, i’ve lost, you know 15 and they’re glad they did probably because if they covered like they should, that means they switch to a long position or a call on gamestop and that’s.

Why you see the snowball effect? So basically, you have all these shorts coming in driving the price down, trying to drive the price down and then all that momentum downwards once it gets a little upward momentum from the bowls flips. So now there’s, you know double the bowls because of all the short sellers so, like i said, the more shorts that come in all you’re going to do is put the stock even higher. Now, even like i said, even with this huge candle bar almost 18 drop in the share price. Look at macd i mean macd is still bullish and extremely bullish historical standpoint. Now, yes, it was a little oversold short term on rsi, but really i mean on the 30 minute chart you’re not too crazy. On rsi yeah i mean at that high of 76.76 yeah, but really at the end of the day, it’s. Nothing insane. I don’t think so. Do you get in on a long position on the game? Stop well it’s at your own discretion. You i mean it’s, definitely a risky play. You know when you go up 51 and almost uh. I think we’re we’re at about 150 160 on the week, so yeah it’s a definitely risky play, but where does it go come monday? Well, i think, over the weekend more and more people are just going to see like hey i’m, just going to throw some money out. This see how it does. Who cares you know 65 bucks i’ll buy.

You know four shares and just see what it does. You get a thousand people. 4. 000 people. 10. 000 people do that. Then these shorts, especially if citron research, continues to short the stock and continues to pile, drive it and think that they’re, the smartest people in the world, then at the end of the day, it’s just going to drive this even higher so that’s, where we’re getting this 80 to 100 share price because i mean if this takes anywhere close let’s just say: half 25. Yes, i know it’s a lot, but in the current uh amount of news and catalysts coming out, it’s very uh doable so 25 on 65, a share i mean you’re. Looking at what a 15 to 18 gain on the share price, so that puts us right at 80 83. I think it’s very doable that’s. Why we’re saying monday this is going to be a hot market we’ve seen how wall street bets and that reddit feed can drive momentum, drive people to the stock and the fact that big entities, big news, corporations, cnbc bloomberg. All these people are going to write articles about this all over the weekend. People are just going to see this come monday. They would be like screw it. Whatever wall street bet says i’m going into now. Do they continue to go bullish on gamestop? I think so. I think that they’re they’ve been in this so long that they’re so hyped up that they’ll continue to go bullish on games up yeah.

There might be a few people, you know in blackberry and stuff like palantir and stuff like that, but at the end of the day, they’re still going to be bullish on gamestop that’s. Exactly why we think that this will continue to run and we’re going to give this a little bit on the conservative side, but it’s still pretty high price target come close of monday at 75.82. Yes, i said it a 10 gain come monday. I think it can hit a high past 80, though so let’s see how it plays out, see how it does wall street bets yolo. You know how it goes. Go, join the patreon link in the description like the video. Thank you for watching it. You know how it goes.

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