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Please take a moment of silence for all the institutional shorts, like citron research who got squeezed out further today by a bunch of reddit shitposters. Music gamestop is up another 51 on the day, two percent after hours friday, at the close look at this absolutely ridiculous graph, we’re looking at the maximum all time history on gamestop here, look at this parabolic move. Look at it for every like this. Video gets one prayer will be sent to all institutional shorts that got burned on gamestop today and, let me know in the comments below what your price targets are and how long you think the short squeeze is going to continue to last i’m curious. This short squeeze is also being referred to as the infinite short squeeze and we’re going to refer to reddit for an explanation, because personally, i didn’t actually fully understand the extent of this short squeeze until i got an explanation from this post. Currently, gamestop short interest is rumored to be over 100 and we can refer to yahoo statistics. Of course, these only date back to december 31st, so i’m sure some of the short interest has been covered and closed by now, but you can see here. The shares shorts are 71 million share percentage of the float 260 percent and the short percentage of shares outstanding is 102, that massive percentage of shares being shorted is, of course, held by institutions. Now shout out to this post a day ago from this user over here.

They explain that the behavior of an infinite short squeeze is violent in financial history. The two widely cited cases are the vw infinite squeeze of 08 and the blue apron of 2020 just back in march, when they squeezed all the way from two dollars to 28. In a single day, some of the options were up over 100 000 on the weekly expiry, when shares cannot be covered and stock prices increase, the shorts are forced to cover by market makers, but because of the huge supply and demand imbalance. Shorts have to cover at prices that would seem irrational on a cursory glance, but are rational based on the supply and demand equilibrium of available shares, as more market players realize that the infinite short squeeze is inevitable. The tripping point of the squeeze collapses from months to days to hours now yesterday, andrew left from citron research was supposed to have his live stream, explaining his short position for gamestop, and he was quoted. Saying. Gamestop buyers are suckers at this poker game, while andrew left, who are the suckers now, in fact, why? Don’T we take a look at some of these posters on reddit and just how much money they have managed to leech out of these short interests. Gamestop yolo update this user. Here is up 7.8 million dollars, he’s up over a thousand percent on his shortstop squeeze. He is also up 13 000 on a thousand contracts that he paid at 40 cents a premium.

Those are now worth 48. Those were the april 16. 12 calls and obviously gamestop is now trading at 70, so this guy has already made five and a half million dollars off this single option alone and then an additional three million dollars off gamestop shares first 20 bagger game stuff to 100. By the end of the week and his mom asks, why are you crying this poster had 800 in call options and he was able to transform that into a 2 000 gain for 16 000 in profit. Well done poster well done. This poster is up 69.69 for a 41 000 gain. Elon musk would be very impressed with you. I think he would also be impressed with the fact that gamestop was halted when it was up 69 percent. On the day this poster dumped his entire kids life. Savings of 2 500 into gamestop at 37. Those are in shares, and now his account is up to six thousand dollars well done poster. Why don’t we go over one more. This poster over here is up 243 for 100 000 in profit on his gamestop shares. He’S up 760 on his april 22 call options and 912 on his april 16th. 26 dollar call options if you did not take a moment of silence at the beginning of this. Video make sure that you do for all those institutional shorts. Also make sure you like the video, because for every like the video gets, one prayer will be sent to those institutional shorts.

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