Harry Potter, HBO Live Action HBO MAX Show IS HAPPENING – Good Or Bad Idea?

Okay, we need to talk about this. This takes front front stage over everything. A harry potter, tv show all right. I have conflicting thoughts about this, so here’s. How here’s how this works? Okay, i just saw this on twitter, so i i my eyes looked. I received the information through my brain cells. Okay, i read the article i quote: tweeted it on twitter, which you can follow me over on twitter by the way and while you’re at it make sure you’re obviously subscribed to your bell all that all that good stuff. Then i hit the record button and that’s it that’s, where i’m at now, so everything is on the fly pretty much and i guess we can go over some of this. A harry potter live action. Tv series is in development at hbo, max sources. Tell the hollywood reporter now they immediately say afterwards that it’s news that executives at hbo, max and warner’s are engaged in meetings to find a writer and pitch for the harry potter. Tv series, no writers or talent are currently attached, as the conversations are still extremely early stages and no deals have been made, and then this is a quote. There are no harry potter series in development at the studio or on the streaming platform, hbo max and warner. Bros reaffirmed in the statement to the hollywood reporter so it’s happening, but it hasn’t happening yet so we’re still being met with no okay, so that’s it i mean they keep going on.

But honestly, all that stuff, i would, i would say, is just it’s just journalism in 2021. You don’t really need to read all that stuff. I would imagine within the next year or so. This is fully announced fully confirmed. They get the cast back, they get as many people back. I would imagine in that in that core cast or what you can imagine, that core cast would be as they possibly can and they move forward. They film they do it and we probably have it. Okay. On the streaming platform within the next uh two to three years, let’s just say that for fun it could be longer could be let’s say you could say three to four years right. I love harry potter. If you guys don’t know, i cover hogwarts legacy, which is one of the bigger things that i cover on the channel. I know there’s a lot of people into harry potter, wizarding world hogwarts legacy on this channel. I can tell you that my my thoughts of like youtube and videos and coverage this does get me excited because again i like everything, i just said: i love this world. I love the characters. I love a lot about it. Uh i’ve only up until now really covered the games. I did actually cover fantastic beasts too, but i didn’t cover it all that much and the channel wasn’t as big as it is now and i’m sure as it will be as the years go on.

So i do get excited in that way. At the same time, i am extreme. This is this is truthful. I am extremely worried about it. I really am and the reason that i’m worried about it is because it is another franchise that wants to do it again. Catch lightning in a bottle twice so to speak, and now again is it really even that not necessarily because you can still pull it off, but i just look at a lot of other franchises that have come back or tried or whatever and they fall into a. I don’t know they do things just for clicks and without getting too political or to really anything there. They can, i would say, really mess things up by doing it now. I know generally i’m, a very optimistic person, and i do believe that you know they can do good things about it. At the same time, you know, and also by the way you got jk rowling. How does that work? So nobody really likes her. Okay, now my opinion with her is she’s an individual. She can say and think whatever she wants. If you don’t like it, you have every right to not listen to her okay, i don’t believe in canceling anybody or anything that’s. Just one of my general statements. I know i have in a way not not necessarily defended her, but when she’s been brought up like when kotaku writes the stupid articles that say, don’t get hogwarts legacy because jk rowling’s attached when in reality she is very little very little.

You know anything to do with hogwarts legacy and secondly, if you don’t want to get the game sure don’t buy it, but that’s one of the stupid reasons, stupidest reasons i could ever think of to not get the game all right, but you have her. So does that? What does that even do like? Does the cast like her? Is she writing it because we know they’ve really elevated her in the movies, where that’s actually part of the reason why fantastic beasts, 2 wasn’t so good as she wrote the movie and writing a movie and writing a book are two very, very different things? Okay, so you got that aspect to it and then again you got what can they do i’m, just the only i’ll just say the only thing, i’m terrified of like the thing i’m terrified of the most is like what they’ll do with these characters? Okay, you, even as you look more deep into it, i forget some stuff, like i read all of the books, but i read them a long time ago and i’ve watched all these different kinds of videos that compare the movies to the books. They did make some pretty big mistakes like kind of all throughout now, not like things that ruin the movies. I love the movies to death and i love the books, but you re look at it and you say yeah: they, they messed up a couple times there in each movie, okay, in terms of like books to movies.

So it’s not like the movies, were perfect in the first place and then you also have i don’t know: do you like you? Can you have a chance to ruin it? You also have a chance. I guess i guess to expand it, but notice i’m, not saying like you have a chance to make it better, because in reality the movies are at a very high level. The books are at a very high level to say: well, we can do it. Even better. Is you know i mean i guess you probably want to go into it with a mindset of like we’re gon na go in and we’re gon na? Do this really good justice and all that kind of stuff you can go in with that, but i don’t know. I feel like the only thing you can like. Like the best case scenario. Is you can kind of just match the quality i don’t know? If you can do it better now you could argue, and you should argue by the way, some of the biggest issues. I have are with movies when you bring back properties in movies and they don’t work star. Wars is the biggest example i can think of at this moment. There are plenty of others. However, you could use the again. You could use the thing against me and say well mandalorian what they’re going with the future like ahsoka and all this different kind of stuff like they, that is rejuvenating the lore, the fantasy, the entire world of star wars or the universe of star wars.

Okay, it’s! Actually helping, even if you look at wanda vision and loki and all this kind of stuff, that’s gon na eventually happen right. These are actually helping marvel right. The movies actually may be the worst part of what marvel has in store in the future, but the shows actually are really good. So what i will say is, while i am scared, because you are having the same characters because really and by the way. Why do i keep saying that because it’s called harry potter, a harry potter, live action, tv series, so that means it is harry potter, it’s, harry ron, hermione right so that’s. What you’re gon na be doing it’s not like it’s a wizarding world it’s, not like it’s a different time period now, obviously it would be when they’re grown up, i can’t imagine it wouldn’t be so we’ll have to see what they do there. But again that is really. It is a movie just put into a tv show, so the worries are still there, but also the idea that they can. Maybe they really could actually pull it off right. We’Ll have to see again, they said that they’re looking for writers, so the earlier thing about jk rowling, i you know have to see if she has anything obviously should have to have something to do with it. It’S her franchise, she probably has a say in all of it. You know two weeks ago we had just an avalanche of news stories right literally an avalanche, and every single day it seemed to get like one up last week was quiet.

Last week was a pretty quiet week. This week i mean it was starting pretty quiet. There was stories on the weekend and then bam we just get hit by this and it’s like holy dear jesus there’s, actually not many more things that you can do this week. That can one up this one: to bring back something and really to end this video let’s just think about it, one last time to bring back a franchise like this, whether it’s, good or bad, okay, just kind of putting that aside, just for this this last little Bit is insane and it’s, something that is not it wasn’t unpredictable like we all knew. I think right. There was interviews with the cast and different people, and they were they all set. None of them ever said no right that this could never happen right. A lot of them were like you know, it could happen or if they wanted to they would you know i would maybe come back all that different kind of stuff, so we knew it was absolutely impossible. You know it was a possibility to do it. Now we get uh, you know again unofficial official confirmation, because they’re still nowhere near close but again within the next two three four years, we’ll be seeing it. So that is a very, very crazy. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below, as always make sure you guys are subscribed, make sure you guys have a bell icon turn on again.

So you know all these videos go up. If you guys want to follow me on twitter podcast now 15 is my twitter handle. Thank you all so much for watching. I really do appreciate it.

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