Harry Potter, HBO TV-Series Being Pitched For HBO Max!

Yes, yes, yes, this isn’t coming from the rumor mill. This is coming from a site with legitimate sources. I’M, going to give you the whole rundown of what is in the article and kind of my thoughts on it in general, be sure to. Let me know your take on the idea of a harry potter tv series down below in the comment section. I would love to hear your take on it, so this story is coming from the hollywood reporter and that’s important to say, because there’s a lot of websites out there like we’ve got this covered. You sit on a throne of lies to just run nonsense stories with no credibility, constantly there’s, no shortage of rumor mill stuff on reddit. The hollywood reporter is an actual movie news outlet, their reporters have sources and they actually have credibility to what they’re doing if they run with a story. That means they have heard something and confirmed it with someone else, there’s, multiple sources that are leading to the story. That doesn’t mean everything’s going to come to fruition. That doesn’t mean that sometimes they’re not wrong, but they’re people that have credibility and a reputation to hold up. So, if they’re reporting that this is happening, then there’s something to it. It’S, not just someone trying to get attention, get clicks with a headline that they know. People will pay attention to so let’s just kind of walk through the article and what it says.

First part sources tell the hollywood reporter that executives have had a series of meetings with writers with the goal of bringing the blockbuster franchise to television. So sources is a key word, multiple people and it’s the hollywood reporter. But the other thing you need to keep in mind with this is that it’s in very early development, and the article will make this incredibly clear as it goes through with it that there’s no details, there’s no cast there’s, no specifics to it. They’Re just looking to make this happen, so as you kind of go through it, it says that warner, media backer stream engaged in multiple conversations with potential writers, exploring various ideas that would bring the beloved property to television. So you’re telling me there’s a chance sources say: broad ideas have been discussed as part of early stage exploratory meetings and then later it says there is no harry potter series in development at the studio or streaming platform that’s. What that here’s? What this means? They really want to do a harry potter series. They know this franchise has a rabid fan base. The movies are beloved; they want to do something more with it, but at this point in time all that’s happening is that they’re, just bringing in all kinds of writers to pitch ideas. They are not moving forward with any specific one thing. Yet they’re hearing ideas for what could possibly happen, so this isn’t a series that’s going to come out.

This fall this isn’t, something that probably will even come out next year. We’Re way down that we’re very, very early to the point that they’re, not even using the language in development, they’re, exploring what they could possibly do in the world of harry potter. It says expanding the world of harry potter remains a top priority for hbo max and warner brothers, and so the big idea of the piece is essentially warner. Brothers and hbo max know that they have a property with potential to get money and get subscribers, and therefore they want to do something with it. They’Re just not quite sure what that is yet so that’s really what the whole story is. There’S no details, if you’re like, is it going to be a prequel? Is it going to be a sequel? Is it going to be a spin off? Nobody knows they’re exploring all of that they’re bringing everybody in and i’m sure every single one of those ideas has been pitched i’m sure someone has pitched redoing the books each season or each book is a different season. I’M. Sure everything has been proposed at this point. In time, they’re just trying to decide what the best direction to go with it is. So what is my take on the idea that they want to do more harry potter, and essentially it makes sense that they want to do this, that they want to leverage. This very popular franchise into something more that makes sense to me.

The wizarding world is very interesting it’s, not just the characters that you love. You love these characters in that world, but that’s the other thing that i think, makes it tricky and why they haven’t quite figured out what to do yet is that we love these characters in this world. What do you do with that? Fantastic beasts up to this point in time i mean they make money because they’re such a rabid fan base, but they’re not really popular with the fan base. They have alienated the fan base, oops and that’s what’s tricky it’s, the same thing that george lucas ran into when he did the prequels that the people that had been waiting 15 years for more were frustrated by what he gave them and likewise with the sequels people Were waiting 10 more years for more star? Wars were frustrated with what they got, because they have so many expectations. They love the world so much that anything that feels off. They feel betrayed by it and that’s what’s going to happen with harry potter as well. People love those books, people love those movies, and so they will tune in if you create something but it’ll it’s, very tough to recapture the magic of the original books, the original series, for so many of you, you grew up reading those books and watching those movies. My kids are growing up, reading those books and watching those movies, and so, when that’s, the level of expectation you have going into something, nothing can capture your childhood, nothing, even if you were grown up and you were introduced to them.

Like my wife, nothing can capture the magic of the first time you go to this world, so it’s very difficult to continue to expand upon to prequel to backstory something that has such strong emotions to it. I got a bad feeling about this, so i totally get why they’re doing it and if you’re a fan of this franchise and you’re just pumped that they’re doing it, i would go into it very much keeping in mind the way people have responded to star wars. Prequels star wars, sequels that’s what’s, going to happen with this or even the way, they’ve responded to fantastic beasts that um it’s a really tough, sell to to try and expand something that just worked so well and was so beloved that you know jk rowling is doing The fantastic beasts movies she’s working on the scripts and everything and people are not responding well to it. So we’ll see i’m i’m, not a big harry potter fan, so i don’t have a lot of skin in the game. So i’m curious because i feel like the wizarding world, there are more there’s, so many more stories to tell in it, but doing it in a way that the the audience loves it that you can connect with them that it’s more of what they love without rehashing. What they love, that is, a tricky balance and that’s what they have to try and do with this so um as the fans as someone that actually loves it.

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