Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills, AFC Championship Game, Patrick Mahomes II, American Football Conference, NFL Spears "on fire" Buffalo Bills vs Kansas City Chiefs AFC Championship, Mahomes come on start

I mean these two guys can sling the pill. I expect fireworks we’re gon na talk about the matchups and the offensive line and the trenches and all that yeah it all matters but come on give me these aerial attacks. Listen though marcus has seemed to steal my style with the banded collar and mina always steers. My steals my tapes every time we get on the phone for the production meeting, they have not paid attention this time, it’s about championship, defense, people. I went to two super bowls it’s, not all about offense it’s, about which team can step up and make a play when you need it. On the defensive end, i can’t wait to see which defensive player stands up on the field and then stands up on the podium for his team as they go to the super bowl. Hey who wore it better is coming later on. In the show the biggest question. All week, long, though, would patrick mahomes be able to play in the afc championship game. He answered that question today. Take a listen yeah, i actually uh just got out of the protocol. Um the week has just been a bunch of testing a bunch of uh different things, just to make sure that i that i’m i’m good to go and there’s no lingering effects and anything like that. You look at it long term as much as you look at it short term and going to the doctors talking to all the doctors and going through the testing.

We. We have the belief that that this will be no lingering effects and i’ll be able to go out there and be myself and be who i am every single week, so you heard it from mahomes himself. We now welcome in jeff darlington who’s in kansas city. Today, jeff, what more can you tell us laura? This is good news, of course, that he’s out of the concussion protocol, but even more good news for patrick mahomes, is that he doesn’t really feel like his weak was overly impacted by this concussion. He would even say that he didn’t feel any symptoms even the day after experiencing the concussion on sunday. As such, he was able to prepare for this game. Similarly, to the way he would prepare for any other game minus, maybe the the practice contact that he would have midweek, so that being the good news as far as the concussion. The second part of this, though, is that he was in the medical tent twice before that concussion due to a toe issue. We saw him hobbling around the field quite a bit and he did say that he experienced a lot of pain on monday the day after the game. He said that it did get better throughout the week and he does feel good enough to go. Of course. On sunday, through that toe pain, but it will be interesting to see if anything, any lingering effects come up on sunday. We will certainly be watching that foot quite uh closely on sunday, yeah jeff it’s.

A really good point i feel, like the toe, has kind of gotten lost in all the conversation about everything else, thanks so much for being with us from kansas city here on the show and marcus it felt like it was trending toward my homes being able to Play right once we saw him at practice a few times this week, but you just heard what jeff said about that toe injury. When you think about how you defend patrick mahomes, he hasn’t played a whole lot. Lately, he hasn’t practiced a whole lot. Does that change? How you approach this as a defense, not really else, but it does add an element of trying to check that toe early to see. If he can move. Look people forget because we get so enamored and mina talked about the arm. Strength of both of these guys, patrick mahomes, really made championship plays with his legs all playoffs. Last year he really made those those game changing uh off script, different type plays and that’s what you get concerned with. We saw him in the game with the toe um. Last week and he even ran an option on that particular situation that was able to get in the end zone, but it doesn’t change my plan per se. It adds an element to my plan and what the element that it adds is i’m going to test and see if patrick my arms can move and create off script because of that injury more so than i would in any other game.

Man toad smoke, joe schmoe. I don’t know nothing what you talking about. Y’All could go out there and let patrick mahomes walk it like the teen mom that just dropped off halftime orange slices. That boy is ready to go and you talk about. Oh we’re, not going to be scared. We’Re going to test the toe hell, no, you need to go out there and play him like he’s the same patrick mahomes that you play every week. Let’S not get confused. This is not lamar jackson and three or four plays made with our legs. Doesn’T make a season: does it make a game they’re not gon na come out here and all of a sudden have to stop running rpo and zone. Read options. What they’re gon na say is you know what we got his head banged up: we’re not going to run speed option this week, but if he has to create, if he has to make second play opportunities, what team has a guy better than travis kelsey in the Scrambler drill, what team has a guy better than tyreke hill in the scramble drill? So if you are leslie flazer frazier, you do the smart thing. You act like a raccoon, backed into a corner. You pull out all your tricks. All your stops not to get torched. Do not be fooled by that funny walk that boy is patrick mahomes. He could throw it off his back foot off a no foot off a no toe sidearm underhand and behind the back.

You don’t want to find out marcus don’t find out. Mina tell him something: smart, some yale stuff tell him. I actually think you nailed it with the raccoon analogy, because for those who don’t know, raccoons are terrifying creatures. Okay, if you see a raccoon backing into the corner, uh call the raccoon police. I don’t know yeah animal control but um as far as the chiefs go. I went back and watched these teams the last time they played and uh watched, leslie frazier’s game plan and i’ll. Tell you this that defense, they played scared. I didn’t see uh. I think they blitzed mahomes, like once maybe twice played a ton of soft zone, gave them light boxes all day to run into, and you know what they should play. Scared it’s, patrick mahomes he’s, like the killer in a horror movie, do not go into the basement. Okay, stay where it’s light and safe and let them run the ball if they want to run the ball. That’S. Fine, you don’t, want passion. Mahomes throws at the top so i’m with ryan. I think that’s the right game plan, regardless of the status of his foot. Let’S see if we can continue uh wildlife, analogies here ryan. How did the bills match up against travis kelsey, though? Listen if you’re the bills, you have to utilize everybody against travis kelsey right, because if you look at him, he’s been unguardable all year, no matter if it’s a linebacker or corner like we saw in denzel, ward or safeties, but when you think about micah hyde and Jordan poyer: these are two dudes who i think, are underused, undervalued and underrated.

When you think about the league, micah hai has played nickel he’s played corner, been a safety jordan poyo one of the top strong safeties in the nfl, who we never talk about. Having those guys mixed in in coverage when you do decide to blitz or if you decide to play over the top of travis kelsey, is extremely important. I’M very interested in seeing how leslie frazier uses some of these chess pieces defensively to top to stop travis kelsey who’s, the league’s top pass catching tight end. Is he a gazelle? Would we go there or do we have time for another question really fast? Yes, do we have time for another question? Okay, um both of my counterparts. I don’t know what the hell they talking about both of them. Talking about. You need to play, worried and scared. Uh, laura rutledge. What happened the last time the chiefs played the bills this year that it didn’t the chiefs, beat him right right about two bills: correct, okay! So so so let’s not do that game plan again. Please don’t, listen the meaner times as they play scary because they scored 22 points. I don’t care go ahead and blitz. My home see how that works out for you, it’s, like long close you’ll get your butt kicked. Y’All know y’all, know we ain’t blitzing my homes, like crazy y’all, know way better than that i’m, not saying splits. My homes like crazy market spears, but as a d lyman, you telling me it’s a quarterback with a a tow that may be injured.

We got to check it. We have to check and market spears. He can really do what we might expect my homes do. What brad clark what this is what this is, what this is, what you’re asking the first time they played right by not letting patrick mahomes hit the big play by not allowing patrick mahomes to get the big punch. You know what happened: they fought floyd mayweather and they went to a decision. They didn’t win. The decision they got out pointed go ahead and blitz patrick mahomes. Let him go over the top. You know what that’s gon na be prime mike tyson in the first round. They’Re gon na get knocked slap the hell out, so you can say that okay let’s play let’s, go test that toe you don’t want to test that right now. You don’t want to test that overhand right, mina looked really scary. There you guys they kept the score down. I don’t know if anybody saw how intimidating she looked, we are just getting started on. Nfl live there’s a whole lot more of this. Coming your ways we’re going to be all over both of these games buffalo.

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Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills, AFC Championship Game, Patrick Mahomes II, American Football Conference, NFL Warner "debate" AFC Championship: Kansas City Chiefs vs Buffalo Bills – Mahomes set to start

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