Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills, AFC Championship Game, Patrick Mahomes II, American Football Conference, NFL Warner "debate" AFC Championship: Kansas City Chiefs vs Buffalo Bills – Mahomes set to start

He may go all the way the play of the season they’re going forward. They flooded right contact stays in bounds, chad out of the bullpen, the afc championship game season match up two of top offenses in the afc meeting up on sunday, josh allen, a part of that bill’s offense. Well, the biggest part of that bill’s offense they’ll have to face off against patrick mahomes and the chiefs a offensive head. Coach, sean mcdermott knows a lot about, not sure anybody knows a lot about stopping them. There’S. Certainly a very, very good football team. That’S beat us already once this year and defending defending world champs and they’ve been in this position, the last three years in the afc championship game so um. You know we’re we’re, going to continue to have a good week of preparation and and uh and be the buffalo bills and as for the chiefs, the big question was with regards to that man in the yellow jersey, number 15 super bowl, mvp patrick mahomes, in the Concussion protocol also had a toe injury. The question is: what can they expect from him? So let’s go to kansas city now, our jeffrey chadia is outside of arrowhead stadium, jeffrey. A lot of people obviously concerned chiefs, fans and otherwise about patrick mahomes. What can we expect from the reigning super bowl mvp on sunday? Well, patrick, the chiefs have been pretty confident about him playing in this game. Pretty much all week, long he’s passed all the steps he was on the practice field, the last three days and they feel like oh everything’s, pointing in the right direction from to be on the field.

The bigger issue, as you mentioned, is that is that toe injury. It was giving him problems in the game on sunday, you saw him moving around with not the same amount of mobility he’s had in the past, and i think that’s something that they really want to keep an eye on and andy reid did say that they’re going To be able to manage it well, but again in a game like this, with him not being able to move around as well and coming off concussion protocol, a lot of things to think about, but even 75 to 85 percent of patrick mahomes is better than most Teams can get from their quarterback position and in the running back position we saw what clyde edwards zieler brought to the table. Uh goes down with the injury, then le’veon bell uh comes in daryl williams, though uh getting a majority of the snaps in the divisional round. How is he going to play into this game against the bills when edward tulare was such a big part of the early season game against buffalo? Well, that’s that’s a great point, because edward zolaire ran for 161 yards in that first game and really benefited from the bills playing a lot of guys in coverage and giving up the run. If they do that again, daryl williams is going to have to be the guy to make the plays, and this is a guy who was a the third string back when the season began, certainly far behind clyde, edwards, a layer and then le’veon bell in terms of Notoriety but he’s played well lately, he’s been a very stable presence.

He ran for 78 yards last week against the browns and offensive coordinator. Eric bienemy says great things about him loves his perseverance, the way he’s resilient. He had a big injury last year and came back and he’s always been able to answer the bell when he’s, when he they’ve been called upon him. So they expect him to do the same thing against the bills. On sunday yeah we saw the way the bills approached the offense and seemingly the way everybody might approach the offense anybody beating. You is better than number 15 doing it and looking forward to that game coming up on sunday, that is jeff judea outside of arrowhead stadium. As we look again ahead to the afc championship, game 123 yards on the ground for k.c, they needed every single one of them. The last pass from chad henny came through the air, but on the ground they got it done and eric the enemy has done that all season and a look at how he does it comes from our brian baldwin. The last time the chiefs went to buffalo in week six a long time ago. They ran the ball 46 times for 245 yards. I can count the number of times that andy reid team has run the ball 46 times in a game. I think on one hand, but it was impressive and it’s something the bills have got to prepare for now. Let’S, look at clyde, edward zeller here who had a great game but watch the offensive line of the cheese here.

Watch him move the line of scrimmage slowly gradually and take the line of scrimmage and reestablish it down the field, double team’s at the point and just pushing the bill’s defenders backwards. All right now let’s watch this play from the end zone because there’s another part to this all right because they were playing past defense. Aj klein an inside linebacker here, he’s gon na run with travis kelsey on this play more concerned about kelsey than the run game. Now you get two double teams at the point of attack, pushing the defensive tackles all right. This is an inside zone. Nick allegretti here is going to take his man and push him right into the lap of the linebacker and clyde edwards lair gets a big run, but andy reid, always and eric the enemy always have different wrinkles in a game in this game. They ran this cutback play with travis kelsey, going from your right to left across the formation all right and it got the bills like tremaine edmunds here and aj klein flowing and then once they got them flowing. They cut back like clyde edwards lair cuts back behind the grain there for a solid game. Just a couple plays later they’ve repeated the play. Why? Because it worked watch kelsey, go in motion all right and here comes the defenders with him nick scott’s, going to run with him. Jordan, foyer is going to run with them they’re going to take the fenders out of the blocks out of the box, and this time daryl williams is going to cut back again now they ran this play four or five times in a game and the bills really Didn’T adjust to it very well, but off every run, you’re going to get a play.

Action pass like here. It is again kelsey comes in motion. You get to that. The feeling of what this play is all about, but now watch the play. Action pass. Watch the fake here to clyde edwards lair and everybody at buffalo all seven defenders up there trying to stop this run this down. They throw the play action, pass behind it to demarcus robinson for 21 yards all right, here’s the same play from the sideline view. To give you there, an idea of the area that gets created from this play action pass all that room in the middle of the field right here is there after they set the run up and made them pay for it in the passing game. This is something that andy reid, eric b enemy have been doing for years now in kansas city setting that run up for play action pass. You can bet that in this game, they’ll have a new run that they will run and if successful they’ll have a play. Action pass off it to try to get a big chunk play something to look forward to for this game sunday night, looking forward to it.

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