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Hank aaron, with this panel let’s go around the horn. Today we remember and honor and mourn the loss of hank aaron, the hall of famer and, all time great, passing at age 86.. You cannot tell the history of baseball or civil rights or this country without henry aaron it’s shockingly possible to this day. His story is not told enough what he went through being the home run, king and passing babe ruth, i say again an american hero, woody page, you covered the man at the end of his career clinton yates. You have spoken about the impact he’s had on you as a man and a baseball reporter let’s start there, woody page first to you more important than how i remember him is how he wanted to be remembered, and he said in an interview in terms of baseball. I want to be remembered as playing the game the right way. He said more important than that. I hope that i was able to help mankind you’ve got to consider that that was his legacy as far as he was concerned and our legacy toward him is, he was an incredibly classy man, incredible great player and an incredible guy who handled all the racial inequality And pressure that he had to go through and endure as he was going after the home run title of all time and he will always be my home run king. You could talk about others, but he did it and i think that he should be established as the greatest baseball home run.

Hitter of all time, clinton, yates there’s a couple different things that come to mind when thinking about henry lewis aaron number one is that he came from an era of baseball for black players that we just don’t see that much anymore. He played in the negro leagues he’s from a town mobile alabama, where there are one two, three four five baseball hall of famers from that town alone, who were black folks additionally to that people think about the home, runs all the time. Hank aaron is the major league leader in rbis and total bases as well. The baseball itself is incredible when you think about how he played overall, though, as he is an american icon, just in general, he comes from the generation. We call the seeing some things generation and he represented himself so well doing all of that it’s tough to think about a world in which hank aaron doesn’t go through what he does go through in order for all of us to be able to do what we Do around baseball but like what he said. He was one of the classiest people ever and he reminds me of a generation that we just don’t have anymore because that’s just not where we are with baseball in america. Today, tim calisha, you know, i think, about the good stuff and the bad stuff, i think, of the good stuff in the 60s, when the national league was way ahead of the american league at getting past the the color barrier and they would trot out for an All star game maze, aaron and clementi in the outfield, with a little lou brock.

You know coming off the bench and they had a nice long, winning streak those years too and then the bad stuff in 1974, when we were about 10 years past what we thought were, and they were big deals – the voting rights act, civil right rights, legislation and All that and yet the death threats and everything he got because he was going to break babe ruth’s record and because of the way it overlapped finishing one year at 7 13. It was an entire off season of that discussion with aaron and for him all those threats and just how pathetic that was, but how magnificently he handled it. All. Sarah, spain, yeah i don’t have the uh connection to baseball history. That clinton does – and i don’t have the age to have watched him play. So my connection to him is essentially being told throughout my lifetime and being raised with an understanding of this person, as not only one of the greatest athletes of all time. But having done so much beyond that – and i think you guys mentioned the letters and the threats to imagine trying to achieve the greatest accomplishment of your life, at least in sports, while simultaneously fearing for your life because of the weakest and most evil among us. That’S. An expectation that so few of us would be able to rise to the way he did and to clinton’s point, because i didn’t watch him. What happens? Is i hear about all these numbers and these accomplishments and the one that i saw that maybe stood out the most is for all the home runs we talk about.

If you took away all of his home runs, he would still have over 3 000 hits and there isn’t anybody else in the 500 home run club. Who can claim that and he had 7.55 you’re taking away 755 and he has over 3 000 hits and you ate something you’d like to add one of the classiest things he ever did was when barry bonds broke his record. He pre recorded a message to tell him congratulations, even though it was controversial at the time in his hometown of mobile alabama, where the stadium is named after hank aaron, there is his childhood home, which is a museum. If you ever get the chance check it out. You will see some of the most american american amazing american history that we have. It is american history and it’s american president. I want to read a quote. Okay, this is a quote from hank aaron. This is the 20th anniversary of him breaking the record, so this was in the 1990s. This is to arthur c road in the great arthur c road in the new york times, uh was in obit today. It really made me see, for the first time a clear picture of what this country is about. My kids had to live like they were in prison because of kidnap threats. I had to live like a pig in a slaughter camp. They carved a piece of my heart away, so in changing the game and changing the country, the country took the game away from hank aaron and that i said before his full story, still isn’t told we always talk about the home, runs it’s always said he’s, a Gentle giant a classy man that’s not fair to him it’s, really not.

We never knew what hank aaron could be without those incredible attacks and pressures placed upon him. We just had martin luther king day on monday, all right what happened to martin luther king? He was murdered, his full potential was never reached. How could we possibly know what hank aaron’s full potential? He started in the negro leagues. Major league baseball recognized the negro leagues weeks ago. So when you talk about hank aaron, i mean it. There is sadness in that and to be true to history and our present. We have to keep that conversation going on on who he was it’s. The story of america, hank aaron american hero passing at age 86.. We move on let’s talk about the nfl championship weekend. One of the great weekends in sports we got these two games – sunday, it’s just seven hours of football tampa at green bay. Doppler says it’ll be 30 degrees with snow showers. Historically, we know how tampa’s played in the cold – but i mean tom brady – is playing games in the cold he’s joked that his blood has gotten thinner, recently tim, who would you rather have to get to this year’s super bowl, aaron rodgers or tom brady? Okay, tony i’m, sitting on zero points, i’m reluctant to sit on the fence. Here i know that’s dangerous. The answer is aaron rodgers. Every week, i’d rather have aaron rodgers, but the week two weeks before the super bowl, i don’t know if that’s the right answer.

One of them’s been to nine of them, the other guy’s been to one of them uh. I think i’m still taking rogers in this specific game in this specific season, with the acknowledgement that tom brady has shot way past my expectations in tampa bay this year and way past everyone’s expectations in his 40s, and it feels kind of ridiculous to pick against so Was there an answer there from calisthenics? The answer was rogers okay, but you feel ridiculous, which is i i appreciate you feeling ridiculous here. Let’S make you look even more ridiculous. Sarah spade how about you, i don’t blame tim for that answer. You’Re making me decide between a guy and brady who, every time i say, i think, it’s over now i’m making you decide they’re playing on sunday. Sarah. This is this. Is the business you’ve chosen? Oh, are they? Are they arm wrestling or are there teams playing anyway? Back to my point, i’m picking between somebody who makes me look stupid when i pick against them with the patriots or somebody who makes me look stupid when i pick against him and he carves up the bears. These are two guys who have consistently made me. Look dumb when i haven’t believed in them i’m picking rogers because of his play this year, because i think there’s less of a simple way to beat him. I think there was an answer there and you said you look dumb, sometimes doing this.

So now you look like this clinton yates. How about you i’m, absolutely picking rogers number one, because they’re at home and number two i don’t have to go back into the annals of football to just remember week. Six, it was a very oddball game. Rogers threw a pick six, which is something that almost never happens. He threw another pick and all of a sudden, the game plan went out of the window for the packers as long as they can keep it together. They lead the league in time of possession. Keep the dag on ball and you’ll be able to win this game they’re at home. I don’t think this is going to be some gargantuan win just because they toppled tom brady at this age. Aaron rodgers is probably the quarterback you take after tom. In terms of all the other guys that have been in this current era to win a super bowl – and i think they’ll do it on sunday. So let me get this one right. The week. Six game where tampa rolled green bay is proof to you that green bay will win this game. I think that if green bay doesn’t get completely out of sorts whenever it goes wrong, early they’ll be able to do so and recover at home in a way that, in a playoff game is what you’re supposed to do, not even sort of all of a sudden Decide that you can’t do anything and you got to just start airing it out that’s not going to be and woody paige.

How about you well i’m, pretty stupid, but i’ve been confused by what the thank you very. Let me give you an answer. No hesitation, rogers rogers, did have an off week. Then he threw back to back passes in the earlier game. That’S not going to happen. This guy doesn’t throw interceptions he’s not going to play at home and turn over the football when they don’t turn over the football. They are 10 0 for the season. You also have to remember this. Everybody talks about the streak that the bucks have been on guess what the packers have won more consecutive games than the bucks are. I would rather have rogers in this game than brady in any game. You’Ve got rogers, you’ve got turnovers being the key to the game and you’ve got green bay calisha. I still don’t know who you picked or whatever just yell it out. Please i’ve got green bay. Yeah the idea of four people picking against tom brady. This is how we look. This is what are we doing here so you’re? Second, guessing yourself immediately, which i love about it. Sarah you’ve got green bay clinton yates. You got green bay, we’ll move on buffalo, kansas city. Let me say this first it’s, okay, for you guys to mention the buffalo bills once in this answer, all right, maybe weeks and years without you guys doing that mahomes third straight day of practice, he was cleared to play today. So we know that was the concussion protocol also the toe.

Maybe what impact do you think all that will have on the homes and this game clinton? Yates, Music? I think the tow is a bigger deal than the concussion. I know that sounds weird to say, but i presumed he wasn’t going to play unless the concussion was cleared, but the toe is an issue because i still think he needs some mobility, but i overall think the bills have a pretty good shot at this. If they don’t listen, okay, my homes gets up to 150 plus rating when people bring extra rushers to him. So if you can stay back and you can stop their guys, you can beat them, but that’s going to be hard. The bills do have a better offense, though, so i actually think this bill’s mafia, i think the bills the bills have a better offense than kansas city. Is that what i just heard from clinton yates statistically score more points per game? Yes, okay. There was one game where mahomes didn’t play at the end of the season to change that. What do you page? How about you? Well, there was another game where the bills went up against the top scoring defense in the you know in the nfl in miami at the end of the season too, so it kind of balances. Yes, what do you page? How about you is he through? I would like to just give you four words: Music under pressure, as we were told by bowie and queen and that’s what we’re going to see.

What are you doing the kansas city chiefs? Well, you know the stuff, i know that’s wrong under pressure. On my mind, guess what that’s what’s going to happen to mahomes from the buffalo bills, they’re going to put the pressure on him, then that’s going to make the difference in the game, and i would add that the bills didn’t have any kind of running game. Last week, but guess what they are this week, because they’re quarterback josh allen, i saw him as a junior in college run play after play after play and bad weather and it’s going to be raining in kansas city he’s, going to show football, i think buffalo didn’t Run it last week, because they didn’t really need to run it. They knew what they could do against baltimore and i think they could know what they can do against this chiefs. Defense, i don’t think mahomes uh being 90 or whatever he’s going to be, makes that big a difference, because i honestly think buffalo is a better team. Now. Can they go on the road and do it and and something they haven’t done, these players haven’t done yeah? I think they can, i think diggs can have a bigger game than tyree kill. I think josh allen can play at mahomes level. I think they will. This is an incredible turn around for this panel, maybe you’re threatened by what i was saying. I just wanted a fair and balanced discussion here, sarah spain, how about you what’s the path to victory for this weekend? Yeah, i think the homes somewhere from 75 to 100 percent the answer, doesn’t change.

What matters is what’s. On the other side, the bill’s defense gave up 472 yards to the colts of the very next week they held the ravens to the fewest points they had since 2009, which game plan in which team shows up to take on a really difficult, chief’s offense. To clinton’s point, patrick mahomes is great when you blitz them and if you do it too often, you’re gon na get killed with the deep ball, but to woody’s point you don’t, drop down to three percent and go against the thing. That’S been working for you all year, so the point to the point to the point: sarah spade i’m sorry uh, but banana, but it up you. You did freddie mercury on uh halloween one year, we’re, all under pressure too much time buy ourselves. Next. Second quarter golden state’s lost referee, john butler thought. Green was yelling at him. Green was yelling at james, wise and his teammate reps admitted they got it wrong at halftime, but green was still ejected. He told marcus spears of the undefeated. That should be something that could be overturned. Reps overturn calls all the time clinton should that be something that could be overturned. I think it should be something that should be overturned, but in general i really hope this is not what the warriors are getting back to. We all know draymond’s specific um reputation, but also back when kd was there. They were having issues with this.

Please don’t go back to that. Just play basketball, paige i’m selling that because you don’t have the mechanics in place in the nba to overturn an ejection. They should, though, suspend the referee for a couple of games and they should take it off green’s record. It shouldn’t count as an ejection that’s. The only way you spend the referee for a mistake, tim callasha. Where are you on that? I i think they should talk. I mean interview the referee, i think it’s more than just overturned, if you’re, not even sure, he’s yelling at you, you know you’re calling technically well. I thought you were yelling at me. If you don’t know that keep your whistle in your mouth, it should be blatant. Disrespect when a referee has to call it yeah, it should be overturned because the accumulation of those kind of things can affect you later in the season, but it also shouldn’t be called in the first place. If he’s not up in your face – and you don’t know he’s talking to you, then you should not be worried about it. Keep the game moving! Lakers 113 bucks, 106 possible nba finals, but milwaukee’s got to pick it up. They lost last night to drop him to nine and six tim. Do the bucks seem like the same team, a different team, a struggling team to get over the hump? They seem like the same team and and not so much the uh, the brooklyn game.

The other night that was a last second shot could go either way but giannis’s frustration when he can’t get through a defense when he can’t, when a good defensive team, you know, puts out some sort of wall. He had nine turnovers. Most he’s ever had last night. That looks like stuff we’ve seen: yeah same team we’re, going to shut down the paint and unfortunately we’re going to let you shoot from outside that doesn’t work in today’s, nba and giannis is going to get his inside and who’s the shooter who’s, the closer we still Don’T know what this team see, why yeah but i’m, not going to judge a team like the bucks or really any team in the nba, when they’re playing against the los angeles lakers, who are head and shoulders above every other squad in the league. Kcp is on a torrid streak from three giannis could barely even get to the free throw okay, but the goal is for them to win a championship. They may have to play the lakers when they compete for the champion. My point is in a spot situation: i’m. Not looking about anybody in terms of how they play against the lakers, because the lakers are crushing every page well, tony, that goal may have to be realized a year or two down the line, but i was not that depressed by what i saw last night. I think holidays made a real difference to that when you got three guys scoring over 20 points in a game.

That means they’ve got a good trio. We talked about trios on the show a week ago. That is a damn good trio and those three guys minus last night may have been 5 15. You know uh wow calisha almost passed yates there in the last seconds. How did that happen to me a phantom? I have no idea what you’re talking about.

What do you think?

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