NFL, Super Bowl, Bowl game, American football GOES CRAZY Brady vs. Rodgers NFC Champs Game is the dream Super Bowl matchup we’ll "never get"

I forgot to take all my stuff off my desk. If you need like mentos dental floss so and kenny, can you guys, like a garage, sale right here over at the table? You guys want to do this thing. Yeah, you got any garbage. Pail. Kids, uh sure, okay, all sorts of things lasting stuff eyelash glue, whatever you need it’s time to leave luck, let’s start in green bay, where it’s brady versus rogers. Yesterday packers head coach, matt lafleur was asked about this legendary quarterback matchup. They were going to see in the nfc championship. Take a look anytime, you’re talking about two of the greatest ever um watching them compete is always a treat, and especially to be a part of it that that makes it even that more special, all right coach before went on to say, it’s a team game it’s, Not just about those two guys but come on we’ve got two legends under center on sunday, which quarterback story has been most captivating this season, tom brady or aaron rodgers kb i’m gon na go with number 12. okay, the one in green uh. I was looking at some this morning, something really fascinating. The pre season, mvp odds heading into this year. Uh nate put it on the spot. Where do you think aaron rodgers was in the preseason in terms of favors to win mvp? What number? What do you think? I don’t know five or six aaron rodgers was 11th what 11th he was behind carson wentz.

He was behind kim newton. He was behind dak prescott over and over and over he’s going to win this thing and i don’t think it’s going to be close. That alone is unbelievably compelling, but i go back like all superheroes i go to the origin story of this season and the origin story took place in the nfl’s first ever virtual draft, when the green bay packers going into a pivotal season for aaron rodgers and their Team decided to draft his replacement with their first round pick a complete uh call what you will shocker, maybe slap in the face to him in this season, in which she’s like i got ta get past the title game i got to do it get me help Get me help we’re a player away. They got a guy who may not play for years. Not only did they draft a guy to do his job, they didn’t draft anyone else who could help him do his job. They looked at the chase clay pools. They looked at the patrick queens and all these great players that we’ve seen in these playoffs and they said no we’re not going to do it. I think a lot of people that could humble them break them, infuriate them. They’D come apart. Designers make that asap and get that online um. For me, it’s tom brady, no question about it. Tom brady is in a position right now to have one of the greatest walk offs in all the sports forget about a fairy tale, ending the fact that he has controlled his narrative in the way that he did it.

He spent over two decades, two decades helping build something amazing in new england and he did and we’re talking about the house of a dynasty from the the landscaping to the framework to the interior design master bedroom, the backyard with the pool the garage, i think, that’s A four car he has everything he’s like camelot, he has, he has a moat in the fridge. Everything that he’s helped build in new england and dean decides to leave that all sam tom it’s cool don’t worry about it just retire. You did enough, he said. Not only am i not retiring i’m going somewhere else, not to a house that isn’t built now we’ve seen success in tampa, but they needed some desperate renovation and we’re thinking tom brady. Listen, you are great, but we don’t even know if it was you or your head coach. So why in the hell, would you leave new england and go down to tampa bay? You only went down tampa bay. He made these guys relevant, exciting we’re, watching every single weekend checking for the tampa bay buccaneers. Now imagine, after all of that, he not only wins this game. He plays a super bowl in tampa where the whole team has never played. This could be, in my opinion, the stamp that makes tom brady the greatest athlete in all the sports i’m, not talking about athleticism i’m talking about greatest athlete name, another guy that has done it like this we’ve seen this before and i know retirement was involved when, When jordan went to the wizards and brett farm came back, it didn’t work out.

The same wizards were in the finals, even when peyton manning left and went to the broncos, the broncos were pretty good and they had a really good defense, not saying that the buccaneers don’t but peyton manning his arm was falling off. I mean that last season he was skipping balls through the ground like skipped waters on the walk on the rider. So for me, this right here the fact that he’s playing well – and he could do this up against aaron rodgers and be two of the best quarterbacks in the afc. This could be the greatest walk off in sports history, it’s very compelling it’s hard to top things. Kyle versus nate yeah, i thought i had it, but i don’t think i do. I think we’re. The tie breakers here last year was like the lamar jackson year and then mahomes did this playoff run and in the off season it was mahomes, mahomes, mahomes mahomes, and there was someone sitting up there in green bay or in malibu, wherever he was. This offseason, like hold my beer, i got. I got something to say about this: hold my scotch hold my scotch that’s, exactly right. Rogers to me is the story i feel like there was the almost the don’t forget about me deal this year, because i think kyle to your point, we’re ready to flip the page, the princes, the king of arms, strength and armed talent and leading a team and Doing brady’s the greatest quarterback to ever play rogers is the most special physical talent we’ve seen at quarterback, and i think this is the rogers story and i look at it now, as we turn the page that he’s finally home in lambeau and he’s, going to get To the playoffs in his terms as a one seed – and this is his time to breathe fire and be better they’ve lost three different nfc championship games in a row.

They lost in crazy, fast lane. Here we go great let’s go to it here. This was john ryan, the canadian punter of the seahawks, throwing a touchdown that absolutely slaughtered the packers when they were up and then, of course the onside kick jordy has it. I think right here, oh jordan, i think a bostick and all these guys and oh my gosh and then of course, it’s the curse touchdown here. This is a heartbreaking loss where they were up double digit points in an nfc championship game and lose then there’s. This one julio just takes a slant route and goes the distance, and this is the kyle shanahan 49ers year, where it was like there’s, nothing, stopping the 49ers falcons here, there’s, nothing stopping him, and then there was last year. I think raheem moser just ran another touchdown in another one, the kid that’s right he got beat up in this one man. I think he had 585 yards and 14 touchdowns in this game. There was nothing that rogers could do when the defense couldn’t stop it right. Anything and now they’re home first time ever at lambeau, for an nfc championship, game and rogers is the mvp favorite. I think he’s going to win the mvp and it has been his season and as much as i love the brady big picture and turn a team around in one year and all that stuff rogers holding my scotch is the story i think of the season, but Brady’S 43 doing this, what does it mean if he wins with a new team that team a team that wasn’t considered a contender at all and he does it without belichick isn’t that such a huge statement? It is absurd to me just the fact that tom brady still has nate going like this.

Do you know what i’m saying tom brady has achieved it all seemingly six rings and he’s still got things that he can chuck off the box that’s just a crazy narrative in and of itself, i think head to head. If ann rodgers beats tom brady i’m, not really surprised he’s supposed to he’s a superior quarterback at this point, i’m talking about just his ability to throw the ball sure and he’s playing lights out, he’s on a whole different level. But if tom brady outplays not just beats but outplays aaron rodgers in green bay, it’s different man, it’s a whole different ball game whole different story line going into the super bowl, and then they got one of the getting one of those maniacs from the afc games. Too might be the best yeah. We said it might be. The best final four quarterbacks we’ve ever seen, it’s right sounds like a second champion. Yeah, hey peter wait until next segment – oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, you are shot out of a cannon this morning. Okay, it’s. The end of the season we got ta finish strong that’s, what they say: we’ll leave it up to twitter. Twitter tell us at jim if he has to bring in tom pellicer this morning. Who is the bigger storyline? Let us know uh at gmf, tom brady or if it’s aaron rodgers in the nfc okay tom, the nfl changed the policy on some head coach interviews this week.

What are the details? We need to know on that? Okay, the nfl has granted clubs permission to interview head coaching candidates this week, even if those candidates are with teams they’re still in the playoffs, provided the teams give permission now, that’s big for a couple of the candidates remaining in this cycle. Bucks defensive coordinator, todd bowles who interviewed virtually yesterday with the eagles, also chiefs, offensive coordinator eric b enemy, who finally interviewed virtually with the houston texans now i’m told that the new texans gm nick casario was among those who pushed for this exemption. We know that deshaun watson wanted the texans to speak with the enemy, but initially they missed their window to interview him because they were in the midst of a co of a gm search. Now that goes away, they were able to speak with the enemy. They also spoke in recent days with colts defensive coordinator matt everflus bill’s defensive coordinator leslie frazier and ravens assistant head coach, david cully, a big couple days as phase two of the texan search continues to ramp up. Okay, appreciate the update on the changes all around. Thank you so much and we’re in this jets shirt we’re, looking forward to mr cella, get into town here excited on the east coast for all of the changes, uh and looking ahead to next season. But the super bowl is almost here and i got to tell you guys about rocket mortgage super bowl squares, it’s back millions of dollars in prizes, the largest official game of super bowl squares ever and it’s free to enter.

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