On the same day, the nine four and one green bay packers were able to freeze the nine and five dallas cowboys and perhaps the most disgust american football game of all time. The ice bowl, the temperature at kickoff was negative, nine degrees and by late in the fourth quarter, it had plummeted to negative 20 degrees. Fahrenheit. The wind chill factor made the air temperature absolutely inconceivable in the single coldest game in nfl history, lambeau fields, turf heaters, malfunctioned, leading to sheets of ice forming on the field of play down 1714, the packers drove the icy field and on third down from the cowboy One yard line quarterback, but star snuck into the end zone with seconds left in the game, capping off a packer win in one of the most dramatic finishes ever the victors would play in the second annual afl nfl world championship game. What would come to be known as super bowl? Two super bowl two played january 14th, 1968, the time 305 eastern location, the orange bowl in miami florida. This week, the temperature 68 degrees fahrenheit would not have an impact on the football game, with a partly cloudy sky and 75 546 in attendance. The game pitted the packers, the champions of the nfl and the then still believed superior league. A 14 point favorite against the afl champs the raiders. The game was broadcast solely by cbs charging 54 000 for a 30 second commercial. The green bay packers winners of three straight nfl championship games found themselves in familiar territory reaching the world championship game for the second year in a row led by quarterback bart starr and head coach, vince lombardi widely considered to be recognized as one of the single greatest Coaches of all time, the oakland raiders, led by former player john rouch, a head coach and reigning afl, most valuable player, daryl lamonica, who threw for over 3 000 yards and 30 touchdowns during the regular season.

A combination of both leagues officiated the contest but was led by afl, head referee jack best. There was a lot at stake. The packers were an aging group who had underachieved during the regular season and barely survived the ice ball. Rumors had run rampant that this may be coach, lombardi’s final game and, on the other side, was an ultra successful 13 1 raiders of the afl and star quarterback, who were hungry for a first ever world championship. The raiders offense took the field. First lamonica gave the ball off and packers linebacker ray nitsky burst through the gap, making a terrific tackle for a solid loss on the first play from scrimmage nitski continued to make tremendous plays throughout the afternoon in what would become his final game place. Kicker don chandler opened the scoring kicking his first of four field goals and three extra points in the process and out kicking oakland’s. George blanda boyd dohler scored a 62 yard receiving touchdown that slightly resembled one of max mcgee’s scores from a year earlier. Last year’s hero mcgee, had replaced dollar in an ironic twist. Doyler scores the touchdown he could have from a year ago, as mcgee played in his final professional football game finishing with one reception for 35 yards in a 9.2 score game. The raiders played tough and hung in the contest at the half. It was the packers 16. The raiders 7. in a famous quote, the packers guard and future hall of famer, jerry cramer, said to his teammates let’s play the last 30 minutes for the old man referring to his head coach, perhaps a rhetorical statement, as if vince lombardi’s players wouldn’t die for him On the field of battle, half time, entertainment included for the second year in a row, the grambling state university marching band the green bay packers enforced their dominance further in the second half continuing to rush behind future hall of fame offensive lineman, jerry, cramer and forrest, greg Ben wilson’s 17 carries for 62 yards led the way not far behind was donnie anderson’s 14 rushes for 48 yards and a touchdown bart starr even scampered for 14 of his own.

The oakland raiders quarterback daryl lamonica struggled completing well less than 50 of his passes. Going 15 of 34 for 208 yards and two touchdown passes and one devastating interception that put the game out of reach. Lamonica zipped a pass up the right side of the field intended for fred blitnikov, but only found future hall of fame defensive, back, herb adelie who intercepted the ball and returned it all the way for a packer touchdown, despite the raiders, adding a touchdown to the scoresheet And despite future hall of fame, quarterback and game mvp bart star, leaving the contest with an injury to his throwing hands, thumb, the nfl’s green bay packers defeated the afl’s oakland raiders handily, with a final score of 33 14 vince lombardi in what was in fact his Final coached game retiring just three weeks later won his ninth straight playoff game, which culminated in his second straight afl nfl world championship. Victory retroactively named super bowl 2. in some of the most iconic images in all of super bowl history. The green bay packers carried their legendary coach off the field for the final time.

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