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If you’re thinking about investing in the stock market, please consult wan na, invest at your own risk. Today, i’m gon na be bringing you guys, a beautiful stock that should boom in the near future. It has a lot of potential it’s actually pretty slept on in the last few years or so, and it is blackberry themselves now blackberry used to be known as a you know, a more of a a device and phone company, but these last couple of years or Last couple of months at least, they actually engage in the provision, security, software and services to enterprises and governments. So the blackberry we’re used to knowing actually is much more different and they did have like somewhat of a rebranding in the last few months or so now. In the last day, on friday, when the market closed, they were up a little bit over two dollars in the week: they’re up 37 percent in a month more than a hundred percent and in three months a little under 200. Now, if we go to the five years, we’ll see they’re actually we’re, going through a decline, but then had somewhat of a resurrection during the whole october 30th going into 2021. Now, if you do go into blackberry’s website themselves, you will actually see that not only do they only if you go to the products, you’ll see that for the devices that we’re known for they’re, actually in the bottom, they’re, mostly known right now for unified endpoint security And a bunch of cyber sue protect persona optics even on a unified endpoint management.

Embedded software automotive software applications secure communications. So you know the way that we at least remember blackbeard, being a phone company, actually is a little bit different nowadays now one of their products that they actually have had um sold to many many many big big blue chip companies, big tier one, automotives uh, i Mean this thing is incredible: it’s the qnx neutrino rtos 7.1, and this thing has been since 1980. Thousands of companies have deployed q and x’s real time operating systems to ensure the ideal combination of performance, security and reliability in mission critical systems. So this is just a product that’s. Actually you know uh implemented in many many cars websites. Whatever you think this thing is in there i mean this is like one of those slept on products like aws with uh amazon, how nobody really knows that amazon really makes most of their money, not selling you, prime, not selling you. You know a two day: shipping, but it’s their aws amazon website services. Now, on the next slide, i’ll show you guys not only that but they’re working alongside governments, not only just uh companies, so one of their new subsidiaries, known as blackberry government solutions, is largely focused on the firm’s projects that fall under the federal risk and authorization management Program the government wide program on cloud security that companies must comply with in order to earn federal contracts. Now, if you guys know something that happened during the whole 2020 2016 elections, uh security and cyber security is a big big issue and the federal government themselves are actually going to implement a lot of these.

You know safer ways to to protect our data, protect our security, protect everything i mean we can’t have different countries, know exactly what we’re up to um. What do they call? Intellectual property is the only thing that we can actually hold on to ourselves. Now, speaking with the reporters at the event, blackberry ceo said that blackberry would uh, which is based in canada and that’s. One big part, i think blackberry uh is gon na help. Her is that they’re based out of canada, unlike a bunch of companies like let’s, say huawei, which, for example, the us had cracked down because uh the firms closed ties to the chinese government to pose a national security risk. So a lot of companies in america. You know in the near future might be opposed to working with a company like blackberry that’s already established already. Has you know their product and their um? You know uh programs and a bunch of already devices and everything so it’s, just easier for companies united states to work alongside blackberry, rather than go to some some of these chinese companies, where maybe they’ll risk a breach. Now another company that actually works alongside um blackberry is nvidia and nvidia just got uh a partnership with neo themselves to develop a new generation of automated driving uh electric vehicles and if you’ll see this nvidia is actually putting an emphasis on their security behind uh. You know this whole self driving thing and calling it the function now the functionally safe, ai self, driving deployment platform and it’s written on what, of course, we’ll go back to it.

Qnx itself and qnx’s security. Software for autonomous vehicles is to be the foundation point that nvidia will be built off of so you know, like i said, there’s a lot, a lot of products that are actually working for blackberry, and you know we don’t really hear about the stuff but that’s good, Because that means we’re, actually one of the early early investors not only is blackberry going to boom in price. Because of that, but also, if you look at their options, you’ll you’ll see that there’s a lot of volume. You know hoping for for a a gain in price. I mean a 17 strike price right under a 25 track price and you’ll see that there’s more calls than puts so this this this stock is expected to actually boom in the near future. Not only is uh, of course, uh. A bunch of good news is pushing it up a little bit, but also uh insight from wall street bet. Um is looking into maybe transferring from gamestop in the near future, taking other gains and moving into blackberry themselves. So if we do get the same, you know uh interest that gamestop has had for the last few weeks or so in blackberry. I do see blackbear, you know going up to the price it should do now. Blackberry also works with the company that i just talked about a few seconds ago. Amazon themselves and you’ll see here that blackberry shares shot up early trading on the news that company will be partnering up with amazon web services to jointly deploy and market its vehicle data, integration and monitoring platform.

So iv, of course, so this is very, very good for blackberry themselves. Working alongside a multi uh trillion dollar company. You know, uh. The companies first announced the collaboration in the pre pandemic january 2020. When blackberry said it would collaborate with aws on connected vehicle safety and security services for in vehicle applications, around 175 million vehicles are already using blackberry and aws enabled qnx services, so we are we’re already in a 175 million vehicles. I mean that is incredible, and this is just the start, of course, a lot of these companies. You know a tesla is still going to be making cars. Neo is still going to be making cars x, bank hasn’t even started. You know going up the volume at toyota and and um honda and all these ford mitsubishi companies um, you know they produce so many cars and a lot of these companies are actually falling back behind the production. So you know the more, of course, that this service is going to be implemented in all these uh automotive vehicles, the more robin hoods. Of course, earnings will rise. If we do scroll down a little bit, we’ll see that you know they’ve been a little bit scattered. They did have uh one on the second quarter. They were a little bit at a a decon, but you can see that we’re barely going to make – and i do think – maybe the fourth quarter and maybe the first quarter of uh of 20.

This is very confusing that it says 21 right there. Maybe the the the the first quarter of 2020 um 2021 should probably bring in, i think, a very high earnings. Just because you know a lot of these rumors and a lot of companies are bringing out with uh new cars, so i do see blackberry as a big big buy. I mean you can even look at some of these options: um there’s a lot of cheap. Of course, in week, uh calls you can pick up for only about 17, and i mean you can go as far as, of course uh january 21, 2022 and hope for the best. I do think uh. This thing is gon na um catch a lot of gain in the near future. I mean, as you can see, this thing has just been in the green for oh pretty much a long time only having a small little dip, uh just for a little bit on january 22nd. But you know it. It looks like it is getting ready for uh. The moon, i guess so i hope you guys trade well. I hope you guys open up very, very big and green on monday and uh. I hope to see you guys become millionaires soon. I’Ll see you guys.

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