Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs, NFL, Buffalo Bills, Tight end, Super Bowl Matchup Week: Matt Milano vs Travis Kelce

Who just happens to be my brother mike, who is coined the uh ever famous term minus on hashtag sports uh, coming all the way from virginia beach mike how you doing tonight, bud i’m rolling? Oh god, with that hat, really i’m rolling. I am rolling see it’s, not just me that likes tj yeldon sports is proud to partner with mr rogers homes. Sean rogers is a proud western new yorker and is now your arizona, relocation specialist. You can see his reviews as a top one percent agent on zillow homes and go ahead and download his free arizona, relocation guide found in the description of this video subscribe to his youtube channel and as sean would say, god bless america and go bills. Paul you’re going to say something i knew something was coming out of that snarky mouth of yours nope. I don’t want to get demonetized. No, i can’t say well, you know what, like i said, the buffalo bills are in the afc championship game for the first time since 1993, coincidentally playing the same team that they played in 1993 uh the kansas city chiefs and we’re going to be talking about matchups. What 94. this 93 season? Ah, but a game happened to 94. i’m, just making sure that that just making sure we’re on point. So that being said, uh with the the uh buffalo bill is going to visit the kansas city we’re going to talk about matchups. All this week, our first match up on the dock that we’re going to be talking about is going to be the one that everybody wants to see and everyone, especially from buffalo bills, fans they want to see because it didn’t happen in the first game in week.

Six was that matt milano versus travis kelsey, now um initial before we get into any of the nuts and bolts of this i just wanted to ask mike mike, is i think, it’s unquestionable, that that that travis kelsey is the best tight end in the nfl right Now, true, what do you do being a defensive guy? What would you do to try to limit some of the things that kelsey does just so he doesn’t completely kill everything in your in your defense hit him off the line. Every time you jammer every time. Every time every time he leaves the thing that andy reed does to counter. That, though a lot is he flexes him? Okay, can you uh? Can you explain that real quick when you flex a tight end, you’re not lined up typically next to a tackle you’re, lined up still on the line of scrimmage, but you’re lined up three four, maybe five yards away. It makes it a little bit higher, get some gets them away from the interior line. It it stops a little bit of banging. Sometimes you can even bring him off the line of scrimmage play him to the side with the x. The x goes on. The y comes off and you won’t be able to get hands on it, but i, if he’s, if he’s, there i’m putting a guy on him and i’m banging him every single play. You got to pick your poison, though look listen.

This is the this. Is one of the greatest offenses like ever and are you gon na get? Are you gon na guard? The cheetah? Are you gon na get? Are you gon na grab? Kelsey? Are you gon na? You know guard mr sammy watkins, who you garden, because all those cats can run okay, every single one of them can run so you want slow death or fast f. What do you want to do because, honestly, they were playing with cleveland, they were playing with them. You think so i think they’ve been playing for the last six weeks. They’Ve been messing around let’s let’s tinker over here. Fourth and inches 14 inches. What does the dude? Do he lines up in shotgun and throws it with a backup quarterback how your balls doing right now – andrew, oh, my god that is that, is you know, it’s interesting enough too, because we talked about the week six match up. The buffalo bills did not have their full gamut of defensive players. They had a lot of guys out. You know and that’s been the talk around buffalo, for you know. Ever since the matchup you know was was finalized when uh kansas city did beat cleveland and then we’re gon na be obviously where we talk about milano versus kelsey now, but they held with some guys that were practice squad guys they they held the cheated for three. For 20., i think kelsey went five for 65, but did have two touchdowns in the game.

So um i like that it’s a very interesting um, interesting, dynamic, i’m. Sure, a lot of other teams have tried that that that approach trying to bang him off the line with was very minimal. With success. I mean this guy’s 65 260. He can run a whip route better than a slot. Receiver can and that’s pretty damn scary. How big’s milano uh mono is six foot 223 yeah that’s the problem. The bills don’t have any size in the linebacker room. Besides tremaine like he’s he’s, the biggest guy you got, and i i do not think any bills fan is signing up to put tremaining coverage against kelsey. I mean that’s, just it’ll, be a bloodbath. Don’T. Get me wrong. I, like tremendous tremaine edmonds a lot but he’s he’s, just not there in coverage right compared to milano milano’s, just a far better coverage linebacker like superior. Do you have any six foot, five 250 pound defensive players that run four fours lying around? No? No, because if you do, you got ta match up, i think i think that’s kind of you know the plus and minus that you have to go with this. Defense is they’re built for speed right, so it’s, not necessarily the size match up. I think the idea is just to try and keep up with kelsey downfield if that’s, if that’s, what you’re gon na have to do um, you know milano’s, probably your best option to do that, because if you look at the nickel linebackers they’re all right around the Same size as milano, so you’re not really gaining anything by any of the the safeties that you bring down in the nickel package, they’re all about the same um and none of them are going to match up against kelsey.

I mean kelsey’s just a hog, even in the run game like he’s, the guy’s. Just such a hog – and one thing i found really interesting about kelsey – was that uh only 14 of his targets, um came off of um rpos um 23 of his. I thought that was weird because 23 of his targets came off, play action but that’s it right. So i was kind of surprised by that, given the amount of play action that they actually run in kansas city, i was kind of that number kind of surprised me. A little bit um, i kind of expected that number to be a bit higher. I thought i thought his target share would be a little bit higher um off play action. I just i 23 seemed low to me. I thought it was gon na be like 35 36 percent, which just tells me that i think you’re looking you’re looking too deep into it. Paul i mean the guy like well the guy’s being six five, two sixty how many, how many balls he catch this year. 100 yeah yeah 105., the percentages within certain rpos or within play action or within drop back or within three step. I don’t think it matters the guy caught 100 balls he’s gigantic. Nobody can cover him so and i don’t think andy reid looks at it like that. Either i think randy andy reid right now is just drawing up. Please going! Oh my god.

I got the best team in the world. I can do this. I can do this, but if patty ball game, if uh the patrick price doesn’t play this week and chad henny plays um, i think the buffalo bills have obviously a lot better chance of winning. But i think le’veon bell is going to run the ball about 62 times. If that happens i’m just saying well mar. I think i think mike brings up an interesting point. So if you have chan hedy and chan, chad, henny over patrick mahomes, from a pressure standpoint, you know henry’s been in the league a long time. Are you bringing more pressure than you would against mahomes or in the house? Oh yeah, you would definitely dial up some more blisses that you, but i think you know. In retrospect i mean even with the injury, the mahomes – and you know you know, let’s just put this out on the table right now. I have 100 um. I i 100 feel that the buffalo bills are going to be playing against patrick mahomes. I don’t think that the i mean concussion protocol we’ve. We found out that the independent uh neurological um, the individual that was going to be looking at him. Last name is goodell. So we looked into that so therefore he’s going to be cleared to play you’re not going to have an mvp candidate, not play. I don’t care what’s going on, even though he looked out on his feet.

You know he looked paddling they’re, calling it a neck they’re, calling it a neck, injury, well, yeah, of course, but he’s still, a protocol, andy reid, still confirmed he’s in protocol, but it’s a it’s a neck injury. So i this is just a matter of of health. More than it is, you know actually walking through that protocol he’ll clear that protocol. Well, i mean buffalo bills. Fans know i mean mitch moore see. Uh, you know was brought up on the on the stream that we had uh brought up by hashtag nation that he went from day uh from stage one to stage three in one day, so he was able to do all those things in one day. So i mean we know it’s, i i’m seeing hedge fund homes, but i don’t think um. I think you would pressure any more, but i still think they’re going to try to bring pressure at mahomes, because he he provides a little bit different dynamic than the first two quarterbacks that you faced in the playoffs and it seems to be the recipe that the Buffalo bills have used throughout the season against really top tier quarterbacks. I mean they started to blitz russell wilson, a lot through double a gap, blitzes so um, and they they got him off of his spot. I mean mike, you know, people like to talk about it. All the time you want to get the guy off of his spot.

What does that mean? Well, you want the quarterback to get out of the pocket and try to try to throw, but that seems even more dangerous with mahomes, because he could put it anywhere in a hundred by fifty three and a half he doesn’t have a run they’re all his spots. Yeah they’re all his spots, fifty three and a half yards across and a hundred yards back. Those are all his spots, so yeah, but i mean we’re talking he’s dealing with mahomes dealing with a toe injury like there’s there’s a bit more to that, and you know, looking at the specific matchup of milano versus kelsey um, you know milano’s been pretty paramount in Stepping up to try and support the run um, but you’re gon na lose that against kelsey, like it’s, clear this day, because you’re not running three linebackers in this game. Right, no, like you’re, not you’re, not running a true base. 4. 3. You really haven’t run one all season for the most part, you did it against baltimore a bit but you’re not really running a base. 4. 3. Here right! No, no, i don’t think you are and milano does have a track record, because i mean recent history shows that he he performed fairly. Well. I don’t have the statistics right in front of me, but he performed fairly well against gronk who’s, a bigger tight end, freakish tight end as well, not really as fast as kelsey, but still a freak.

Nonetheless, at the tight end position so 72 years old, though he was 72., maybe 73, i don’t know i can’t. Remember i’ll go back that being said mike uh other than other than just totally. You know jamming him off the line. What are some things that you like, you’re, a linebacker, you’re you’re, coaching matt milano this week and you’re going up against travis kelsey? Obviously you want him to support. In the run, we we’re still unsure about edwards, hillaire or le’veon bell what’s going to be happening this week. What do you tell milano in the in the film room to this this week, going up against kelsey? Well, if you’re, if you’re talking about a strict man to man situation, i think it’s a very tough. So i don’t you know, try to sugarcoat it for him. It’S, probably going to be the toughest matchup of his life. If he’s playing man now he’s playing zone – and you still want him to obviously stop the run, he still has to realize all his fits and how he how he works into the run game. But you know i don’t want to sound helpless. Obviously, in the film room, but this is the best offense you’re going to see all year. It is now even if let’s say, patty ball, game’s out it’s, still, probably one of the best offenses you’re going to see already just because the skill guys, the skill guys, are amazing, they can do anything um.

I would want to get henny off his game as fast as possible. I wouldn’t like paul, you tried to make it a a kelsey, milano matchup and i don’t think it is because even if you jam and you do everything right, you still got four other guys. They can throw the ball to that are pretty fast and pretty good with the ball. So i don’t know if you can do that. I love it like when, when you used to play like uh the patriots back in the day, hey try to shut down gronk and then brady loses his blanket and then you can just focus on welker. You can’t focus on one guy in this offense and that’s. The problem, so your best bet, i think, is to get someone to jam the crap out of him when he’s within two three yards of the line of scrimmage flexed out now, it’s gon na be a little harder, but when he’s inside that range beat the crap Bottom, every time he comes off the line hit him yeah. I guess that kind of begs a question though mike, and maybe maybe you can clarify this for me – the bills love to run a bunch. They primarily run zone right. They really they’re they’ve, often been a zone secondary, but with the speed guys that they have on the outside isn’t that going to pull that safety, help that you would normally be able to filter down to that tight end and that zone coverage isn’t.

That gon na pull that safety help a little bit deeper than what you’re comfortable with isn’t that how kansas city’s been killing people is because the safety helps going to the outside. For some of these speed receivers, and then kelsey really is just true man up with a linebacker like isn’t that what’s what their money maker has been all season in the last three seasons. Well, i think the you know when you, when you talk about like the pros – and you talk about a guy like patrick mahomes it’s, not like a college situation or it’s, not even like an average nfl quarterback situation, because you could play inside out coverage and have All your ducks in a row, okay, i’m, going to get the speed guy and i could play in the middle. I could stay in the seam and i could play kelsey. But the one thing is: you can have a guy roll to the left and throw back to his right 60 yards. You know there’s only like four or five guys in the nfl. That can do that, so that really messes with your scheme, you know like okay. I got this covered no problem, oh god, that guy just went back across his body 60 yards and i can’t get over there that’s the that’s, the problem. You do i mean it’s just from from a matchup standpoint, it’s it’s a nightmare, and i really like the bill’s defense it’s just going to be a really tall order from sean mcdermott’s standpoint.

I would like to see him try to take the uh. Take the air out of the ball this week. I know allen’s awesome and i know the bills throw the ball all over the field. But if you make this a shootout and homes plays you’re going to lose, you got to take the yard of the ball. You got to shorten the game, you got to do what bill parcells did and bill belichick did and if you can’t do that it’s not going to be pleasant for bills.

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