Alabama, Severe weather, Tornado January 20, 2021 Weather Xtreme Video – Afternoon Edition

This is for wednesday, the 20th of january i’m, james spann after a nice day today, alabama’s weather turning wet tomorrow and friday. Maybe some strong storms early next week. So here we go. This is the upper air. Look across the country today got a deep upper low south of san diego that will be gradually coming out in bits and pieces, but today we’re in pretty good shape. A few high cirrus clouds around for the northern half of the state. Otherwise, the sky, mostly sunny thicker clouds back off to the west, where rain is falling over parts of arkansas, oklahoma, texas, louisiana and we might see some light rain in spots after midnight tonight. Then periods of rain are likely tomorrow and during the day friday, temperatures exactly what you expect on the 20th of january, based on averages birmingham 54 coleman, 48 tuscaloosa 55. there’s. The watch warning map across the country. Things fairly quiet got some wind issues up north over parts of north dakota and minnesota no severe weather expected through tonight, maybe some thunder for the desert southwest and the precipitation for the next seven days, pretty big numbers down here across the southern states in alabama. This is suggesting rain amounts around three inches for the shoals around two inches for tuscaloosa birmingham, anniston gadsden, about one inch for the southern half of the state, so model fans let’s go here’s the gfs the 12z run valid tomorrow at three, the upper low beginning to Lift out over the southwest and a stall surface boundary nearby, increasing moisture.

It should be a cloudy day with periods of rain not going to rain all day the rain, probably not that heavy the high should be close to 60.. This is friday. The front sticks around again: we’ll have a cloudy day with occasional rain, likely the front sagging southward, so highs drop back in the middle 50s, not expecting any severe weather, probably no thunder. Now. This is saturday as the weekend begins, we’ll be in between waves. The day should be dry, the sky partially sunny highs in the middle 50s, but sunday moisture begins to come back. I think a decent part of the day sunday could be dry, but there could be a few showers sunday afternoon, especially across the northern and western counties of the state, the high sunday, probably low 60s in many spots and then monday. We go wet as deep. Moisture moves in now this is the gfs it’s got a surface low near el dorado arkansas, but the european depicts a deeper surface low near indianapolis and a little instability trying to push up in here. So it remains to be seen if we see strong storms or severe storms monday. Just one idea this on the table one way or the other rain is certainly likely, and then tuesday that feature is on by tuesday should be a dry day. There might be a little rain, tuesday night and then a week from today wednesday, the 20th. You can see a northern branch shortwave coming down from the north and uh the rain, south and east of the state.

That will push some cooler air in here. For the latter half of next week, i think we’ll be in the 60s on monday and tuesday 50s. After that we’ve got 10 days. This is saturday. The 30th of january got a short wave coming out of the rockies ridging here and again that looks very quiet. We’Ll check the gfs snow output for birmingham, not a good look for snow lovers. I’Ve got a few members with a few flakes, maybe into early february, but that’s, just not showing much at all here’s the rain for birmingham the mean between three and four inches. Between now and the fourth of february, temperature’s, pretty average, although we’ll have a spike up on monday, you can see that high of 68 that’s when the air could be unstable, maybe a few strong storms. Then we go back in the 50s for the latter half of next week, but again, no sign of any cross polar flow, bitterly cold air for the rest of the month and hot off the presses, the new cpc outlook. This is for january 28, through february 3rd. Suggesting temperatures here could be a little above average that’s it for the weather week stream video this afternoon, we’ll have notes on the blog, the next video here by six o’clock tomorrow morning.

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