Alabama, Severe weather, Tornado January 21, 2021 Weather Xtreme Video – Afternoon Edition

This is for thursday. The 21st of january i’m, james spann, alabama’s weather, will stay wet at times tonight and tomorrow, a dry day saturday, then maybe some strong to severe storms early next week on monday let’s talk about it here we go. This is the upper air look across the country. This afternoon, we’ve got that shortwave over the southwestern states, beginning to open up and lift out and around here, there’s a stalled surface boundary and clouds cover basically all of alabama this afternoon, that’s the visible satellite imagery and underneath those clouds just some patchy light rain and Drizzle, nothing too heavy today, but more rain is off to the west and again, with the stalled front. We’Ll see periods of rain through tomorrow and because of the front there’s a huge temperature range across the state. Today we have 40s over the tennessee valley upper 60s. Near the gulf coast 50s across the central counties of the state there’s, the watch warning map a relatively quiet day today across the country there’s the severe weather outlook through tonight, no severe weather expected – maybe some thunder south and west of alabama and on day four, which Is sunday there is a risk of severe storms defined for parts of north, texas and south louisiana, including dallas fort worth, and we might see some active storms here monday, but at this moment no organized severe weather risk areas are defined on day five. This is the rain for the next seven days, pretty wet down here across the southern states.

Rain amounts between one and three inches for much of the state through thursday morning so model fans let’s go here’s the gfs. This is the 12z run valid tomorrow at three troughing coming into california. The shortwave approaching alabama really dampening out, but that still would produce some rain around here because of the stalled front uh. This is the high res nam valley tomorrow morning at nine o’clock, and that front will be very close to interstate 20.. North of that front. The day will be cloudy, but mostly dry, south of that front, widespread rain is likely – and this is tomorrow afternoon, at three showers becoming more scattered in nature. Highs tomorrow should be in the 50s, and this is saturday that feature is on by and we should be dry. The sky, mostly sunny with daytime highs in the mid to upper 50s that’ll, be clearly the nicest day of the weekend. Although sunday, i think much of the day will be dry, clouds will likely increase and there could be a few showers on the western and northwestern side of the state by afternoon. The high should be in the low 60s and then on monday there’s. Our strong thunderstorm look: we have a deep surface low under a thousand millibars north of memphis near paducah kentucky and we are in the warm sector and you can see unstable air surging northward up into parts of tennessee. So at this point there’s no doubt we could see strong to severe storms, but in terms of the timing, the magnitude of the event, the mesoscale features.

We don’t know that yet have a much better grasp on that over the next 24 to 48 hours, but clearly monday looks like an active weather day and it should be pretty mild. We could reach the low 70s on monday, so tuesday. That feature is on by we’re dry we’ll still be in the 60s, then wednesday. The next rain producer comes along. Rain comes back on wednesday and following that thursday, this is a week from today. We’Ll have a northwest flow aloft into cooler. Air mass highs go back in the 50s for the latter half of next week, but even then nothing excessively cold for the end of january we’ll go out 10 days. This is sunday the 31st of the month. Last day of the month. You can see a very strong shortwave west of the state and if that’s right, that could be a severe weather look. But this is 10 days out and we all know this will probably change snow fans. This is not looking good snow for birmingham off the european ensemble for the next 15 days. This goes out through the 5th of february and just basically nothing got a couple of members with a few flakes, but nothing meaningful rain for birmingham off the same model, the mean between three and four inches between now and early february, pretty wet, look there, temperatures you Can see the big spike up on monday with 70 and 63 on tuesday, then back in the 50s.

But again we stress, we see no real, bitterly cold arctic air through the rest of the month and hot off the presses, the new cpc outlook. This is for january 29th, through the 4th of february. Suggesting temperatures here could be a little above average that’s it for the weather week stream video this afternoon, we’ll have notes on the blog, the next video here by six o’clock. Tomorrow morning you can catch us this evening on abc 33 40 news at 4, 5, 6 and 10.

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Alabama, Severe weather, Tornado January 20, 2021 Weather Xtreme Video – Afternoon Edition

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