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You have three minutes. Please go ahead. Ma’Am, mr chairman board members, dr fenoy. My name is julie, litki rubin. I am the chairperson and the co founder of the we r dwyer foundation. We are here tonight because we want this district to invest in the media center at william t dwyer high school, we in 1987, when your predecessors named dwyer high school after a man instead of after a tree or a city. They did so because mr dwyer embodied certain ideals that the district really believed in they were public education and racial equality. Mr dwyer himself was the founder of the education foundation and he was also the one of the co founders of the urban league of palm beach county. Mr dwyer believed in public education, and he believed it was the great american equalizer. We at dwyer high school believe the same thing. One of the greatest aspects of our school is its diversity, which is apropos and a credit to mr dwyer himself, when we are looking, though, at the the weaknesses at our school hidden in that data. That supports all of us is a very unsettling reality that there is racial inequality at dwyer high school, that if you were to compare the white students and the black students who are on free and reduced lunch. The grade of william t, dwyer high school for the white students in that cohort would be an a, but in the black students it would be a d.

This is clearly unacceptable, and this is something that this district has to start stemming the tide of. So what can you do? You can start to show students at our school and in north county that you believe in them that you believe in their dreams that you believe in giving them the tools to make their dreams a reality that you believe their school is a place where they will Be nurtured and their interests will be developed and they will explore, and all of these things are such an important component of any high school and any high school media center in this day and age is clearly a hub of this kind of activity. All you have to do is go visit, suncoast palm beach, gardens or the the program at glade central those media centers have transformed those schools, especially the students who are minority students and don’t have access to the resources that many of the other students have there. We are asking this board that we must take a stand, that you must invest in racial equality in students of north county. This morning i was watching our new president give his inaugural address, and one thing he said is that that the dream of justice for all will be deferred no longer. I would ask this board to stop deferring the dreams of the students of dwyer high school and to please invest in that school in north county and in the essence of racial equality.

Thank you. Thank you kathy wilson and richard giorgio, but mr georgio hi richard giorgio i’m saddened that i find myself here once again addressing this board with regard to miss alexandria ayala. As all of you have read in the newspaper and multiple stories and seen on the evening, news. Miss ayala no longer lives in the residence area she was elected to represent in violation of florida statute. The students, the parents, the teachers and the voters of district 2 deserve to be represented by a board member who lives in their district. Mr yala has now hired an attorney to help weasel her way out of this predicament. I think it’s time we put an end to this charade, as a taxpayer. I’M also concerned that the district is opening itself up to potential liability by allowing mr yala to vote on board matters when she’s not eligible to be serving as a board member. The district has been aware of this issue for several months now, and yet she continues to vote that furthers your liability for failing to take any action to correct this situation. Anyone who might be unhappy with the way a vote turns out, especially a close vote like three to four, would then have a reason to challenge it legally. I am once again going to ask miss ayala. If you have any integrity to, please do the right thing and resign. Your position here tonight, if miss ayala doesn’t, do that, then i would ask the district to take action.

It’S, not appropriate, to simply continue to turn your head. Look. The other way pretend like nothing’s happening and allow the residents of district 2 to continue to be disenfranchised. So i asked this board or the district to take action. Ask the governor’s office to intervene to conduct an investigation and let’s get some answers. Thank you. Miss wilson are you here, kathy wilson, all right will the i.t department. Please start the recorded messages. Yes, carl mohammed non agenda, speaker for palm beach, county school district on january 20th, um, um peace and blessing school board, members, superintendent, administrators and teachers. You know, as we are looking at education in the pandemic and how things are moving about as it relates to the education experience of all of the children. We’Ve discovered that we were not discovered, we’ve, always known that we’ve done a solid group inside of the educational process here in palm beach county and we’re kind of focusing on ourselves, uh we want to from our community. We want to thank miss uh, miss erica whitfield and mr about frank, barbara, for their efforts in looking at the silent groups that exist within the culture of the school district, and we have hopes that the rest of you will take a look at the standardized tests That we’ve developed as a result of a communication with ms whitfield and see what you can do possibly to assist us as we prepare ourselves for black history month this year, 2021 and with the pandemic we’re going to try to do some new creative things in the Community and we’re going to focus on florida stature, one: zero, zero, three point: four: two: eight uh for that month and we wan na ensure that everyone understands that that slaughter law exists and how important it is to the educational process of our children.

So we’re going to be asking those of you who are in leadership at the school district. If you would assist us in this journey as we continue to try to help you to help us inside of our community. Thank you for your time and once again, brother carl bahamut from the palm beach county area. Thank you good afternoon, dr sanoya school board. Members i’m lori landis co, president of the palm beach school counselor association i’m, calling to thank you for recognizing a national school counselor’s week february, 1st through 5th our elementary middle and high school counselors continue to service students in tiers. One two and three by providing whole group comprehensive school, counselor, lessons individual and small group, counseling academic advice and crisis management. We know that targeting our interventions for students who need social and emotional support is working. Unfortunately, our time analysis data shows that a significant theory to supporting students is too much of our time is spent in duties otherwise assigned. We want your help as we plan for the future, to focus on safeguarding our time to deliver direct services to our students. We want future school counselors to want to join the palm beach school district and retain our professional school counselors. We won’t be able to do this if we don’t follow the state and national guidelines providing school counselors with a balanced job with appropriate duties. I became a school counselor because i wanted to help students maximize their potential and support them in their emotional, social and academic success.

I love being proactive, providing all students the critical needs, skills that they need, as well as facilitating tier two and three services to students. During the pandemic, my students were supported with online coping skills and lunch groups. I supported teachers by reaching out to students and families who were not participating consistently a highlight for both my students and myself were visits that to their students, homes where we socially distanced and provided check ins, favorite book drop offs and provided printed choice applications. These were some of my best days. My specialty is free for most. My peer group this year consisted of students who lost a brother uncle mother, father, grandparent and a neighbor. These students count on me to give them a safe place to share their memories, breathe in a place that is safe and carefully bring them back to rejoin their classmates. I have to tell you it makes me so sad that to have attended the prepare training sessions one and two and completed my grief and loss course and not be permitted because i’m, a school counselor versus a psychologist to be part of the rotating crisis team. This is not just my experience. This is the experience of all school counselors. How can we keep our skills sharp if you do not allow us to participate in supporting the district when a crisis arises out of our building? Teachers are permitted to attend all kinds of trainings all the time school counselors.

If interested need to be experienced in these situations as awful as they are to assist and improve their skills as for time away from the building, it seems on a rotation of basis, it could be provided. Finally, i want to remind the school board that our state and national guidelines have changed our title to school. Counselors research has shown that the title of guidance council refers to older, more limited responsibilities. The school counselor today provides a broader spectrum of services. We ask that the board helps staff, understand that not using the title school counselor can create barriers to facilitating the direct services and can bring up old image and stigma of the past guidance. Counselors. Please help us have all literature and schedules moving forward reflect our current title again. We appreciate all the support that dr sinoy and the board members have provided us. We look forward to celebrating all of our colleagues and administrators during national school counselors. Thank you again for all of your support good evening, dr fenoy and school board members. My name is chris connor, i’m, a school counselor and the co president of palm beach school counselor association, and i am a non agenda speaker. I want to first say thank you for highlighting national school counseling week coming up the first week in february to your bulletin. It means so much to know the district values, the professional school counseling program and school counselors. In addition, school counselors are more than appreciative of the change in their title finally being changed to school counselor rather than guidance counselor, which was more of a reactive role and solely would focus on few students compared to all kids.

This leads me to the theme for the national school counseling week, all in for all students. Personally, i am all in for all students, because i want to learn more to help students to involve parents and also build those relationships with teachers. Why? Because the comprehensive school counselor program is evidence based it’s, a program that involves all stakeholders, students, teachers, parents admits, with their input, help and support. Just like any physician in the district. It cannot be done alone or in isolation. For example, when i did small group sessions with students in the fall, we focused on their areas of need, not mine. Those goals were goal, setting career choices, coping skills and organization and study skills, it’s the facts and data after the small group sessions that prove the need for more focused groups. These students that i met and taught they increased their knowledge about all of those topics. I just mentioned by 25 and only in two sessions. Unfortunately, school counselors in the district who have been thoroughly trained in mental health, such as coping skills, empathy, skills, grief, skills and closing the gap are not being utilized as they should be. We know this because the data that was collected in december from all school counselors at all levels showed we are doing more non counseling duties rather than counseling duties. Data showed that we are back to being a guidance counselor, which is more of a reactive role and not a professional school counselor, which is more proactive, i’d like to sincerely.

Thank you all one more time for allowing me to voice my concerns, but also for your support as we celebrate and honor national school counseling week and our colleagues and what it means all in for all students. Thank you, hello. My name is jay overbough. I am in my fifth year as an employee with palm beach county and i am a professional school counselor at william t, dwyer high school in palm beach gardens home of the panthers, where our motto is leading with love. I am a member of cta and palm beach county school counselor association i’m, also a part of the advocacy advocacy committee. The reason for my call today is the exact reason i am on that advocacy committee. Other school counselors throughout the years and today have expressed my exact viewpoints on this matter of not only seeking the true definition and role of the professional school counselor in palm beach county being recognized and acknowledged. But i also seek to have our role protected once. It is defined my main personal and professional goal is not to seek this protection for myself or other counselors per se, rather, the support for existing and underutilized professionals on every school campus, who are already there on site to help our children. For years now we have been essentially a wasted resource already on campus for our children. I implore you and our parents in the district to research, other states who have had countless successes with their students, their children, academically social emotionally and where the overall well being of all children, has surpassed the data of our great state of florida.

Due to the dedication, competence and diligence of their professional school counselors, i can name two states where you can start your research missouri and kansas. For decades now they have acknowledged, recognized, protected and always promote the role of their professional school counselors. The payoff has always been the success and happiness of their students. I would love for our students to reap those same benefits as we lead them and help them with love. Thank you good evening. I am speaking on behalf of a non agenda topic. My name is lance connick, a middle school counselor 24 years in palm beach county, not more than ever. The school counselors were diligent to meet the needs of all of our students. As a marine corps veteran. I chose this profession as an avenue of helping guide and assist children and teenagers in reaching their full potential. As time has evolved, school counselors have become expected to meet more and more needs, not only for our students but for our staff families as well. When a child doesn’t complete his or her homework. The school counselor has to figure it out. Why, when a child is hungry, the school counselor has to find them food. When a child is being bothered by another student, the school counselor has to accept the situation, intervene with all parties when a child suffers from testing diet. The school counselor is expected to make it better when a child’s father passes away the school counselor works with degrees.

School counselors are expected to educate students on social etiquette, how to make friends, sex trafficking, drug abuse, study, skills, personal hygiene and coping strategies. School counselors are responsible for the academic monitoring of all students on their caseload, which, in middle schools, exceeds 500 students per counselor. School counselors are responsible for doing everything in their power to ensure each student is meeting people progression, goals and requirements. We are responsible for being a liaison for school to home communication and educating our community and families. We provide all academic advising to all students making sure that all students are placed appropriately for their future educational endeavors. School counselors must do all that, while and sometimes being responsible for administrative tasks such as lunch duty for 90 minutes per day, supervising and busting car line duty hall duty running daily parent teacher conferences, coordinating district tax such as school based teams, standardized testing, volunteer program, school Acceleration developing the master schedule. Additionally, counselors are mandatory members of the crisis team, the threat assessment team and are the school based first responders that support the school nurses. School counselors must do all this secondary to meeting with students on a daily basis to address any variety of student needs. School counselors do all this without receiving daily interrupted lunch without planning periods without additional compensation. This is considered the expectation of a school counselor and now, since covent has disrupted the world school. Counselors are also expected to address the needs of 70 of students who don’t come to school.

This is the same concept as a dentist being expected to provide dental treatment. Such as cleaning and filling a cavity when the patient won’t even come to the office. Yet we have to manage to the to the point where we coordinate home visits and collaborate with sheriff’s offices on our virtual students, and all of this is done for all of our students. School colleges must be supported. The job itself requires the minimum of a master’s degree and the daily expectations far exceed the scope of a work day without school counselors, the infrastructure of public schools, especially in these new times. While i wish i was able to share this information, the person my job as a school counselor does not permit it. I had been assigned to do the after school program in regards to the middle school graded choreography hello. This is roselyn young i’m, the school counselor at palm beach gardens elementary. I wanted to say hello and thank you for supporting us and appreciating our job more than ever um during these times. This is very important for us to connect with our students and to make sure that they’re supported and head them to in the right direction. So thank you so much and um yay for school counselors. Thank you board members.

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