Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls, Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Brad Stevens 42 Pts 5 Threes 9 Rebs 3 Asts Highlights vs Philadelphia 76ers | NBA 20/21 Season

The other night, almost stripped by curry, gets it out to jaylen brown brown’s first shot. The three pointer is good. These are the type of games that they got tristan thompson for they needed some size up front and he got completely overwhelmed as jalen brown knocks down another three, his first game in 16 days, because of that positive, coveted result so happy to have him back. Hmm philadelphia, oh nice, pass smart brown couldn’t quite get the alley, oop slam, but still got the two points and without tatum, like you see that when kemba’s on the floor he takes possessions and jalen takes possessions, they got to find some offense throws it up and In get i’m jalen brown score about 40.. You talk about a guy who’s developed a complete game, that’s jalen brown white howard, putting it on the floor, which can be dangerous as t picks up the loose ball. Seth curry misfires picked up by jalen brown. Around 10 points three rebounds and easily gets to the rim that time. Poor transition defense by the sixers is the eighth year for stevens t to brown brown up and under embed got out of the way and jalen brown. Now, with 14th first half points that’s a tough one on him. Jaylen brown inside pass to tice tyse lays it up and in beautiful, pass from jalen brown. His second assist all tied up at 49.. This one was a close game, the other night on wednesday.

It was a tie game with under four minutes to play. Is jalen brown with his third three pointer, see what i mean mike about being decisive and there’s? No hesitation, you know harris is north of 40 for three point territory, just walk up three early offense. That was an easy one for jalen brown Applause. Smart driving on harris goes inside banks at home, marcus smart with 12 points, and five assists and b crashing complaining at the lack of the call he’s taken. Five free throws thompson trying to slam it through put up and in by jalen brown and the celtics go up three. Despite what shaq said that yeah the other night, what was that last night uh danny green, took a tumble as uh jalen brown had his way. He’S got 23 and the celtics go back up five second shot in 22 minutes. He has six assists a steal and a block as well down the other end jalen brown banks at home and a whistle and a foul at the end. That is beautifully done. That was on curry, sloppy dribble there, and a turnover ahead to simmons simmons gathers goes up, shot blocked from behind by brown play the advantage that time, you can see what happens when you let it go all the way through sixers get to score in transition and A blocking foul will be on embiid and that’ll, be a sport now taken by osha, i mean hits the ground and is holding his back it’s slow to get up the floor.

Four on five or five on four on jalen brown brown finds some room at the three point line and puts it in jalen brown. His fourth three pointer he’s, got 35 doing everything in his power to keep his team attached. Kendall, walker, jalen brown, three pointer got it jalen brown from downtown he’s got ‘. double figure points here in the fourth quarter. He now has for the game, 13 and 11. and a foul call against philadelphia and he’s got 11 on 5 6. Here in the fourth Applause here in the fourth quarter, big plays and lost it boy. Smart took a shot, hojele throws it ahead. Jalen brown throws it down that cuts it to 12, but there’s.

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Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls, Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Brad Stevens Highlights vs Philadelphia 76ers (42 pts, 9 reb, 3 ast)

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