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This shocking announcement has come just minutes before they were set off for tip off. It is absolutely crazy. Brad stevens has yet to comment on it, they’re still trying to find a gm replacement at as we speak, it looks like they could promote an assistant gm but bobby. This is back to you bobby bobby back to you where, where, where did he go? Sorry about that folks very strange developments going on. I guess we’ll talk about the latest game giannis and the lakers. They battled last night in a great clap, actually we’re getting new breaking news. As we speak back to boston massachusetts, the celtics have just announced their replacement general manager let’s go on to the scene. Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate y’all coming out. Thank you. Six feet six feet away, but thank y’all thank y’all. I appreciate y’all. Well, you know. I’Ve always liked the boston, celtics it’s been a strong passion of mine to always manage a team, and here i am and have the the chance to do it. Danny does a lot of great things. He brought a championship to boston, but my goal is not to just bring one or two or three or four, not five, not six, not seven. My goal is to bring many many titles here to boston and i will do everything in my power good and bad to make sure it happens. Let’S get into the video and if you are new, subscribe turn on post notifications.

We do this all the time. Hey hope you guys enjoyed that little intro. I wanted to make sure this was the hardest thing i could possibly do we’re starting up our new series: the 2k, my gm series – i’m, the celtics gm. Now no more danny ainge! I do these. I want to make sure everything was hard, so you all saw me change the settings hardest negotiation, hardest trades, hardest, difficulty hall of fame, simulating. I want everything tough and here i am i’m showing y’all the roster. This is current. As of yesterday jaylen brown overall tatum’s. Overall smarts at 79., i was shopping some of these ratings honestly either a 2k got really relaxed on who is rated high or i mean really being a 75 year old doesn’t mean much. You know. I saw peyton percher being a 76, i said damn you know. Usually rookies are like in the 60s so now so obviously they’ve changed the way they’ve done things uh on their broadcast we’re looking through and says, you know what i want to just make sure this is as realistic as possible. I’Ve told y’all before in the comment section of previous videos. I will not, you know, go around and say you know what i’m gon na trade for giannis i’m gon na try for a.d that’s, not realistic, so i’m going through. I was trying to see if the the schedule is similar to what we had in real life, but it actually wasn’t.

It seemed like it was just a made up, you know schedule, but you know we’re going to rock with it. But again i didn’t want to go in and just so you know what i can just make this as easy as possible. Now i know what’s going to happen. It’S gon na be super team being built. You know, and here with some of our draft picks. Actually, we had a lot more, but i guess we don’t it’s, basically all our picks, basically until 2023 and again i’m planning on these this area to be maybe five years long. So basically, this first video is be the rundown of the first season. Also, the a little bit of the off season without free agency and obviously the draft. It goes up to the coaching staff and i believe, maybe you know the first prospect scouting, but this video should be very entertaining for y’all. A lot of interesting things happen. So i’m, going through and i’m making sure everything is set. Everything is good to go. I was looking at some of our expiring deals: marcus smart two years left, robert williams has a team, a player up or a team option. Sorry, daniel tyce one year, jeff teague one year old delay, has another one near javonte, green with one year all i’m thinking. Okay, you know what are these are the players that i can really see us bringing back on the squad. Smart, you say: okay, the problem is especially in 2k, the absolute ridiculous salary asking prices, it’s, just it’s, just crazy i’m going through and making sure how are the trades working.

This trade seems realistic. I want to make sure everything’s realistic, but something i also noticed while trying to do these trades. I couldn’t use my trade option or my trade exception that self exactly had in real life, the 28.6 million the highest in nba history. I couldn’t add it to a trade. I noticed for previous years of playing 2k. The only way i can use that trade exception actually is after in, like the postseason and obviously as y’all know in real life, as i start simulating here, and we got to a great start, we’re up to eleven and four. I believe you can actually use it till 12 months after you originally get it and again i’m, seeing some trades they’re bringing up d low for kimmel walker, get the hell out of here we’re. Not doing that. I wanted to make sure everything was good to go, but something very, very important kept coming up was, like you know what why can’t we use this, it seems like 2k. Just has not really found a true interest into that side of the route of 2k of using trade exceptions, and you know in real life you can split them up. You can use a 28 million trade exception, five different ways or use it all at one time. So we’re doing a little stopping ground. As you see our record i’m, seeing some more players see how they’re playing does anyone actually want to resign? No one does no they’re on the side or they don’t want to resign, which is cool.

You know, honestly, maybe two of those three guys are truly really important to our squad. I also wanted to check how our players were doing statistically. Tatum 28 points a game, four assists 1.2 still. These are realistic stats, jaylen brown, 25 kemba 19 and a half peyton picture with nine points yo. This is realistic. This is exactly what i wanted. This is beautiful, we’re, 22 and 17, though so i wish we were a little better, but you know what hey i’m rocking with it we’re. Sixth, in the conference 14th overall, then something goes downhill as y’all see. Our record starts plummet where at the end of the season – and here we are what just happened – we went on a mean losing streak now we’re, eighth, in the conference, with the eighth seed here’s, some of our standings. You know, luka doncic wins mvp i’m. All about one forget here: that’s real let’s take those things here’s, the only first team list, lillard a d butler, makes second team horns on the second team. Simmons tatum also makes all nba’s third team, which is obviously nice, there’s, y’all, nba, second team. Obviously, no peyton pritchard on all. Let me a record team in real life. I have been winning at least you know all nba rookie teams, second, but he doesn’t. He doesn’t crack the the top 10 in the rookie list. So here we are in the playoffs we’re playing the brooklyn nets, but i’m still confused.

We were the number three seed at one time fell. Maybe the number five next thing you know: we’re the eighth seed y’all see our record we’re we’re under 500, we’re, 40 and 20.. What the hell happened i’m over here scrambling, i don’t know what to do i’m saying yo did someone get hurt? I looked, the only player injured was jeff, teague tatum was still healthy, brown was healthy. I was so confused, like you know what let’s just go at it there’s nothing else. We can do here, let’s hope and pray. Something good happens out of this. It was absolutely terrible and here’s some of the all star participants before we get into the actual playoffs tatum made it jaylen brown did not actually end up making the playoffs pretty much. You know devon. Booker, pretty good zion makes the list as well so we’re happy with that and again, the trade exemption can only be used actually in the off season, so i can go for a trade in the off season or i can also renounce it now again in real Life that’s, not a thing: you can’t, renounce it and earn money where in 2k i can renounce it and actually get money to go, get inside a player again, that’s, not realistic. In real life in real life, you have to do a signing trade so it’s. It works similar, but tuka didn’t want to go. I guess that high depth that you know statistical they didn’t want to do that route.

They just want to rock it here’s some statistics as well. We actually were a pretty damn good shooting team, but yo let’s get into this man, i’m ready for this simulation come on, and here we go assembly in the first round in the boston celtics get swept in the first round brad i i have always defended you. Brad, you know i’ve always thought brad stevens was a very good head coach. I thought it was very young wise because, but how do we start the year 11 and 4 at one point? The season then go to 36 and 38 and in brooklyn that’s end up winning the title. Shots james harden again hard and kyrie katie it’s, just tough to beat in 2k. But how do we go from that to having a 49 team chemistry and also being under 500? So you know what i had to do as we show y’all. We have the 15th pick in the draft we just missed. The lottery probably have to trade up a little bit, but guess what i had a horror decision to make. I looked, i said you know what is there someone here that i, like some people are saying to do it now that it has to go? Well guess what i’m, with you, we’re gon na fire, brad stevens in the first year of this now, yes bobby you’re, trying to make it realistic! I did head coach goes to three out of four eastern finals and then, for some reason, has a complete meltdown falls to the eighth seed, and does i couldn’t let it pass.

So here are some of my head coaching decisions: sam cassell assistant coach, mike brown, former head coach, now assistant, coach, chauncey, billups, obviously unknown espn big shot, and you know what i said. You know what we got: ta go with them now, chauncey, they didn’t want us to get them. They blocked it. I don’t know why they did that. So we went with mike brown. Mike brown took lebron james to the finals when he was young. He also won nba finals with golden state warriors. He was been behind steve kerr for a long time, so again a realistic hiring. I fired one guy. I kept jamie young because i actually looked him up he’s, actually a real dude, so shout out to homeboy. I wanted amy adoko, he used to coach for the sixers as an assistant coach. I think he’s now with like the rapture or something he’s actually getting another realistic person and then jay and i can’t pronounce his last name but jl loren. I also thought he was a pretty good guy. We get all masters again. The assistant gm is not a real thing, but i wanted to get realistic positions in realistic hiring. I knew that mike brown was realistic. Former head coach getting a second opportunity in league emmy. Again, realistic, jamie young he’s on the team, and i thought he was really good: hires y’all. That was the very first episode of the 2k, my gm series, whatever you want to call it part, one hey hope you guys enjoyed the episode.

It was very fun to actually make this episode and run things down. Next episode will be obviously the draft looking at players that we can add to build our core with tatum and brown. Does kemba stay or go? Does peyton pitcher get a bigger role, we’re all going to find out these questions? Can mike brown truly be a head coach in this league we’re going to find all these things out in the very next episode hope you guys stick around and enjoy turn up.

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