Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls, Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Brad Stevens Highlights vs Philadelphia 76ers (42 pts, 9 reb, 3 ast)

Kemba walker throws it up top marcus smart who had an excellent game. The other night, almost stripped by curry, gets it out to jaylen brown brown’s first shot. The three pointer is good. I just it’s remarkable how confident and comfortable jalen brown is shooting the ball from range. They needed some size up front and he got completely overwhelmed as jalen brown knocks down another three, so tobias harris is shooting the ball mike they’re, making the game a little bit easier, it’s harder to come off those guys now thompson shot bounces around and drops in. So thompson aggressive, offensively he’s, already taken three shots: jalen brown going to help out b, there’s the double team, an offensive foul, terrific, double team from brown and embiid called for the first one. The t styles come on to the game for philadelphia. Oh nice pass smart brown couldn’t quite get the alley, oop slam, but still got the two points without tatum. Like you see that when kemba’s on the floor he takes possessions, then jalen takes possession, they got to find some offense throws it up and then i’m jalen brown score about 40.. He’S already had a 40 point game this year, he’s got 10 already in the first nine minutes around 10 points three rebounds and easily gets to the rim that time poor transition defense by the sixers in boston. This is the eighth year for stevens t to brown brown up and under and b got out of the way and jalen brown.

Now with 14th first half points that’s a tough one on him. Jaylen brown inside pass to tice tyce lays it up and in beautiful, pass from jalen brown. His second assist the other night on wednesday. It was a tie game with under four minutes to play as jalen brown with his third three pointer and there’s. No hesitation harris is north of 40 for three point territory: just walk up three early offense. That was an easy one for jalen brown, 19. Now for brown, smart driving on harris goes inside backs at home, marcus, smart with 12 points and five assists with the lack of call she thought on both plays. He was fouled jaylen brown on the rebound backs. It home was a nice alley, oop to thompson who couldn’t finish it and brown right there and jalen brown having a big game. Two consecutive games against a philly team that’s been tremendous to start the season you’re right there, they’re one and two without tatum brown, shot blocked by danny green, but brown stays with it and scores again. Jalen brown 23 points stealing a block as well down the other end. Jalen brown banks, it home and a whistle and a foul the box can’t contain you. Cassidy was saying he he was afraid. People are putting him in a box. You can put him in a box of you, know, players that are making moves in terms of player rankings. This guy is just dynamic and again he’s put pressure on the rim all night, whether it’s been in transition semi transition.

That is a tough shot turnover ahead to simmons. Simmons gathers goes up, shot blocked from behind by brown lots of contact it’s just going to be sixer ball wow doc. Rivers has got his hands up in the air. He cannot believe he’s not getting free from the speed of ben simmons to see that corner pass on the drive, jalen brown answers and a blocking foul that’s going to be embedded’s. Fourth, foul jalen brown comes right back with a big bucket. Our colleague mark jackson would say that jalen brown is keeping his foot on the gas pedal right now and he’s got to with all they’re missing he’s got to kind of continue to produce. He hits the ground and he’s holding his back it’s slow to get up the floor, four on five or five on four jalen keeping the pressure on fourth, three pointer he’s got 35. doing everything in his power to keep his team attached mike. They just got to start stringing together. Some stops: six Applause, kendall, walker, jalen brown, three pointer got it jalen brown from downtown he’s got ‘. and the lead is cut to three in the fourth quarter. Big plays and lost it boy. Smart took a shot, moseley throws it ahead. Jalen brown throws it down that cuts it to 12, but there’s.

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