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Today i am talking about a small company, very very micro cap company called andra life sciences, which is trading in nasdaq. Please remember: this is not an advice to buy the stock. I am not your financial advisor. This is my just my opinion about the stock i’m, telling you i’m having a small position in this stock. Please click the like button and subscribe to and turn on notifications. So i changed my um twitter account profile, so it’s, arcade and next investing so first. I want to let you know this is very, very, very risky. No options does not meet my penny stock criteria because no no sales, yet no official sales yet took a small portion in this one which i’ll show my position and do not do not. Please invest lot of money and be ready to lose 50 percent if you invest, but my reasons why you invested i’ll, let you know in a minute, so i was going through hc wayne trade conference. That happened january 11th and 15th, which is last week, and i came across this company known as indra life sciences, ndra symbol so and there is also a flag. Nasdaq deficient issuer failed to meet nasdaq continued listing requirements because if a company straights below one dollar and if nash dac, if they don’t, do anything and nasdaq issues this one so technically, they can submit to nasdaq saying that we will do a reverse split or we Will actually the stock is trading above one dollar, then nasdaq will be fine, so this is also a so if they don’t do any paperwork they it can be delisted from nash deck and it can go back to otc, which is which is a major loss.

So keep an eye do not invest a lot of money. The one thing the trigger point for which the stock can go up is their fda approval and that’s. Exactly reason why i’m investing into small com money into this company, so they have lot of intellectual property? They have 15 patents alone in 2020 and this is um. This is their home page and i will show you the hc when rate presentation in a minute: okay, let’s get into the details now. Okay, so if you look into right now, if you look for the stock symbol in youtube on the reddit and a lot of forums, you can see within all one day right 20 hours, lot of people pumping the stock, okay, that’s. The reason why uh it went up like 50 percent in last three days, so what you have to be careful these lot of, like 80 percent of people pump and dump the stock, which means they take it like they take it like fifty hundred percent. After that, they dump it and they’ll take it to the original price. So you have to be really careful. When you enter into the stock price, you could make short term losses, so that said so, that’s it so careful. But the reason why i invested into the small position into my stock is i’ll show you in a minute: okay, so going first, so this is andra. Life senses is engaged in commercialization of enhanced ultrasound technology for the pre clinical research market.

So the company nexus 128 system combines light based, dermal acoustics and ultrasound to address the imaging needs of researchers studying disease models in pre clinical applications. So they have developing a technology, something called thermo acoustic, enhanced ultrasound known as teus for incorporation into new ultrasound systems. So if you know butterfly network, they have similar equipment. You can do ultrasound with a very small instrument, replacing the big and we know arc investor into that company recently. So this is a michigan based 20 people – company very small company, with a very high profile research background, and they have been doing this for a couple of years and they got approval from uu but not fda. So this stairs platform has capabilities of potential clinical applications. Such as enabling ultrasound to distinguish fat from lean tissue enabling traditional ultrasound to visualize changes in tissue temperature, real time enabling ultrasound to view blood vessels from any angle. So, technically, what they are saying is they can measure plot of properties with a fat in your tissue, and that will help with a quick or quick check with this mission. They can help whether you have a liver diseases or not. So if you look at the stock look at the summary of stock this, as you can see this one went up like five dollars: five hundred dollars in 2018, then it went down all the way it was trading around a dollar. It didn’t go to 50 cents, but it was trading around like 80 cents to dollar, and then it came back to two dollars now.

So the reason what happens in these situations is this is still a micro micro, crap, 60 million dollar company. So if they get a fda approval, people are going to bump the company, but that’s, not how the company can survey. The company has to make real sales under real money, so the potential for making reals is very high. I’Ll tell you reasons why uh that’s? The reason why i invested in small so right now the percentage held by institutions is very, very low. Two point: six one percent and short: we don’t have to worry about it and the volume has been going up recently as well. So and if you look at unless reports it’s a moderate buy with one by ratings, so what i will show you is this is the this is again um michigan based another based small company and then around 15 20 employees. I think right now they had 20 employees, probably okay, so the one i want to show you is holders around 3.3 percentage held by institutions, including small percentage, by vanguard and small institutional investors. There was no sec filing that shows, any big institutions are buying, and this is all right now day. Traders are bumping the stock right now. Okay, so if you, this is the professor’s person i went through and they have been working for a while and they d seems to me decent, i like the leadership team here. So if you look at this is what i am talking about.

This is hc. When rate conference happened january 11th to 14th, this is one other company that attracted me with their product. So let’s look into i’ll not show the whole demo. I will look into details and explain what’s happening here, while we’re virtual this year we have a total of 18 publishing senior analysis and 462 companies covered across all sectors from a logistics standpoint. Please make sure to reference your virtual conference online board without further ado. I am francois michelle and ceo of andrew life sciences and our focus is on a liver diagnostic, particularly to measure liver, fat for early staging of nafld and nash. I will be making forward looking statements, so i ask investors to consider page two of our investor. Presentationalize tissues in ways very similar to an mri, but at 50 times lower cost and, very importantly, at the point of patient care. Teus is a platform with multiple clinical applications and although we’re focused on nafld and nash, first i’m going to talk about some of the future applications for this technology and the ts platform offers a number of potential revenue streams in the form of hardware software services. Disposables and eventually licensing to companies to build this technology into their own ultrasound and other capital equipment. So this sounds to me like a potential target for ge healthcare acquisition because it’s their ip, which is more valuable than selling the equipment itself. So i doubt how long this could they’re going to trade, but let’s look into further presentation.

Andrew’S first focus, as i’ve mentioned, is on early detection of nafld and nash, and specifically non invasive measurement of liver, fat or hepatic steatosis. Over a billion people affected by nafld and ash globally, it’s an excess of fat in the liver and it’s, driven by a host of factors that i’m going to explain that are, unfortunately not going away. There are about 50 pharmaceutical compounds in the pipeline and no practical diagnostic tools and some research estimates of the market are that the diagnostic opportunity for nafld and nash exceeds 20 billion dollars today. So what he’s saying is there is no diagnostic device to find out labor dvc’s, and this is one of the thing they are targeting on it and then you know their market opportunity. The thing you need to understand is the ce mark which is in european up mark received, but they have not yet received 510k. So 5 10 k is for medical devices. They have to receive it to make sales and market the product right. Now they have a lot of partners university of pittsburgh and then tufts ge, healthcare and university of michigan. So this is where these universities they’re going to use the equipment, show the accuracy of the equipment based on the feedback. That is how the equipment value goes up. Andra has secured the ce mark for its teus literature, intelligence collaboration to identify patients that could be on therapy and then to monitor them regularly once they are on therapy.

I also mentioned that over a billion people affected globally, but you don’t have to be fat. Heavy obese to be a sufferer of nafld and nash, you can be a lean person with very low body fat and have another condition that predisposes you to an excess accumulation of fat in the liver, for example. If you’re diabetic, if you have polycystic ovarian syndrome, if you have hiv, if you have a genetic predisposition, any number of these can drive an excess amount of fat into the liver and anything over six percent fat in the liver is a clinical concern. Today, the only tools that uh pharmaceutical companies who are developing the drugs and clinicians on the front lines of character patients have at their disposal, are mri which is very accurate, but just big bolted to the ground very expensive and not practical uh and liver biopsy. Where you insert a large needle between the ribs, you aspirate a chunk of the liver and you look at it. Okay, i don’t stop here, so he is telling how many people are affected so all over the world. Obviously, and then this is the problem. This is how you diagnose, and this is how you treat right now. Okay, the problem is big and the diagnosis is right now in mri or liver biopsy, which are more painful and more expensive. That is the reason why they are marketing. The stairs equipment is much more potential, have a lot of potential and the reasons why they they do under around 50 compounds, which means there are a lot of drugs to decrease fat metabolism.

Many target fat metabolism, which means, if you take these drugs they when they metabolize the fat in the liver. That is how they are, they are able to treat. But the problem is it’s the diagnosis you should be if you should find out. If diagnosis is there right, so they’re targeting not on the treating of the thing, but actually on diagnosis of the problem under microscope, it’s to diagnose, uh and ultrasound, even in its most advanced stages, uh and and forms cannot accurately measure liver fat and certainly for heavy Patients ultrasound has a distinct disadvantage in that a sound does not penetrate through abdominal fat very easily and so it’s very difficult to measure liver fat, and so we need a better tool and andrea’s to introducing that technology. Thermoacoustic, enhanced, ultrasound and commercializing that this year our technology works somewhat differently from a traditional ultrasound, because we use rf signals. Radio frequency pulses to generate sound waves back, and so we don’t have the same challenges. The traditional ultrasound has in terms of penetrating abdominal fat in heavy patients, and so our technology, really in its small human study that we completed at the robarts institute in canada, is really very compelling and on a small sample of 19 subjects when we compared our measurement To the gold standard of mri we were correlated at 91, we had an area under the receiver operator curve of 91. Anything over 0.9 or 90 is of clinical value, and you could see there that 88 of the time or sensitivity of 0.

88 88 of the time we were able to distinguish someone who had six percent or higher liver fat, so he’s talking about his accuracy of this Equipment in measuring liver fat and he’s saying it’s 91, which is good. I think disease there’s a great appetite for better and more information, so here in this talk is talking about how many doctors can use it’s, not targeted for one sector of the doctors practitioners. So both radiology gastro and lifestyle experts and pharma people can use this and they can tell you whether you have high chances of liver fat. They disclosed clinical sites, one in germany and one in france. These sites will be conducting evaluations of our technology. Comparing us to mri, publishing this data and becoming anchor accounts in each of these markets and also reference a cash months, and these are not to participate interact with this year, like every other company we’ve had to pivot from physical presence and clinical conferences to so. In u.s this is institutions they are working with and then in company’s ways they are working with ga healthcare. So this is really good news, because this is what the feedback that they get from these institutions is what valuable for commercialization of their product company on to a very attractive size, but we’re more than that, we extend beyond that and what i’d like to show you Here is that there are other applications depending on the algorithms and how we tune them.

That can show us other things in liver fat, including tissue temperature change, perfusion and vascular flow, and, to give you a sense of what that looks like the energy source, it can be microwave, it can be cryo approval for our product and starting to commercialize their app. So these next two slides are important, as i said you know, 2021 is where they are targeting fda fighting cap rule, which is most valuable, and this is what they make money commercialization in uu and u.s. First, revenue from sales tales, so they’re not made any sales that now this is in clinical stages in evaluation. This is where this is, where they’ll actually make money, and that is when the stock price is going to go up. So the thing is, there is no major analyst coverage. There is no institutional investors, but if they get fda when they make first sale, that is, when stock going to go up so that’s. The reason why you need to if you’re, not investing, it’s fine, just keep an eye and look for this potential for this company. After in the u.s, we want to forge deeper relationships with that segment of pharmaceutical companies, as well as potentially other companies that are agreement in vietnam for over 40 of our systems. Uh asia is the episode, a keen focus on this and believe we’re. The leaders in this space and investors should see that as clear value as well from a financial perspective, here’s a pro forma through the end of the year about 7 million on the balance sheet.

But i thank all the management and director ownership around 11. Very happy with this, and we continue to focus on managing our burn through these partnerships and through just cost effective focus, and i think we’ve been very diligent with that. I think on that uh rosario i’ll leave it and turn it back over to you, and i thank all the investors please reach out to david wells, our cfo or myself. So you got the idea so the way you invest into this kind of stocks, as i said, first of all, is very risky. They don’t have much volume, not in a sense for options. You can’t leverage risk if the stock falls by 50 percent so i’m, not investing big money. I keep an eye if the stock goes to. After. After that day, traders dump the stock if it goes back to like 50 cents or not 50 cents like dollar, 1.50. I’M, going to buy more stock uh at this point i’m, just waiting for news on 401 f, 501k from fda. As i said, for every stock, i invest. I actually show my position. I do not make any video without investing in any stock, so this is. This is what i have small portion in the stock, so there are no options here, as you can see: around dollar sixty cents around 300 stocks right now, it’s trading, around uh two dollars so the best as you can see here. If you look at here yesterday, you know i bought around dollar ninety as well dollar.

Eighty five, so you have to put a limit order around dollar, ninety dollar, eighty or dollar. Seventy still execute uh. That is how i getting you know: reducing cost average, always thirty. 40 percent below the current price. So hopefully you know you understand the potential of the company you might like it or may not like it, but this is really micro, crap, very high risky. I advise again actually in a lot of money and at the same time keep an eye. The stock price high chance can go up once the day traders dump the stock. Thank you. If you like the video, please click the like button. We’Ll see you on my next video.

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